A one-page proposal is efficacious in spurring new business ventures, converting leads, and advertising the product to its fullest capacity. 


Even though proposals make such an important part of an organizations’ success regime, most agencies have a terrible reputation of presenting some traumatizing ones to the clients. The ones that are challenging to read, unmanageable, too empty or too full of information and do an excellent job of turning prospects ‘out’ rather than ‘in’.


The main aim of a robust and well-structured one-page proposal is to captivate, inspire, engage, inform, and most importantly: close like none other! It is a one-page proposal that spells the difference between success and failure, whether you are a freelancer, agency owner, or any other. 


In today’s volatile business world, some administrators find themselves spending hours upon hours finessing business proposals, yet do not get the desired results. On the other hand, some business entrepreneurs are able to nail their proposals in the very first attempt. 


How and why? These are a few of the answers this article will get you acquainted with. Read this guide to boost the positive impact of your one-page proposal, inform prospects better, and multiply your agency’s closure rates! 


The Basics of a One-page Proposal for Any Agency 


Every proposal is intimidating and tad-bit terrorizing to curate. You are asking someone to select you- hoping that they do, considering that you are the best fit. Writing a business proposal requires articulating the knowledge of the customers that you have acquired, as well as the reasons as to why you are their best bet. So, a sub-par proposal simply won’t do you any good. 


Let’s take a look at how to curate a winning business proposal that gets a ‘YES’ every time you present it!



Agency business proposals typically follow a key structure, which when stuck to can help you match client expectations and deliver all the pertinent information that is needed to turn a “Maybe” to a big definite “Yes” (filled with excitement of course)! 


However, the format of the business proposal is not set-in-stone. It can vary as per the industry, market size, company size, and many other factors. 


  • Title 

Pretty obvious one right? 


Keep the title compelling and engaging to the reader’s eye as it is the biggest determinant of whether your proposal will be actually read by someone or end up in trash cans like other unread proposal ideas. 


  • Table of Contents

Again a pretty straightforward point. 


Your one-page proposal should be easy-to-pick, scannable, and extremely comprehensible for which a table of contents is an important section to include. It will help the reader quickly navigate to the point of their interest, thus reducing the downtime of scrolling through multiple aspects. 


This condition is something that is met by a one-pager as everything is neatly displayed in a slick single layout, making the navigation and browsing process, a no-sweat task. 


  • Executive Summary (Explain “why”)

A staple in all kinds of different reports, marketing plans, and project plans! 


An executive summary details as to why you are sending the proposal, what for, and why your solution is the best to consider. Similar to a value proposition, it presents a rough draft of the benefits of your product and the comforting solutions they provide. 


Essentially, the executive summary is a concise summary of your entire business plan. So keep it short and crisp to set the tone right for the rest of the proposal. 


  • The Problem Statement 

This is the section that encompasses details about the issues impacting potential clients and their decision-making capacity. It provides you with an opportunity to show how their needs and aspirations are fulfilled with your services and products. It also helps you in explaining that your agency has a thorough knowledge of your client’s requirements and that you will work diligently to meet their needs. The goal here is to develop a sense of urgency for your prospect to find vital solutions, a solution provided by you!


  • Proposed Solution 

The good stuff! The main goal of submitting a proposal is to provide solutions to a problem faced by your prospects and create a sense of urgency in them. This section is how you can alleviate the pain points and fit into their needed solutions. Be as detailed as you like in this section and tap everything of relevance. 


Also, feel free to spare no details about the solution, estimated timeframe of when the solution is expected, and several other particulars. 


  • Qualifications 

Are you qualified enough to provide them apt solutions and fulfill their needs? Why on earth should they trust you? How will you alleviate their pain? This section should consist of answers to all these and similar questions. Communicate why you are their best bet. Convey what your company is known for by the medium of this section. Also, include client case studies, success stories, and mention accreditations to boost your viability. 


This section is an important one to include as it acts as a social proof of what your company does best and how qualified your executives are in meeting goals and objectives. 


  • The Timeline

Provide a timeline to the prospective clients showcasing all your deliverables. This can either be done by preparing flowcharts or by introducing a more nuance with a roadmap design. A timeline is never set in stone is always an estimation that adheres to your deliverables. The goal of it is to clarify any questions that your clients might have about timely delivery and other details. 


  • Price, Billing and other legalities 

Pricing is the section that can be a bit tricky to put together, as overpriced services and products are likely to drive the clients away. So, provide a few prospective buying options that fall under different budget categories. You can also break the pricing into different stages to give a gist of total expenditure to the client. 


As far as the legal aspects go, you can either slot it in the section or in the terms and conditions section for better visibility. 


  • Terms and Conditions

This is where you go into detail about the project timeline, pricing, and payment schedules. It's essentially a summary of what you and the client are agreeing to if they accept your proposal. Make sure you clear the terms and conditions with your own legal team before sending the proposal to the client.


This section entails details about everything that you have promised to deliver so far and what the prospective client expects from you. This includes a project timeline from start-to-end, payment gateways, payment schedule, pricing, etc. so that both of you are on the same page. This step is very important as it outlines the legalities of the deal, which is mandatory to clear beforehand. 


  • The Acceptance

The final step that sums up the whole ordeal. This is a signup section that the client adds his/her signatures to close the deal, making it official. This is also a chance to include a prompt for your clients to reach out to you if they have some unattended queries you can address. 


Now that you have a firm understanding of a one-page proposal for your agency, it is time to start putting one together for yourself. 


Templates are a great way to streamline your business proposal and primary stress-relieving objects, that have made it big especially in marketing agencies. With a pre-designed and persuasive layout to guide you, templates can accommodate each detail with ease. 


Let’s take a look at a few inspiring ones:


One-Page Proposal Templates 


Template 1 


This is a comprehensive one-page template that breaks down and explains all the important sections of a proposal in a single layout, that confirms to your needs and requirements. It can be used to provide a brief overview of your deliverables like services, management team, pricing, estimated timeline, and several others. It ticks every mark on the checklist of a great proposal, because of its concise and precise layout, that never fails to impress the reader. This template is fully editable and ready to be deployed on your web marketing agency front-lines! The design of this template is kept simple to make sure the necessary information is communicated without any unnecessary distractions. 


Summary Page Of Web Marketing Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download Summary Page Of Web Marketing Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Template 2


We present to you this premium one-page proposal template that helps you show off your services, team, business case, and other aspects in a single layout. Effectively explain how you can help your clients meet their marketing goals and grow their brand with this one-pager, designed as per user’s expectations. Display how your services can help kick off their online marketing spree by utilizing this layout. This one-pager is responsive to every digital marketer’s needs, hence making it a viable resource to present in front of your esteemed clients and prospects. 


Summary Page Of Digital Marketing Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download Summary Page Of Digital Marketing Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Template 3


Break down various aspects of your agency and present them in a handy way with this one-page proposal template. Enrich your client’s travel experiences by giving them exciting details such as trip schedule, length, stay, available add-ons, pricing, and several other attributes. Travel agencies can deploy this one-page proposal template to explain descriptively their itineraries and all the major details of it. The single layout makes it a useful resource to calculate as flyers, brochures, and even as emails that easily reach the client’s eyes. 


Summary Page Of Travel Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download Summary Page Of Travel Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Template 4


This one-page proposal is a great tool that can be used to generate interest in the onlooker in your staffing agency. Use it to introduce your company, senior management, key staffing services, and other aspects in a way that they get notices. The one-pager helps in addressing key deliverables in a single layout, thus making them extremely handy and unique tools to pitch yourself with. They also come in handy when you instantly need to pitch yourself when companies come knocking at your door for recruiting their staff. Therefore, download it now! 


Summary Page Of Staffing Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download Summary Page Of Staffing Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Template 5


If you need to level-up your pitches, bring in new clients, close more deals, then this one-page proposal for any recruitment agency is your best bet. Set the tone right for your staffing agency and fulfill your growth needs with this single layout design. This one-pagers acts as a sample to win and retain new clients with ease. The biggest feature of this template is that it is easily manageable by any user irrespective of the industry. Not only that is a responsive design with premium images and content that can be deployed in any area as per your liking. 


Summary Page Of Recruitment Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Download Summary Page Of Recruitment Agency Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Now, go get that Yes! And if you have any more queries or want to explore more one-pagers, we have a rich gallery to satisfy you. Visit it, browse it, and download it to get that Yes,  brimming with excitement and appreciation.