In today's dynamic digital landscape, businesses, organizations, and individuals seek ways to maximize their visibility and reach. Earned media, a powerful form of organic publicity gained through third-party endorsements and mentions, has emerged as a game-changer in this pursuit. But crafting a successful earned media strategy can be daunting, especially without a clear roadmap.


This blog presents must-have earned media strategy templates that can help you navigate the complexities of contemporary media landscapes. From using traditional media channels to mastering the intricacies of social media, this guide will equip you with actionable templates tailored to various scenarios and goals.


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Let’s explore the Earned Media Strategy Templates on offer!


Template 1: Earned Media Strategy to Increase Brand Awareness

This PPT Set is a comprehensive and valuable resource for digital marketers seeking to boost their brand's visibility through earned media channels. It presents diverse practical strategies to elevate brand awareness, including implementing a compelling social media strategy and maintaining strong customer connections. With this premium set of slides, you can effectively illustrate the six essential stages of an earned media strategy, providing a clear roadmap for your marketing endeavors.


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Earned media strategy to increase brand awareness


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Template 2: Methods for Obtaining Earned Media Advertisements

This is a versatile PPT Template to enhance any presentation. With its topically appealing design, it elevates your content and lends a professional edge to your delivery, making you look like a presentation expert. By employing it, you can maximize audience engagement and knowledge retention by effectively conveying information on the three crucial stages of obtaining earned media planning strategy. Furthermore, the template allows you to explore topics such as Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, and Public Relations, providing a comprehensive approach to your marketing initiatives.


Methods for obtaining earned media advertisements


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Template 3: Public Relations Marketing Strategies in Earned Media

This is a resource that explores a strategic dimension in the marketing realm, harnessed by businesses to heighten brand awareness and foster customer loyalty through impactful public and media relations. This PPT Slide showcases critical strategies, including mobile commerce, creator collaboration, social connections, Trade shows, and social responsibility, which play pivotal roles in achieving these objectives. By employing this template, marketers can gain access to an in-depth examination of essential topics, such as Influencer Collaboration, Engine Optimization, and Customer Reviews. These insights equip marketing professionals with the knowledge to craft compelling and engaging campaigns within earned media.


Public relation marketing strategies in earned media


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Template 4: Difference Between Earned, Paid, Shared, and Owned Media 

This is an invaluable resource for marketers seeking to comprehend and leverage the distinct attributes of earned, paid, shared, and owned media in their campaigns. This slide not only illustrates the variances between these media types but also assists marketers in making informed decisions on effectively integrating these strategies. With a focus on critical elements such as sponsored content, user-generated content, and word-of-mouth marketing, this template provides detailed insights into each media category.


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Difference between earned paid shared and owned media


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Final Word


Incorporating a must-have earned media strategy into your marketing efforts is crucial for achieving organic publicity and brand recognition. Strategic templates can serve as a valuable roadmap to navigate the complexities of modern media landscapes. Embrace these proven strategies, from social media tactics to influencer collaborations, and unlock the potential to engage audiences, foster credibility, and drive long-term success.


FAQs On Earned Media Strategy


What is an earned media strategy?


It is a planned approach to gain organic publicity and media coverage without directly paying for it. In contrast to paid media (advertising) and owned media (content on owned platforms), earned media involves media mentions, endorsements, and shares obtained through word-of-mouth, media outreach, public relations efforts, and other organic means.


An earned media strategy aims to garner positive attention and recognition from third-party sources, such as journalists, bloggers, influencers, customers, or the general public. This type of media exposure is more credible and trustworthy since it comes from unbiased sources rather than direct promotions. 


What is an example of earned media marketing?


An example of earned media marketing is when a company's product, service, or brand gains publicity and recognition through media mentions, reviews, social shares, or word-of-mouth without directly paying for advertising.


For instance, let's consider a new smartphone company that has just launched a revolutionary device with unique features. Instead of running expensive advertisements, the company focuses on generating earned media. They send press releases and product samples to technology bloggers and journalists, encouraging them to review and share their experiences with the smartphone. One influential technology blogger, impressed by the phone's innovative features, writes a glowing review on their blog, praising its performance, design, and functionality. The review gets shared on social media platforms and even picked up by other media outlets, resulting in additional coverage and discussions among tech enthusiasts.


In this example, the smartphone company earned media exposure through the blogger's review and the subsequent social sharing and discussions. The positive coverage from a trusted third-party source contributes to the smartphone's increased brand awareness, credibility, and potential for more sales.


Earned media marketing relies on creating remarkable products, providing exceptional customer experiences, and fostering strong relationships with media influencers to encourage them to talk about and share the brand's offerings organically.