“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller, American author and activist. 


In spirit of Keller’s quote, a lot of organizations pay attention to volunteerism and non-profit work. This helps organizations impact society and improve their workforce efficacy. A CNN report indicates that 96% of companies have found that volunteer employees are better engaged than those who don't. Similarly, 94% of volunteers reported improved people skills and teamwork after participating in volunteer programs.   


Hence, it is no surprise that organizations across the globe are engaging volunteers through multiple recruitment strategies. But the job is easier said than done, right? This is where our well-designed templates prove helpful. These content-ready and 100% editable templates can help organizations simplify their recruitment process. These templates offer a structured roadmap for cultivating a vibrant community that takes your cause ahead. 


These Volunteer Hiring Strategy templates ensure that your organization attracts the right candidates, builds a sense of belonging and goal amongst your volunteers, and amplifies their zeal to work. These templates focus on strategic hiring, Volunteer Orientation, And Engagement, along with a well-crafted Volunteer Recruitment Timeline. 


Imagine the potential of your non-profit program when equipped with tools that appeal visually and are powered by research and professional insight. This collection of templates offers a spectrum of resources to meet your needs. Let's take a look at them one by one.


Template #1: Volunteer Recruitment Plan PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles

Finding the right people for the right cause is quite a challenge. Even more challenging is to streamline the process and help recruiters with their tasks. That's where this Volunteer Hiring Strategy template comes into play. Designed with perfection and many visual elements, this PPT Template covers multiple elements of the recruitment procedure like the entire recruitment plan, step-by-step procedures, creation of recruitment forms, and strategies to target the right audience. 


If you are a corporate group looking for volunteers for your CSR activities, this template has got you covered, too! It covers strategies that volunteers can adopt to improve their corporate philanthropy, recognize corporate partners, and more. The template also covers other elements, like meticulous approach to selecting a volunteer using existing market channels and building a positive market position. Along with the volunteer appreciation and recruitment plans for the young audience, this Volunteer Hiring Strategy template is a complete solution for your recruitment needs. Download it today and kick-start your volunteer work. 


Volunteer Recruitment Plan


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Template #2: Recruitment Plan Checklist for Volunteer Engagement 

Recruiting the right volunteers is the key makes or breaks your volunteer task. As it's important to ensure every tick-box is checked to find the right people, having a comprehensive document that can be helpful is a great advantage. This PPT Template offers you that advantage. This slide covers multiple tasks that should be completed while recruiting a volunteer. The user can check on Yes and No, giving a clear glimpse of whether the recruitment plan was followed or not. Key areas such as reviewing marketing channels, evaluating the sales process for membership, and analyzing customer support during application and induction highlight the template's attention to recruitment and post-recruitment activities. 


Recruitment plan checklist for volunteer engagement


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Template #3: Social Media Plan for Volunteer Recruitment

Social media is a great platform where you can find like-minded individuals who are eager to participate in your cause. But you need to have a structured strategy to move ahead and find the right people. That's where this PPT Template helps. This slide covers social media plan for volunteer recruitment. It categorizes the process into multiple popular social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and more. You can add your activity list beside this platform, which can help you attract more people. For example, you can run Instagram ads to address a wider audience, leverage LinkedIn to connect with corporates, and more. In short, this template depicts your entire social media plan for volunteer recruitment. 


Social media plan for volunteer recruitment


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Template #4: Challenges and Solutions of Volunteer Recruitment Plan 

Volunteer recruitment is one of the most challenging tasks for organizations. Reason? Well, you must find people that don't work for any monetary compensation! And this is just the beginning. The challenge continues even after recruiting the volunteers. This template provides a comprehensive solution to this problem. It classifies challenges, solutions, and actions into a simple, tabular format and cuts the time needed to manage the volunteers. Whether it's about tackling the challenge of limited resources, volunteer retention, or the reliability of volunteers, this template has it covered. 


Challenges and solutions of volunteer recruitment plan


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Template #5: Timeline for Volunteer Recruitment Plan

If your recruitment plan is good but incomplete, it won't yield the desired results. So, to help you manage your Volunteer Recruitment Timeline, our experts have prepared this comprehensive Volunteer Recruitment Timeline template. This template segregates the entire period, from day 1 of the recruitment process to the final onboarding day, into 5 phases. During weeks 1 and 2, you screen the application forms and their qualification; during weeks 3 and 4, you conduct one-on-one sessions to understand them better; on weeks 4 and 5, you analyze your candidate's skills, performance, and knowledge, and between weeks 7 and 8, you finalize whether your applicants meet your needs. The final phase includes onboarding and other formalities. The aim is to ensure you never miss a deadline!


Timeline for effective volunteer recruitment plan


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Template #6: Volunteer Recruitment Plan Dashboard to Track Performance

Organizations need to monitor that their volunteer recruitment programs are moving ahead on time. How about this clutter-free, visually appealing, and simple dashboard template that engagingly presents critical information? This template provides details of the current hiring pipelines and breaks down the recruitment stages for positions from lead to offer. The leadership can pinpoint at what stage a volunteer is at their recruitment stage. The best part? The template contains a clear graphical representation of the recruitment cost in detail, along with the resources from where the volunteers are sourced. 


Volunteer recruitment plan dashboard to track performance


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Template #7: Cost Reduction Strategies Case Study How Glovo Conducted Volunteering Week Strategy

Planning and implementing a successful volunteer program is a challenge that a lot of organizations struggle with. This case study template can be useful in understanding how to accomplish such a successful program. Created simply and visually appealing, it highlights the key goal and "about" section with the proper context. The template also covers the challenges during the program and what the organization did to tackle them. Finally, it has a small section that showcases the outcome. You can download this template, alter the case study, edit the details, and use it to motivate your team. This will ensure your team is ready to take on the challenge and create a successful volunteer campaign. 


Case study How Glovo conducted volunteering week


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Template #8: Volunteer Recruitment Campaign Plan with Status

Volunteer recruitment needs a structured roadmap to succeed. This simple, clutter-free PPT Template can assist organizations struggling to maintain a hold on their volunteer recruitment process. It breaks down the recruitment strategy into manageable tasks, each assigned to specific groups to enhance process efficiency. The Volunteer Recruitment Campaign Plan template outlines several discussion topics relevant to volunteer recruitment, such as recruiting from the local community, defining volunteer opportunities within organizations, and generating creative ideas to attract new volunteers. For each topic, an actionable Hiring Plan Component is provided. Goals are clearly stated, and the template records the status of each action item. This indicates whether it's done or in progress and offers a real-time overview of the campaign's advancement. 


Volunteer recruitment campaign plan with status


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Template #9: Year in Review Showing Employee Volunteerism and Product Sold

Some organizations regularly kick-start employee volunteerism programs every year. This template presents the achievements of such organizations in a visual and understandable format instead of boring data sets. It sheds light on the employee's volunteerism, notable changes in the business performance, sales rise, and organizational diversity. It also encapsulates the organization's global reach and impact on the people and the world. It's a perfect presentation to help leadership understand how employee volunteerism programs operate. 


Year In Review Showing Employee Volunteerism & Product…


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Template #10: Quarterly Community Involvement Employee Volunteer Program Roadmap

This template helps organizations visualize their community engagement and employee volunteerism strategies over a year. This template breaks down the entire journey into multiple quarters. Such a roadmap format clearly depicts the Hiring Plan Component and highlights key activities and milestones that the organization aims to achieve. Leadership can communicate the project goals, discuss activities involved, and keep the project on track with this template. The template focuses on employee volunteerism as a means of creating business value. This template is ideal for managers and team leads to present quarterly community involvement plans, track progress, and maintain clarity.


Quarterly Community Involvement Employee Volunteer Program Roadmap


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Recruiting volunteers for your organization and charity can transform its reputation and image. But you will need special attention and strategy to get the right people. These PPT Templates offer a toolkit to elevate volunteer recruitment and community involvement efforts. These tools ensure you get the job done with minimal effort and the best outcome.