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Welcome to our collection of Architecture and Construction templates. Power point presentation in construction industry plays an important role. An upright architecture speaks volumes about a country’s growth and technological progression. We provide a variety of architectural design templates used widely by real estate developers, by construction firms, house mortgage departments. They are also used in architectural colleges to teach the various concepts and architectural structures. We provide templates depicting brick wall construction, tools used in construction, workers wearing helmets, safety concepts. Our architecture power point presentation slides and templates assist the trainers in training the workers to identify the hazardous situations and measures to be taken to avoid and control them. Our blue print architecture templates are used when presenting on the plan and initial phases of construction. It gives a clear picture to the customers as to how many stages are involved in the completion of the project and also an overview of the amenities provided. We also have greenhouse design templates and templates showing the church structure and interior used in religious gatherings. All our architecture power point templates are easily editable and can be suitably used as background slides.

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  • Circular Flow Of Process 4 Stages powerpoint Slides templates

    High resolution PPT templates conveying the concept of circular process flow in the most comprehensive way. Amendable background, color, font and layout. Authentic and relevant content with flexible data. Beautiful four stages circular process PowerPoint info graphics with captivating graph for comparison and fascinating figures to interpret the concepts. Can be easily converted into PDF or JPG format. Benefitted for students, corporate people, researchers and business professionals. It imitates alternation, chain, circle, circuit, course, loop, period, periodicity, revolution, rhythm, ring, rotation, round, run, sequel, sequence, series, succession etc.

  • Business PowerPoint Templates linear arrows marketing process model Sales PPT Slides

    We present our Business PowerPoint Templates linear arrows marketing process model Sales PPT Slides PowerPoint templates. This PPT is made of Linear arrows. This graphics is of superlative quality that makes an attractive presentation. This template is quite a remedy to present any process

  • 0115 Open Book With Pen For Education And Graduation Powerpoint Template

    This PPT template totally supported with Google slides. Formats can easily be altered into other software’s applications like PDF and JPEG. Trouble-free to input company logo, brand name or name. The quality of presentation icons does not blur even when your project it on big screen. Adjust PowerPoint design slides font, text, color and design as per your technique. Best suited for entrepreneurs and large business organization.

  • 0514 Skills Gap Analysis Example Powerpoint Presentation

    We are proud to present our 0514 skills gap analysis example powerpoint presentation. You can insert this Diagram into your presentations to help clarify information. Highlight your ideas broad based on strong fundamentals and illustrate how they step by step achieve the set growth factor. Create captivating presentations to deliver comparative and weighted arguments.

  • 6 Pointing Arrows As Lesson Plans for A Process Powerpoint Templates ppt presentation slides 812

    This Chart is a simple template that provides a graphical, time-phased overview of a continuing sequence of stages, tasks, or events in a circular flow

  • 0514 Business Consulting Diagram 5 Staged InfoGraphic Business Design Powerpoint Slide Template

    We are proud to present our 0514 business consulting diagram 5 staged infographic business design powerpoint slide template. This Business consulting diagram shows can be used to show list of activities. This business diagram can also be useful to define business achievements. Decorate your presentation with this graphic template. Our helpful and interactive Diagram is a wonderful tool to serve your purpose.

  • 0514 Strategy Map 2 Powerpoint Presentation

    We are proud to present our 0514 strategy map 2 powerpoint presentation. Use this diagram for presentations related to business planning features of business process stages, showing results, creating report, etc. Stable ideas are the building blocks of a successful structure. Lay down the fundamentals to build upon. Take it up to a higher level with your thoughts

  • Multilevel Hierarchy For Business Organization Flat Powerpoint Design

    All PowerPoint slides are perfect with Google slides. Different show alternatives, for example, standard and widescreen see. Professionally planned slide to meet your business necessities. Comparable plans available with various hubs and stages. Completely editable plans to give tweak alternatives, for example, shading and content. Ideal for promoting correspondence i.e. new item or administration, business, entrepreneurs, marketers, advertiser, sellers, and collages.

  • 0614 Business Vector Illustration Diagram Powerpoint Template Slide

    We are proud to present our 0614 business vector illustration diagram powerpoint template slide. This Business vector illustration diagram is a powerful tool for Financial Systems as well as Business Processes. Lay down the fundamentals to build upon and lead the way to spread good cheer to one and all.

  • fg Zero To Nine Number Banner Diagram Flat Powerpoint Design

    This PowerPoint slide can be used by business professional for displaying business and marketing related presentations. These PPT slides are high resolution PowerPoint graphics and are well compatible with google slides. You can change the text, color, font of the elements used here. This PPT slide runs smoothly with all software and downloads instantly in a snap.

Item 1 to 60 of 215 total items