A quick question: Have you ever felt like the world is moving at the speed of light? With all the digital innovation and advancement, even a few seconds can make a huge difference. You might be surprised to hear this, but it holds in the world presentations as well. In fact, the paucity of time and exponentially advancing technology has somehow led us to a crossroads where you can work extra hard but still somehow find it difficult to match pace with the changing market trends, or you can make the most of the technology at hand to work smartly and stay ahead of the curve. Well, the choice is yours! As emphasized earlier, every second counts, so you’ve got to make the decision quickly. 


Decided? Great! 


Now, if you’ve decided to be a part of the “work smart” team, then we’ve got something exclusive for you! Imagine your once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity knocks on the door, and all you need to do is create an impactful presentation and present it the next day. While as exciting as it might sound, the level of anxiety, stress, and headache would obviously be unmatched. This is where the combination of your decision to work smartly and our innovative online PPT maker saves the day (or probably the long, sleepless night)! 


Our top-of-the-line AI presentation generator will help you create the highest-quality, impactful PPT presentations in just a few minutes. You read it right! SlideTeam’s online PPT maker is the most advanced AI that is trained on a range of content and designs to ensure that you can create a presentation that is perfect for your needs. Now you no longer need to juggle between the color scheme, font size, relevant images, or even research because our AI presentation generator has you covered!


You need only get a cup of coffee and follow a few simple steps shared in the blog below. 


Are you ready? Let’s begin!


Quick Steps to Use SlideTeam AI Presentation Generator


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Step 1: Select the Right Online PPT Maker

While there are a variety of options floating in the market, it’s important to invest your time and money in a reliable, trusted tool. If you need some help selecting, our online PPT maker is highly recommended. It is the most advanced AI presentation generator capable of creating stunning, best-in-class PPT presentations in minutes. 


Once you’ve decided to use SlideTeam’s online PPT maker, follow these steps. 


Step 2: Go to the Home Page and Select AI Presentation Generator

Start by opening your preferred web browser and visit SlideTeam’s home page. Then, look for AI tools and select the AI presentation generator option. Excited? This is the first step toward creating your very own presentation. A word of caution: Make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid interruptions (and frustration) during the process.


Step 3: Click "Create Presentation"

Once you've reached the AI presentation generator page, your screen should look something like this:


SlideTeam AI Presentation Generator


Now proceed by clicking the "Create a Presentation Now" button. This step will result in a pop-up asking for a login.


Step 3: Sign Up/Login with Gmail, Facebook, or Email

To translate your imaginary presentation into something real and digital, all you need to do is “Sign Up or Login.” You can do so using your Gmail, Facebook ID, or a conventional email account. Choose the option that is most convenient for you. 


Step 4: Provide Input to Create the Presentation

Once you’re through step 3, endless opportunities await! To create your presentation, enter a relevant title along with the main objective and intended audience for the presentation. Be as specific and detailed as possible. It will enable our online PPT maker to tailor the presentation to meet your needs. For example, the title of your PPT presentation can be "Digital Marketing Strategies." The outline can include “strategies to guide employees on how to increase brand awareness among customers,” “best SEO practices to drive website traffic”, “tips to boost social media engagement,” etc. 


Step 5: Select the Number of Slides

Now, choose the number of slides you want in your presentation. Our online PPT maker offers you three options to make the decision process easier. The options include brief (1-10 slides), expanded (11-20 slides), and detailed (20-35 slides). Based on your requirements, you can consider the length of your presentation and the amount of content you need to cover. If you're unsure, you can start with a rough estimate and adjust later. After selecting the desired number of slides, click "Generate" to proceed.


Step 6: Review the Table of Contents

The online PPT maker will generate a Table of Contents (TOC) based on the information you provided in the previous two steps. This gives you an overview of your presentation's structure and helps you visualize the flow of your presentation. Review the TOC carefully to ensure it covers all the key points that you want to address. You can make the necessary adjustments right here, as our advanced online PPT maker guarantees the flexibility to customize your presentation. You can edit the headings of the slides, reorder them, and even add or delete any slides when required. This feature helps ensure that your presentation is curated as per your liking and specific needs.


Well, you’re almost there!


Step 7: Click on "Next" to Continue

Once you're satisfied with the Table of Contents and slide order, click the "Next" button. This action will instruct the AI tool to start generating your slides based on your input. In the meantime, a pop-up enlisting the standout qualities of SlideTeam’s AI presentation generator will appear. It states the following four things:


  • You will be able to download and edit it in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.
  • It will contain as much real-world content as possible.
  • You can edit/add/delete any text, element, shape, or image to suit your requirements.
  • Content and images can be used for personal or commercial purposes.


Once you’ve read these things, click “Continue” and Voila!


AI-Generated Presentation is Ready!


These slides are designed to look as realistic and professional as possible, providing a high-quality outcome. The online PPT maker tool leverages advanced algorithms to ensure that each slide is visually appealing and well-organized, saving you a significant amount of time and energy.

NOTE: If you’re satisfied with the AI-generated presentation's color, theme, and content, you can skip Steps 8 and 9.


Step 8: Edit Colors and Themes

As you walk through the presentation, you can easily adjust and personalize it by editing the color scheme and theme. Our online PPT maker allows you to change the current color palette as well as the text color to make sure the PPT presentation totally reflects YOU and your creativity! Our tool provides a range of options for color schemes to choose from. Choose a color scheme that matches your brand or the tone of your presentation. Once you’ve finalized the color palette, select the “Change All” option to proceed. And if you’re looking for something more than just a color change, then you can opt for the “Edit Theme” feature. You can pick the theme that aligns with the agenda of your presentation and proceed with the “Regenerate” button.


But wait! What if you don’t like the content? Don’t worry! Our online PPT maker will take of this as well.


Step 9: Customize Slide Content

If you’re not satisfied with the content presented in the slide, you can easily change it by going ahead with the “Regenerate Content” option. A warning sign pops up to let you know that the existing content will be overwritten by the new one. Click “ Yes Proceed,” and it’s done. The online PPT maker will generate fresh content for the slide. This step allows you to curate the presentation to your specific audience and objectives.


Step 10: Download the PPT

Once you are happy with your presentation, you can download it in PPT by clicking the “Download this presentation” button at the top-right corner of the screen. You can also download and edit the presentation in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote. 


That was easy, right? Now you are ready to explore the tool right here!


With our advanced online PPT maker, you can easily and efficiently create a professional, high-quality presentation!


Before We Bid Adieu


So, when you find yourself racing against the clock or striving for an extra edge in your presentation, give our advanced online PPT maker a try! It will help you turn that last-minute rush and anxiety into memorable moments of triumph.