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Application Pitch Deck
Enterprise Software Pitch Deck to Infuse Life into Businesses

Enterprise Software Pitch Deck to Infuse Life into Businesses

Deepali Khatri

Deepali Khatri

June 27 2022

The advent of the 21st century's second decade witnessed numerous individuals starting their businesses with the hope to rise to glory.


Nevertheless, such naïve businesses often suffer due to a lack of adequate software and infrastructure.


Are You the Saviour They Are Looking For?


Your software can be the perfect companion they might be searching for! When your software and the concerned enterprise combine, both aspects will get that unreal flight across the horizon.


Being a part of an industry that makes for 90% of the world's economics and 50% of the world's employment is an exposure you cannot afford to miss.


The Tomorrow of Enterprise Software




Enterprise Software is the call of the day with thousands of enterprises opening around the globe. Let us help you get a clearer picture of the future posed by the enterprise software;


  • Increasing Need: With the rising number of small and medium enterprises around the globe, there is an ever-rising need for better software.
  • Efficient businesses: Businesses and enterprises would look to increase their organizational efficiency amidst rising competition. Your enterprise software will come in handy under such circumstances.
  • Cloud-based ERP software: Cloud computing and software are emerging as a preferable need for enterprise owners for lower expenditure requirements and flexible advantages.
  • ERP application infused with Artificial Intelligence: The inclusion of AI would cater to make the business procedure efficient by leaps and bounds. The automation of mundane responsibilities like budget estimates, data insights, propelling sales, enhanced customer communication and Human Resource management come in handy for the overall enterprise growth.
  • Enhanced Security: Enterprise software is an effective solution to provide adequate security to the confidential information of the company and keep them at bay from hackers and other anti-social elements.


Enterprise Software Pitch Deck


Your goal is to project your software as the best solution your clients can opt for. Getting adequate investments from capital holders, equity holders or your concerned business clients will allow you to transcend your software to the next level.


Worried about how to present your enterprise software as the best one in this competitive market?


Slide Team harbours a team of professionals to craft the best enterprise software pitch deck that helps in crafting an alluring pitch deck.


Right from the cover slide to the application features and its details, you will have all slides that will act as puzzle blocks to fit your software characteristics within.


Put in your best efforts as we cannot wait to witness you succeed!


The Cover Slide


Introducing a revolutionary new way to present your business to potential investors. With this enterprise software pitch deck template, you'll be able to create an engaging and persuasive presentation in no time. Our easy-to-use design tools make it simple to create professional slideshows that will impress your audience.


It presents a hand holding a mobile phone with opened software application.


The Cover Slide of Enterprise Software Pitch Deck

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Introduction - How Market Models Are Shifting 


This template will help you present how market models are shifting towards subscriptions, and its huge influence on both consumers and businesses.


Provide a brief introduction of how market models are shifting taking the assistance of this readily-available enterprise software introduction template.


With this info in hand, you'll be able to make a strong case for investing in your idea!


Introduction - How Market Models Are Shifting

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About ABC Company


This is the perfect slide deck to introduce your enterprise software company to potential investors. It succinctly lays out your company's profile, mission and vision, making it easy for investors to see what you're all about. Plus, the slick design will make your presentation look polished and professional.


About Slide of Enterprise Software Pitch Deck

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How We Cater to Our Community 


With the Enterprise software company pitch deck, you can easily cater your employees through various methods such as user groups, announcements, training, and ideas.  This slide deck provides an easy-to-use platform for companies to succeed in their employee strategies.


 How We Cater to Our Community

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Where we Are 


With stunning visuals and clear data, you can easily make your case for why your company is a smart investment.


This presentation will help you outline your company's strengths and market position. It also features detailed information on your applications, clients, partners, product releases, invoice volumes to help you make out your exact position in the market.


Where We Are

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About Business Platform


This is the perfect slide deck for anyone looking to pitch their enterprise software company. It offers a brief description of the applications suit offered by the company, as well as subscription forecast details and sign up information on the mobile phone depicted in the template.


Business Platform Slide of Enterprise Software Pitch Deck

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Business Timeline 


This slide deck template features a timeline of your company's performance, starting from when you started based applications and services. You'll be able to showcase your achievements for each year, making it easy for potential investors or customers to see what you've accomplished.


Business Timeline

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Exceptional Delivery Team 


This slide presentation is chock-full of details about the exceptional delivery team behind the product. You'll love to jot down the application building and handling team's designations and backgrounds which will help you seal the deal.


Delivery Team

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Save Time on Billing and Payment Operations 


This slide presentation will show you how to save time on billing and payment operations with ABC company. With this one platform for all the applications, you'll be able to get your work done quickly and easily.


It focuses on the pain points that the organization is facing and also take steps to alleviate them.


Save Time on Billing

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The Suits of ABC Company App to Answer Your Billing and Collection Needs


This slide talks about the solution provided the suits of ABC company app to answer your billing and collection needs. Utilize the given template to present a perfect solution for the problem being faced by the company and tell them how your software can be a rescue for the same.


The Suits of ABC Company Apps

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Additional Features 


This thoughtful PowerPoint template gives you access to present all the additional features of the application in suit in a crisp format.


Along with a pictorial representation, you can make your audience aware of the additional features of the software which are customer self-service portal that helps them with easy updates, Collections screens, Dispute settlement and new menu items.


Additional Features Slide of Enterprise Software Pitch Deck

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Application 1 Introduction


This template will help you provide a brief introduction of your application. Add a suitable image and talk about the application that you are going to launch. With this template at your disposal, you are surely going to bag the deal. Talk about the other applications and give a brief description for each of them by grabbing the entire deck.


Application 1 Introduction

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Application 1 Features and Details


The given template displays the features of the application seamlessly. Some of the features along with their details mentioned in the slide are payment recovery to ensure that the transactions are flawlessly processed, process analysis to keep your business running smoothly.


It also talks about adaptability that will help you respond to different error codes, allowing a better approach.


If you are planning to launch one such application, download this to showcase the exciting features that your app would possess.


Application 1 Features and Details

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Application Demos 


Having presented the features and details of the app, you get this slide where you can present the application demos.

This powerful slide presentation tool is perfect for demonstrating your application demos.


With its persuasive design, you'll be able to wow your audience and close more deals.


Application Demos Slide of Enterprise Software Pitch Deck

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The slide deck has all the necessary information to make a persuasive case for your product. It is well-organized and easy to follow, with each slide containing only the most important information. Use it as a starting point for creating your own pitch deck or customize it to fit your specific needs.


If you’re looking for help putting together an enterprise software pitch deck that will WOW potential investors, our team at SlideTeam can assist you. We have years of experience in creating high-quality slideshows and would be happy to help you create a presentation that leaves a lasting impression. Contact us today for more information!

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