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Presenting Training Module on Diversity and Inclusion Acknowledging Bias. This presentation deck contains 45 plus well researched and uniquely designed slides. These slides are 100 percent made in PowerPoint and are compatible with all screen types and monitors. They also support Google Slides. Premium Customer Support available. Suitable for use by managers, employees and organizations. These slides are easily customizable. You can edit the colour, text, icon and font size to suit your requirements.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 3

The purpose of this slide is to highlight the multiple learning objectives of the “bias acknowledgment” session of the D&I training module.

Slide 5 to 7

These slides contain the picture activity with multiple questions to make diversity and inclusion training attendees aware of their biases.

Slide 8 to 11

This set of slides contains the Q&A activity that can be used to ask attendees to make them aware of their biases. The questions are designed to make people aware of their biases like Gender Bias, Beauty Bias, etc.

Slide 12 to 15

These slide highlights the activity for the D&I session in which the instructor can showcase pictures to attendees to gauge their level of biases.

Slide 16 to 18

These slides showcase the questions that the trainer can ask in D&I training to make the session more interactive and engage the audience to acknowledge their ‘Affinity Biases’.

Slide 19 to 20:

These slides include the picture exercise to make the attendees aware of his bias.

Slide 21 to 23:

These slides consist of a Question and Answer exercise to allow attendees to acknowledge their biases for the diversity and inclusion training session.

Slide 24 to 25:

These slides cover the ‘Complete the Wheel’, a situation-based activity for the diversity and inclusion training session. The major parts of the Complete the Wheel training exercise are your initial thoughts, how you feel about the situation, and what actions you take?

Slide 26

This slide showcases the question-based exercise that can be asked to diversity and inclusion training attendees.

Slide 27

This slide highlights the ‘Circle of Trust’ activity for the Diversity and Inclusion training session. Its primary objective is to make attendees aware of the inner circle that influences their decision-making in the job and everyday life. 

Slide 28 to 35:

These slides contain a Self-Reflective Questionnaire for the Unconscious Prejudice Activity, which a trainer can conduct in the diversity and inclusion training session.

Slide 36 to 37:

This slide contains details to register and take the Implicit Association Test (IAT) for D&I training session attendees to assess their attitudes and ideas they find reluctant to share or unable to express.

Slide 39

The purpose of this slide is to highlight the key statistics of existing diversity and inclusion across the world.

Slide 40

This slide visually illustrates the diversity and inclusion statistics for pay parity based on gender. It also includes information regarding the comparison of gender and ethnic diversity in the USA and globally.

Slide 41

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the diversity and inclusion that exist among multiple job roles in the USA.

Slide 42

This slide indicates the key statistics that showcase the importance and impact of rich diversity and inclusion culture on organization’s workplace such as increase in return on investment, net profit margin.

Slide 43 to 45:

These slides contain discussion question to make candidate discuss what they have learnt and relate to the concepts through any real-life situation that they were part of.



Slide 47

This slide showcases the activities calendar to promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace. It includes details of each activity along with the date on which it will be conducted.

Instructor’s Notes:

  • Potluck Lunch: Organize inter-team lunch in which employees will bring food items of their respective cultures
  • Look At the Book: Allocate influential D&I books to employees and ask them to share their learnings on the day of the event
  • Organize Team Party: Organize a team party where employees can get to know each other better in an informal environment
  • Diversity Week: Organize diversity week in which employees from different departments will spread awareness about D&I importance using the visual medium

Slide 48

This slide showcases the posters to promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

Slide 49

This slide showcases the posters to spread awareness regarding diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

Slide 50

This slide showcases the poster to promote and spend awareness regarding cultural diversity in the organization.

Slide 51

This slide consists of a sample employee mailer for diversity and inclusion promotion in the organization.

Slide 52

This slide illustrates the employee mailer poster for diversity and inclusion awareness in the organization. It provides information regarding the advantages of High D&I.

Slides 60-75

These slides contain multiple energizer activities to keep the participants’ energy levels high throughout the session duration. They are carefully chosen to keep the participants attentive, engaged and energized. These activities are accompanied by detailed instructor notes for a successful conduct. 

Sides 76-103

These slides contain a detailed proposal that can be shared by the trainer/agency with the potential clients. This sample proposal is designed to reflect trust, experience and professionalism. This comprehensive sample proposal contains sample slides like Course Snapshot, Major Deliverables, Investment Required, Company Profile, Awards and Recognition, Client Testimonials, Terms and Conditions and much more

Slide 77

This slide highlights the cover letter for the training proposal. It includes details regarding what the company providing corporate training can accomplish for the client.

Slide 80

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the multiple types of courses offered by the training company.

Slide 82

This slide indicates the major deliverables that the corporate training firm will provide to the client. The key deliverables highlighted are session plans, PowerPoint deck, evaluation material, and training handouts.

Slide 84

This slide represents the multiple additional services offered by the training firm to the client, such as webinars, planning journals, and e-learning design solutions.

Slide 86

This slide tabulates the major deliverables offered by the training company to the client along with their associated costs.

Slide 87

The purpose of this slide is to highlight the multiple additional services offered by the training firm along with their cost details.

Slide 89

This slide provides an overview of the corporate training firm's vision and mission statements, core values, and key clients.

Slide 91

This slide highlights the major awards and recognition won by the training firm for their exceptional service to clients.

Slide 93

The slide provides information regarding the team members that would be providing the training services to the client. It includes details of the trainer and their respective designations.

Slide 94

The slide provides information regarding the team members that would be providing the training services to the client. It includes details of the employees’ names and their respective designations.

Slide 96

This slide provides information pertaining to testimonials given by satisfied clients of the training firm.

Slide 97

This slide highlights the testimonials from multiple satisfied clients of the training firm providing information regarding congratulatory messages, client name, and company details.

Slide 99

This slide showcases the case study for the training proposal. It includes information regarding the problem faced by the client and solutions offered by the training firm. It also covers details of the results and client testimonial.

Slide 101

This slide provides information regarding the contract terms and conditions of the training proposal. It also includes details of deliverables that the training company will provide to the client.

Slide 103

The purpose of this slide is to provide the contact information of the corporate training firm. It includes the firm’s official address, contact number, and email address.

Slide 104

This slide highlights the training evaluation form for instructor assessment. It also includes sections to fill details of training information and attendee details.

Slide 105

This slide showcases the questions for the assessment of the training content by the attendees.

Slide 106

The slide indicates the evaluation form for course assessment. It also includes questions pertaining to the future actions of the attendees.


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