Choosing to lead a new project is always an opportunity for growth that most businesses jump at. But when it comes to the planning stage, it becomes evident that the work must be done with finite resources and team. These constraints shape the project plan, when capacity planning is conducted to ensure that all resources are allocated optimally. These include tangibles as material and manpower and intangible limitations such as deadlines. To help you create and deliver this resource strategy, SlideTeam has created Capacity Planning Dashboard Templates.


A dashboard is an excellent tool for delivering information to the audience and creating a project plan reference point. With just one page/slide, you can convey information on team members, current demand, work vs capacity comparisons, etc. It’s not just a matter of available resources either. Capacity planning involves forecasting the need for resources, aiming to balance demand and supply.


Workload Management PowerPoint Presentations for Scaling Success


While you are busy optimizing work resources, we will help you present your strategy to stakeholders and team members with our content-ready and 100% customizable slides. This means you will have a starting point, a structured framework, and the flexibility to alter the templates to your needs. This means no more time or energy spent creating a presentation from scratch. Let’s dive into our curated collection of the best five Capacity Planning Dashboard Templates.


Template 1: Capacity Allocation Dashboard with Staff Demand


Use this PPT Slide to showcase your strategy of allocating people to each responsibility. The template has sections to present graphs and tables on concepts of capacity forecast to predict future demand. Use it to put numbers to the assets needed, allocation audit to ensure judicial use of the resources, and the percentage of users by allocation in place. Download this set now to let the team know their roles and responsibilities.


Capacity Allocation Dashboard With Staff Demand




Template 2: Dashboard For Managing Patient Capacity Database Management Healthcare Organizations


As promised, we have taken an example of patient management to showcase this template. Deliver details on the occupancy in the hospital, including the number of patients, discharges, and admissions for an estimated total. Also, create alerts for the maximum occupancy of units such as the ICU. There is also a separate table to maintain the headcount of critical care patients. Download this preset now!


Dashboard For Managing Patient Capacity Database Management Healthcare Organizations




Template 3: Resource Demand and Capacity Planning Dashboard


This PPT Layout is perfect for a current capacity analysis for your project. Its focus is on the material resources required for a given leg of the project. Showcase a visualization of KPIs such as percentage of resource availability, work distribution by type, resource requests, major assets available, etc. Show stakeholders where you stand and your requests for where you want to be. Download this PPT Theme now from the link below!


Resource Demand And Capacity Planning Dashboard




Template 4: Team and Individual Capacity Management Dashboard


This PPT Template focuses on the manpower needed for the work. Deliver a detailed analysis of the current and future needs of the project with this layout. Showcase tabulated information on the team capacity (in hours) and breakdown of this data for each worker. This will help you find bottlenecks in your work and focus on improving the productivity of team members who are lagging behind.


Team and individual capacity management dashboard




Template 5: One-Pager Production Capacity Sheet Template Presentation Report


This PPT Layout takes a power plant as an example. Use this infographic template to deliver a concise overview of the plant’s capacity in material and workforce. Add the hours and cost involved in capacity, demand, surplus, and use. Showcase the production capacity predicted by you and the possible deficits in each machine. Finalize the report with a snapshot of the plant’s performance. Download it now.


One pager production capacity sheet template presentation report infographic ppt pdf document




Capacity Planning Made Easy with Readymade Templates


A reality check on the project’s ability to be completed is critical. The work cannot be started without this information provided to everyone in the supply chain, from the vendors to the workers. Using our Capacity Planning Dashboard Templates, you will have the platform to conduct this analysis and ensure that everyone is on board for a smooth process.


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P.S. The templates in this blog are not ranked in any order. Pick the one(s) you like and download it!