Let's admit it – each of us gets nervousness when joining a new workplace or looking to start a new job. In the modern business environment, this happens a lot, and is a pain point for businesses wanting top-class performance from employees as quickly as possible on joining.


A cost-effective and wonderful way to ensure employees get comfortable, as soon as possible, and performing is the orientation plan of your company or business. In its essence, orientation is the process and the system you devise to acquaint new hires with their roles, coworkers, and company. As every organization is unique and has its work settings and procedures, it benefits both the new hire and the company to assist them in becoming acclimated to the way of doing things.


A well-designed and thoughtful new hire orientation can facilitate your new hires’ success and assist them in their transition into their work roles. Organizations need to come up with everything a new hire needs to know and provide it to them within the first few days of their employment.


Not all new hires come with implicit knowledge. Though it may seem trivial to us, the knowledge we have gained over time on the job may be crucial to a new hire.


Orientation. is intended to assist new hires in integrating into the company's culture and acclimating to the work environment. Checklists for orientation help streamline the initial days of work for new hires and guarantee a positive experience.


With an onboarding checklist, integrating new hires into your company can be expedited. This can assist you in making sure that every step of the onboarding process is carried out correctly, resulting in the new hire feeling at home and at ease in their workplace.


You can swiftly onboard new staff by customizing the checklist using our templates to meet your needs. Check out our onboarding checklist templates.


Download these powerful PPT Templates, which are 100% editable and customizable, and will help your company attract and retain top personnel while promoting a healthy workplace culture.


Looking to draft an employee checklist for new hires? Check out some of our latest new employee checklist templates. Click here!


Let’s explore these templates now:


Template 1 – Employee Orientation Checklist Covering Department Items and Review 

Ensure new hires receive appropriate knowledge about the workforce with the help of orientation and training programs that enable them to understand their expected tasks. To create an accessible and easy process, we have designed our employee orientation checklist template that provides a summary of the department items and other necessary areas. Acknowledge the need to introduce employee work instruments and resources with this template.


Employee Orientation Checklist Covering Departments…


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Template 2 – New Employee Orientation Schedule Checklist 

Create a compelling checklist for new employees, easing your management process. Collectively decide the right amount of time allotted to each activity or session, avoiding needless delays or hurried sessions. Keep the onboarding procedure uniform. Whichever person is leading the orientation, this new employee orientation template is a guide to ensure that items are listed, from equipment to training programs. The checklist synchronizes the orientation procedure with the aims and objectives of the organization. Ensure new hires have a good experience, structure, and consistency. Talk about the dress code, standard, professional behavior, point of sale harassment security system, etc.


New Employee Orientation Schedule Checklist


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Template 3 – Checklist for New Employee Orientation Plan 

Use this PPT Template to depict the administrative support needed for employee acknowledgment, consent forms, regulations, procedures, etc. Draft a company policy stating its overview introduction to the office, and assistance in workstation setup. Give the new hire a detailed rundown of work duties, expectations, and critical performance metrics. This is a readily customizable PowerPoint Presentation that is available right now. Get it now and persuade users to have it as part of their employee induction set-up.


Checklist for New Employee Orientation Plan


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Template 4 – Restaurant Management System Food Safety Checklist employee orientation

This PPT Template summarizes central restaurant policies, including dress code, attendance requirements, and expected behavior. Encourage team members to make introductions and allow the new hire to get to know their coworkers. Emphasize the keeping of correct records, such as temperature logs, cleaning schedules, and employee training records. Promote employees' cross-training to improve their abilities and build a more adaptable workforce. Set regular meetings for discussions on priority matters.


Food Safety Checklist – Employee Orientation


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Template 5 – Onboarding Checklist for Practical Orientation of New Employees’ Talents Management 

This PPT Template covers onboarding components and is called an Onboarding Checklist Template. It covers expectations, KPIs, and the new joinee’s roles and responsibilities, as well as the company's goods and services. It also includes workspace setup, team preparation, icebreaker activities, and follow-up events like lunches on the first day. Establishing coordination with other departments, training, orientation programs, their status, and notes using this slide. It helps ensure that your new employees have completed required onboarding procedures. Get this for a smooth and steady orientation process.


Onboarding checklist for effective orientation of new employees


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Template 6 – Orientation Plan Checklist for Practical Employee Experience

Establish a positive, effective, and comprehensive orientation plan checklist for gauging the experience of your employees in your business. Download this slide to state the roles and responsibilities of employees, working hours, department policies, and workstation setup procedures while incorporating the need for icebreaker activities to ensure coordination and harmony among team members. Use this slide to ensure an efficient and happy staff orientation; it also has the elements of regular feedback, communication, and assistance.


Orientation Plan Checklist for Effective Employee Experience


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Template 7 Checklist for Implementing New Staff Orientation

Developing a checklist for implementing a new employee orientation is essential to guarantee that the onboarding process is comprehensive and efficient. State your general company introduction, list the parameters or fundamentals, welcome new staff, introduce basics, and regulate the compilation of complete paperwork. Keep a note of descriptions and status accordingly. Find options for continued training and support your professional growth. You can even alter the template based on industry and role's requirements.


Checklist for implementing new staff orientation


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Construct roadmap for new hires


Help your employees get a clear idea about the hiring process and organization structure with the help of these professional templates. Get your hand on these template to easily customize as per your audience profile and demand. Construct a roadmap for new hires by introducing them to informed beginnings and success ahead.