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Top 10 Business Intelligence and Database Management Systems Templates to Ensure Aviation Security

Top 10 Business Intelligence and Database Management Systems Templates to Ensure Aviation Security



August 10 2022

Aviation is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. According to the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) over 2.3 billion people take off and land at airports a day. Such humungous air-traffic and congregation of humans makes this industry a prime target for people looking to spread discord, hate and creating panic. The perverse mentality that trigger attacks on airport infrastructure or flyers has led to security concern as a major headache for all stakeholders.


Thankfully, technology has kept pace with such kind of security threats. Innovative and skillful use of technology has ensured that the aviation industry has managed to fly high, and will continue to be the major industry for decades to come.


What is aviation security and which factors are at play?


Business intelligence and database management systems play a big role in improving aviation security. Data collected on passengers and their luggage helps improve business intelligence and database management systems. This data can help identify problems and improve processes, leading to better aviation security.


The purpose of business intelligence and database management systems in aviation security is to enable air carriers to optimize performance of fleet. Airlines use this to implement a variety of management functions that improve airline efficiency, safety, and profitability.


What are the tools used in aviation security?


Business intelligence and database management systems are tools of choice for aviation security agencies. When combined with artificial intelligence, these offer a more comprehensive approach to security that expands the ability of airports to monitor and manage safety.


If you intend to manage such data in an effective manner and ensure better security for the aviation industry, SlideTeam’s collection of business intelligence and database management systems PPT templates is your go-to-place. They are designed well, has research backing their appeal, are visually appealing, and lend themselves to easy customization.


Let’s get started!


Template 1: Aviation Security Incident Report PPT Template


The Aviation Security Incident Report (ASIR) is a business intelligence and database management system designed, exclusively, for aviation security. Use this PPT design to provide a complete, accurate, and user-friendly account of all aviation security incidents, from initial notification to final disposal. Get it now!


Aviation Security Incident Report


Download this template


Template 2: KPI for Security Control PPT


Businesses need to communicate their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to stakeholders to make decisions that improve operations. You can gather business intelligence (BI) and database management system (DBMS) information and use the given PowerPoint template to create KPIs for security control time-flights. This will ensure that your business has the most up-to-date details before taking a call on data. Download today!


KPI for Security Control Time-Flights Diverted-Non Aviation Activities


Download this template


Template 3: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle for pro-active check


Download our content-ready PPT sample to design an effective PDCA cycle. Using this cycle, aviation companies can identify and mitigate potential hazards before they cause accidents. The given layout is a powerful tool that will enable you to structure and display data collected from business intelligence and database management systems and mitigate probable threats.


PDCA Cycle for Managing Aviation Safety Risks


Download this template


Template 4: Stay ahead of the curve; see change before it comes


The aviation security business is a highly competitive and ever-changing landscape. The given PPT theme will help you make sense of all business intelligence system data and information available to stay ahead of the curve. It includes design for predictive analysis to help you anticipate trends and make decisions. Grab this template now!


Business Intelligence Predictive Analytics


Download this template


Template 5: Strategic planning that works; use the collected data


Deploy this content-ready PPT design to create a strategic mapping framework. It will enable you to make the best use of the information collected from business intelligence and data based management systems to gain an overview of your operations, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions to drive your business. Download now!


Strategic Mapping Framework for Aviation Industry


Download this template


Template 6: The perfect solution; get your database organized


Leverage our multiple database management systems in aviation security PPT design to understand and keep track of databases you need to manage in one place. It's easy to use and extremely efficient, making it the perfect solution for any aviation security needs you may have. You can briefly describe each system and choose the best one for your requirements. Get it now!


Multiple Database Management System for Storing Data


Download this template


Template 7: Share data, make more accurate predictions


Elucidate the key process of the database management system with the help of the given PowerPoint design sample. It can prove to be a beneficial tool in enhancing aviation security by keeping track of important information, ensuring that data is accurate and up to date, and providing a way to share information between different departments and agencies easily.

The stored data can be used to track passenger show-ups, flight schedules etc. Download right away!


Key Process of Database Management System


Download this template


Template 8: Airline Aviation Showing Strategy & Challenges Forward


Aviation has played a critical role in global trade and human development, and the airline industry continues to be a vital part of this story. You can use this PPT slide to showcase challenges and plan strategic measures derived from analyzing the information retained from business intelligence and database management systems. Get this sample today!


Airline Aviation Showing Strategy & Challenges Forward


Download this template


Template 9: Holistic security plan that helps airlines stay up and running


Using this PPT sample, you can put together knowledge from the previous systems (especially BI and database management) to create a holistic and efficient organization chart to guarantee safety and unparalleled quality of airlines. You can easily map out the details provided to ensure better customer experience, operational efficiency, etc. Download the given design to get started.


Org Chart Treasury Risk Safety & Quality For Airlines


Download this template


Template 10: Service Blueprint Template


Airlines have long been an important part of the world economy, connecting people and businesses across the globe. This PPT layout will assist you in understanding and analyzing the role-based components in aviation security. From passenger screening to baggage handling, you can assign tasks and responsibilities based on verifiable data. Download now!


Service Blueprint Template – Sample Blueprint 4


Download this template


As the world of aviation security gets more complex, it is crucial to have a reliable business intelligence and database management system in place. Our PPT templates will help you stay one step ahead of the competition, with safety as your key promise. You can analyze the details and showcase them with these predesigned, customizable templates to facilitate a better and more informed decision-making process. Download these templates now to ensure safe and secure air travel. And if you wish to explore something more, check our aviation PPT templates now.




Who is responsible for aviation security?


On its website, the Federal Aviation Administration says that it is providing the safest, most efficient, aerospace system in the world. It is under the US department of transportation. Recently, it has proposed requiring a second barrier to the flight deck on certain commercial airlines. The additional barrier will help protect flight decks from intrusion.


PS: Still looking for more templates specific to your unique needs? Let our research services do the work for you. Contact us here today and get answers to all your queries and customizable needs.

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