One successful marketing strategy can transform a brand into a household name. Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign inspires athletes through emotional storytelling and influential athlete endorsements. It uses TV, print, social media, and sponsorships to create a strong brand identity. The campaign's lasting impact contributes to the company’s dominance in the footwear and sports apparel industry.

Creating a successful marketing campaign requires everyone on the team to be on the same wavelength. This is possible when they follow the same guide. We are, of course, talking about a Marketing Strategies Playbook.


Guide to Advertising: Marketing Strategies Playbook Templates


This guide will lay down, explain, and delegate all roles and responsibilities needed to complete a successful marketing campaign. Our PowerPoint Templates are content-ready and 100% editable to help you save time & energy and provide the flexibility to create a presentation and guide suited to your project/business/industry.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides


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Let’s look at these PowerPoint Templates and showcase the slides integrated into the bundle!


Template 1: Sales Performance Highlights


Compile and present standout moments in your sales department’s work with this PPT Slide. It comprises net sales by business segment, geographic region, and market maturity. Use this PPT Presentation to present a visual representation that will grab and keep the attention of the audience. Download it now.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 2: Sales Meeting Plan for Motivation


It is important to check in regularly with the team, not just to get updates but hear them out. Use this PPT Theme to execute a successful meeting plan with steps, such as essential research, building agenda, and discovery phase. Use this PPT Template to keep the sales team motivated enough to reach the goals of a successful marketing campaign. Download it now.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 3: Product Positioning and Messaging


How you represent your products and services is critical to success. Use this PPT Preset to determine the image of your products that customers imagine in their minds. It includes the value proposition, positioning statement, elevator pitch, and more. Download this template to brainstorm and execute your brand image.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 4: Ideal Customer Profile for Lead Generation


It is important to know your customers before you pitch a product to them. Create the buyer persona that best represents your clientele to better understand how to direct your efforts in marketing. Download this template from the link below to understand who you are selling to. This will help you realize optimum value from product or solution rendered.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 5: MEDDIC Sales Methodology


MEDDIC allows you to qualify your clients and close deals in a much higher proportion, with better precision. It includes Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and Champion. Each step in the methodology has a few tasks within it to ensure the work is completed properly. Download it now.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 6: SNAP Methodology


This PPT Slide presents sales strategy to ensure salespersons are progressing well. It includes the steps named, ‘keep it simple,’ ‘be invaluable,’ ‘always align,’ and ‘raise priorities.’ These steps use tasks such as sales plan initiatives, aligning beliefs, and more to upskill the sales professionals and help and by extension, the company, to its full potential. Download it now.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 7: Managing Selling Systems


Manage your sales routes using this PPT Preset and keep everyone up-to-date. This contains multi-channel selling initiatives, sales enablement tools, marketing operations, and solution selling platforms. The hourglass figure visually presents the avenues to support this. These may include call centre agents, retail associates, business partners et al. Download it now.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 8: Effective Communication


It is impossible to be successful without proper communication. Use this PPT Presentation to communicate the weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates for many sales teams simultaneously. Download it now to ensure that communication is not hampered at any point in the process.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 9: Effective Sales Workforce and Incentive Plan


This tabular PPT Slide presents the management of the salespeople and incentives to encourage better results. Showcase the current situation and expectations, as well as rewards for the employee levels to communicate the incentive plan properly. Download it now. Use this template to also highlight a workforce incentive plan to keep everything going smoothly.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Template 10: Sales Management Activities Tracking Dashboard


A dashboard is an excellent tool to gather information and present it concisely. Use this PPT Dashboard to deliver the results of the sales management activities such as month-over-month growth, forecasts, sales activity by each sales rep, and more. Download it now to deliver information quickly and easily.


Marketing strategies playbook powerpoint presentation slides




Marketing the ‘Marketing Strategies Playbook’


Your business-customer dynamic will significantly improve when your marketing campaign clicks with your audience. It will bring you more clients and endear you to your current customers even more. Use our Marketing Strategies Playbook Templates to create that successful campaign.


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FAQs on Marketing Strategies Playbook


How do you write a marketing playbook?


To write a marketing playbook, define your target audience and goals. Conduct market research to identify key insights and competitive landscape. Develop a positioning statement and messaging framework. Outline specific marketing tactics and channels to reach your audience. Define metrics for measuring success and create a timeline for implementation. Document the playbook in a clear and actionable format.


What is a strategy playbook?


A strategy playbook is a comprehensive document that outlines the strategic approach and tactics for achieving a specific goal. It provides a structured framework for decision-making, guiding teams on how to execute the strategy effectively. It includes key information such as objectives, target audience, market analysis, competitive analysis, tactics, metrics, and implementation timelines.


What are the seven steps of marketing strategy?


The seven steps of marketing strategy are:


1) Define your goals and objectives

2) Conduct market research and analysis

3) Identify your target audience,

4) Develop a positioning strategy,

5) Determine your marketing tactics and channels

6) Set a budget and allocate resources

7) Create a measurement and evaluation plan.


What are the five main marketing strategies?


The five main marketing strategies are:


1) Product differentiation: Focusing on unique features or benefits

2) Price-based strategies: Offering competitive pricing or discounts

3) Target market segmentation: Tailoring marketing efforts to specific customer segments

4) Relationship marketing: Building long-term customer relationships and

5) Integrated marketing communications: Using multiple channels to deliver consistent messaging.


What is a marketing playbook?


A marketing playbook is a comprehensive guide that outlines the strategies, tactics, and best practices for marketing a product, service, or brand. It provides a framework for executing marketing campaigns and ensures consistency across marketing activities. It includes information on the target audience, positioning, messaging, marketing channels, budget allocation, and performance metrics.


What is a playbook structure?


Playbook structure refers to the organization and format of a marketing playbook. It includes sections such as executive summary, market analysis, target audience, positioning, messaging, marketing tactics, budget, implementation timeline, and measurement plan. The structure should be clear and intuitive, allowing marketing teams to easily navigate and access the information needed to execute their strategy.