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Top 5 Idea Map Templates  with Samples and Examples

Top 5 Idea Map Templates with Samples and Examples

Sapna Singh

Sapna Singh

November 23 2022

“Grow the toothpaste tube hole to achieve a 40% increase in business,” Colgate, an American company known for its dental hygiene products, paid $100,000 for this idea that was written on a small slip of paper in the 1950s. Colgate’s example of how to raise toothpaste usage is the ideal illustration of how ideas help sales dynamics of any business.


In the years following World War II, the idea of Nutella emerged as a less expensive replacement for the scarce cocoa. Guinness World Records, the definitive source of world records, originated as an idea for a book of facts to settle disputes in pubs. The idea of writing names of customers on cups from Starbucks enhanced the customer experience, and was an immediate success. This brilliant idea is executed four billion times a year at over all its 30,000 outlets globally. Massive, right?


These examples from the actual world demonstrate how amazing things happen when ideas are developed, propagated, and put into practice in unique ways. To enhance this power even further, Idea Maps are the perfect resource to enable individuals and teams to be more receptive to new ideas and to develop these. Edward de Bono highlighted in his book the "Six Thinking Hats" how mind maps could be used extensively for collaborative decision-making in an efficient and successful manner when a team is debating a difficult topic.


Idea maps are an essential tool for anyone looking to be more efficient and achieve success in business and life. It is enjoyable and, most importantly, aids in turning thought into deed. You can communicate key ideas far more effectively with it than with words. Consider the way that graphs and charts can create a clear contrast between plain, vanilla facts. Consider how images can elicit strong feelings and give personality to concepts. Though words can sometimes have the "gut-punch" effect, idea maps are considerably better at it. It is, often, challenging to connect with ideas when they are presented as a straightforward list of sentences in a challenging-to-read font. However, it enhances its USP when the same idea is presented in a colorful and sinuous or slim, black, and angular design.


Explore our guide to put an end to your search for that game-changing concept that will create a buzz in the market and help you launch your dream firm.


This blog is a ready-made resource on Idea Maps for brainstorming, naturally without regard for order and structure. Connect ideas, demonstrate the relationship of pieces, and elaborate on notions. We, at SlideTeam, have prepared a list of the Top 5 Idea Map Templates to assist you in thinking, gathering knowledge, remembering, and creating ideas. This guide will show you how to make an amazing idea map that meets all your requirements. Convert a long list of ideas into a vivid, memorable, and well-structured graphic that works in accordance with your brain’s natural method of doing things.


These easy-to-use, colorful, and fully editable PPT Templates will allow you more freedom, creativity, and clarity. Get these presentation templates for managing even the most difficult situations.


Create an idea map with a few clicks or keyboard shortcuts at the speed of thought with PPTs of SlideTeam!


Template 1: Idea Map Business Process Management Strategies PPT

Every firm runs on processes, which are the backbone of operations. To develop an efficient organizational structure, use this pre-made PPT Template to visualize your ideas, manage your tasks, and collaborate with your team. This mind-mapping deck is excellent for use in task management, brainstorming, project planning, and strategy development.  You'll manage your business better if you have a deeper understanding of what business process strategies are, how they work, and the effects these have. Create a visual representation of every step in your business process that demonstrates how it is carried out. This encompasses the A-Z of the process to give a clearer picture of the steps required to deliver your product or service to the end-user. Remember, the order in which those actions should be taken is also explained for easy understanding of your audience.


Idea Map


Download Now!


Template 2: Idea Map Design for Business Process Digitalization Template

What does a truly digital organization look like? Create a plan for changing around your business processes with this PPT Template. This visual representation of your thinking process will aid in the planning and organizing of new ways for improving customer experiences, optimizing operations, and developing new business models. Use this PowerPoint slide to adapt your company model to digital processes. Its elements are Process Transformation, Domain Transformation, Business Model Transformation, and Organizational Transformation. The team should use the idea map template to update procedures and improve your position in the market.


Idea Map Design for Business Process Digitalization


Download Now!


Template 3: Idea Map Design for Money Management Strategies PPT

 It is vital to manage your money and have a clear idea of your finances. With the help of our PPT Template, you can evaluate and control your company's spending habits in order to increase revenue. This mind-mapping approach is excellent to create a budget or establish a consistent cash reserve. The sample PowerPoint Template contains essential indicators that can help your company feel more secure. The template is a ready-to-use reference guide for any project planning, complete with wise money-management advice and tactics. Use this adaptable template to showcase your expertise in depicting a clearer picture of how any business is doing, and point out areas where modifications are needed to meet financial targets. Areas of growth potential are also highlighted.


Idea Map Design for Money Management Strategies


Download Now!



Template 4: Idea Map Design for Strategic Management Process PPT

Develop a set of strategies for your company to improve its performance. Use our ready-to-use PPT Template to develop a strategic management plan. Visualize your ideas and interact with the team to develop a winning approach. This slide is useful for brainstorming in business meetings on how to implement a strategy that will provide the organization with a competitive advantage. The PowerPoint Presentation incorporates components such as Strategy Formulation, Implementation, Evaluation, and Control, among others, to assist you in establishing strategic management as an ongoing process.


Idea Map Design for Strategic Management Process


Download Now!


Template 5: Idea Map Design of Financial Tips for Start Up PPT

If you’re in the early stages of business development or have launched recently, knowing the fundamentals of business finance will help you plan for success with greater confidence. Use this pre-made mind-mapping PPT Template to visualize your ideas on planning and organizing your business capital for growth. This slide is a compendium for assessing and managing monthly, weekly, or daily revenue targets. This will assist you in maintaining a consistent cash reserve, increasing revenue, and efficient functioning. The financial suggestions in the PowerPoint Template on operational efficiency, net income and revenue growth will continue powering your entrepreneurial path.


Idea Map Design of Financial Tips for a Start-up


Download Now!


The infinite canvas of business creativity


Idea maps help businesses become innovative and organize their thought processes. This useful tool of an idea map is the perfect tool if your business is seeking practical, step-by-step guidance to concentrate on ideas and eliminate distractions. When compared to using a multi-page, linear booklet summarizing the same information, this method gets you to think, perceive, and comprehend the big picture in a more effective manner. The Idea Map PPT Templates from SlideTeam are the best-in-class to organize and record new ideas. Your thought process will be streamlined using these idea map templates as a sequence of connected thoughts. Everything is represented visually; this will improve organization and recall as well as make collaboration much simpler.


Are you looking for additional PowerPoint Presentation guidance? Speak to our experts at SlideTeam.


PS: Explore our mini-guide for amazing concept map designs that can elevate your data visualization approach.






What is idea mapping?


A visual representation of ideas and concepts is an idea map. With its scientific tool, you develop the capability to evaluate, interpret, synthesize, recall, and come up with new ideas. It is a visual thinking tool. It helps you come up with ideas, visualize them, organize them, take notes, solve problems, make decisions, revise them, and make them clearer. A project or plan can be efficiently created using an idea map. It helps you to create a roadmap. Depending on how you create and arrange ideas, you can also change the process. These maps are ideal for:


  • Conceptualizing and generating ideas
  • Communicating and presenting ideas
  • Visualization tools and digital notebooks
  • More efficient meeting management
  • Reports and document summaries
  • Streamlining project and task management


How do I make an idea map?


Use the following procedures to create an idea map:

  1. Decide on the idea map's topic and place it in the illustration’s middle.
  2. An idea map's subject should be surrounded by a circle of three to five important ideas.
  3. Each main idea is linked to its topic in the idea map by a line.
  4. Make a list of specifics to support each main point, such as enquiries, exercises, and recommendations.
  5. Use lines to draw connections between each main idea and its sub-sets.

Once the basic sketch is in place, each major idea should be incorporated into your project as a separate phase. Give team members identical duties with deadlines. Any concerns or relevant ideas should be added to each task's description.


What advantages do idea maps have?


Idea mapping is a technique that has been shown to increase productivity, creativity, and memory. Idea mapping makes it simple to solve challenges creatively, develop clear roadmaps, and produce unique outcomes—all essential components of project management. Other advantages of concept maps for managing creative projects include:


  1. Establishing relevant links between concepts.
  2. Collaborating electronically or with teams that are dispersed around the world.
  3. Each team member is given the opportunity to contribute and be heard.
  4. Having an understandable and visual subject map.
  5. Coordinating a variety of data, linked projects, and duties.

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