Agreements and paperwork give legitimacy to the sprawling, vast realm of business. It's only through a binding contract that holds both parties in exchange to account that the wheels of most enterprises are allowed to keep turning.


If you're in the sales field, a commission agreement is one of the many tools for ensuring fair play, allowing you to bring third parties into the process to help sell your product. These agreements typically involve a lot of intricate detail and nitty-gritty that would scare even the most proficient business person. But rest assured, the online world helps you to cut through the clutter of this complex process, giving you access to a great library of templates that you can download and tweak to serve the needs of your business.


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One can employ many styles and approaches when designing a commission agreement. Some of them involve large, beefy text and minimalistic design, while others cut to the chase and lay out the crucial points of the matter. This blog will showcase five commission agreement templates you can use to your advantage, saving time and energy as you procure critical business agreements. These templates are all fully customizable, giving you the flexibility to alter them to fit the specificities of your business.


Template 1: Job Agreement Factors for Sales Commission Scheme

This template is brief in design, hosting the core aspects of an agreement tending to the sales commission. It employs a structured six-stage process, with the following subheadings: commission plan, authorization, non-compete condition, non-disclosure agreement, documentation and agreement. Get this pre-designed PowerPoint slide and tailor a formal contract for your sales partner.


Job Agreement Factors for Sales Commission Scheme


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Template 2: One-Pager for Insurance Broker Commission Agreement Form Presentation Report

Use the template in question when striking a deal with an insurance broker. The slide comprehensively covers all aspects of the agreement and clarifies the details. List the product, the type of action, the business owner's name and the authorized party's details when drafting the agreement. Also integrated into small pockets within the slide are the date, signature spots for both parties, brokerage name, address, phone number, email, and more.


1 Page for Insurance Broker Commission Agreement Form


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Template 3: Employee Commission Agreement One Pager Presentation Report

Equip yourself with a professional-looking template that serves as an employment agreement. The slide in question has been formatted with all the necessary details of the robust agreement, incorporating the date, company name, city name, etc. The contract terms are presented at the top of the slide, followed by sections outlining the performance of duties, compensation and benefits, commission payments, timeframe and the compliance requirements for the employee. Get this template and add the finishing touches for your employee commission agreement.


Employee Commission Agreement One Pager


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Template 4: One-pager for Sales Broker Commission Agreement Contract Presentation Report

This template has been rendered with all of the necessary content for a well-tendered contract broker agreement and can be further modified to suit your needs. Distilled into the contract are all of the vital features of the deal, including the name of the company, the name of the broker, the date, the terms of the agreement, and more.


One Pager for Sales Broker Commission Agreement Contract


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Template 5: General Commission Agreement One Pager Presentation Report

Save time and hassle by using this template when drafting a commission agreement. The slide has been laid out in an easy-to-digest manner, segregated into brief sub-sections that display the critical points of the contract. Insert the agent name, address, company name and other details into the top section of the slide. Then draft out other crucial ingredients such as the background, product details, terms, sales territory, commission agreement and payment structure, contract terms, and termination details.


General Commission Agreement One Pager


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Template 6: Real Estate Broker Commission Agreement Presentation Report

Retain the services of your real estate broker with the aid of this rendered commission agreement. Work through the vital components of the deal in a systematic and structured manner, outlining the client address, property details, commission agreement, commission amount, special commission agreement, etc. Also woven into the text are spaces for other essential information, such as the broker's name and the date.


Real Estate Broker Commission Agreement


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Template 7: Rental Commission Agreement One Pager Presentation Report

This pre-designed template is for you if you want to rent property as part of a business agreement. Save time by downloading this template and applying the brief alterations needed, adding the agent name, home address, email, commission split, transaction fee sale, transaction fee rental, monthly fee etc. Underscore the agreement to pay commission at the bottom of the page, and incorporate the details of the new leases along with the payment of commission clause.


Rental Commission Agreement One Pager


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Running a business is time-consuming and stressful on its own. It helps immensely to save time and resources, allocating them to the more vital parts of the whole situation. Download our pre-designed templates and amend them as you need, creating professional, well-tendered commission agreements that help you get the job done without hassle.



FAQs on Commission Agreement Template


What is a commission agreement?


At the fundamental level, a commission agreement is a contract bridging an employer and an employee in which you pay the through commission. Such an agreement underlines the terms of the employment, allowing both parties to have a balanced share of the engagement. The understanding is essential as it defines the nature of the working relationship and the more minor details. Some terms incorporated into such an agreement generally include expected employment, commission percentage, etc.


Why is a commission agreement important?


Successful businesses create promising avenues for profit through lasting relationships with reliable clients who optimize sales. A professionally drafted, sound commission agreement helps to facilitate this process, expanding business opportunities for both parties in this exchange. The commission agreement is instrumental to the proceedings as it outlines when, how and at what rate you will compensate an employee. The deal is also crucial as the company sets the terms of the work agreement, enabling them to restrict the employee's activities if and when necessary. Typically used when more than one entities are participating in a business transaction, such as the sale of a specific product, such an agreement can help to outline just how much all parties in the engagement get from the process and the methods of payment as well.


How to write a commission agreement?


The structure and layout of a commission agreement typically vary from one business operation to another. However, there are some universally applicable attributes these templates share that must be adhered to at all times. Here are some common steps to follow when drafting a commission agreement:


  • Step 1 – Outline the activities and processes entitled to the commission pay
  • Step 2 – Establish a consistent rate of commission
  • Step 3 – Locate any identifiable bonuses that go along with the compensation
  • Step 4 – Lay out and underline the process for termination
  • Step 5 – If necessary, include a clause for confidentiality or a non-disclosure agreement.


What are the types of commission?


  1. Revenue Commission: This most-commonly used commission is a percentage of a single sales' revenue.
  2. Gross margin commission: This incorporates the profit involved with each transaction, the price of each sale, and the extra costs attached to it.
  3. Tiered commission: This commission intends to drive salespeople to exceed specific sales thresholds sustainably. For instance, a five percent commission on a product surpasses a hundred dollars in total sales.
  4. Draw against commission: This is a specified amount that acts as a guarantee against every sales commission, functioning along the lines of a loan or an advance.