Web designing is a decently rewarding profession today. In the US alone, web designers make $27per hour, rounding off to a handsome income of $90k/year.


These numbers are expected to increase even more by 2030, thus giving this profession the well-deserving hype to charge more. But do your skills as a web designer qualify for these perks? If yes, how can you ensure that your clients know you exist?


The answer lies in an immaculate resume and a well-nurtured portfolio. 





If you are experienced in this regard but unsuccessful at securing clients, perhaps the gap can be filled using a predesigned presentation, CV, or resume. 


Let us target the next big question now “Does a web designer’s resume have to be any different from any other profession?” 


Well, it is an A4-sized paper that welcomes your creativity from all angles. Your recruiters are equally curious to see how you can raise your stakes!


You could either experiment with the color palettes and the photoshop apps or giddyup and download from our cherry-picked collection of unique web designer resume templates given below. 


Take your pick now!


Template 1: Bifold Professional CV Template of a Web Designer


Here is a 4-page document report to encompass your web designer resume. This report template is an opportunity for you to be as creative as possible with the infographics and colorful data charts. Share your detailed contribution to this field starting with your education and hobbies to entice recruiters. Add your contact details towards the end. Download this vibrant document report now!


Bi fold professional CV template of web designer document report


Download this template


Template 2: One-page Professional CV Template for Web Designer


Here is another example of a vibrant web designer resume template to share your qualification and portfolio details. The theme of this template is teal-mustard which can be applied to any number of slides that follow. Using creative infographics rate your skills, and language prowess. Also, share insights into your educational background with this template. Add your contact details apart from enlightening your recruiter about your personality dynamics with this PPT design. Download now!


One page professional CV template of web designer


Download this template


Template 3: Web Designer CV Template With Job Description


Here is another classic CV template for web designers to pitch their profiles. This two-page web designer resume template provides ample space to feature everything from your education and profile summary to your skillset and expertise. Additionally, you can share your experience by showcasing your exact responsibilities and achievements under every position assumed. Download this CV template now!


Web designer CV template with job description


Download this template


Template 4: A4 Resume Template for Web Designer and Developer 


This is a two-in-one resume template that can be used by web designers and web developers to showcase their skillsets and link their portfolios. Enlist the various aspects of your career with this aesthetically pleasing template. Both web designers and web developers can make use of this organized template to feature their career highlights. Download this PPT slide to benefit yourself and your friends.


A4 Customizable resume template for web designer and developer


Download this template


Template 5: Web Designer Visual Resume Sample With Professional Skills


Here is another simple yet effective template to secure good career opportunities as a web designer. Add your particulars and equip this web designer resume template with a professional photograph. Ensure all the details are true and backed by certifications. Cross-check your contact details and share your proficiency with your skills. Download this informative template now!


Web designer visual resume sample with professional skills


Download this template


Template 6: Sample Resume Template for Web Graphic Designer


Do you possess the combined agility of a graphic designer and a web designer, then this is a template to demonstrate your skills. Enlist your career's core aspects, including your educational background, skillset, and hobbies. Go a step further to specify your certifications and workplaces where you laid your mark. All of these aspects can be neatly presented in this template. Go ahead and download this template.


Sample resume template for web graphic designer


Download this template


Template 7: Web Graphic Designer Sample Resume CV Template


Another effective template designed by professionals to showcase your web designing expertise. Share a brief introduction about yourself and power this template up with your work experiences and skillsets. Support it with awards or appreciation, you have won in your career and land that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Download this effective template now!


Web graphic designer sample resume CV template


Download this template


Template 8: Professional Sample Resume of Web Graphic Designer


This is yet another text-effective template that pays special attention to your personality and work skills. Other than these, share insights of your educational and career background, and a due mention of your details to HR using this PPT design. Download right away.


Professional sample resume of web graphic designer


Download this template


Template 9: Sample Resume Format for a Web Designer


Here is a crisp template to create your web designer’s resume. The format is to-the-point and effective to encompass your basic educational qualifications, work experience, and major skills. Share your correct contact information for the influenced recruiter to connect with you. Download now!


Sample resume format for web designer


Download this template


Template 10: Sample Curriculum Vitae of Web Designer and Developer


Here is another uniquely curated PPT template to showcase your expertise and impress the huge clientele that can’t wait to onboard you. Experiment with a dramatic profile image that emanates both professionalism and dynamism at luring recruiters. Infuse this PPT structure with your career highlights and get started by downloading this design from below.


Sample curriculum vitae of web designer and developer


Download this template


Choose from this collection of web designer resume templates and introduce yourself like a boss! Let us know in the comments how we did in presenting our best designs and whether you would be suggesting us to your friends and colleagues.

P.S. In addition to the web designer resume templates, we also have collated guides that cater to every existing profession out there. For starters try this resource replete with 30 resume template designs for software designers, sales executives, and others!