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Presenting Training Deck on Metaverse Technologies. This presentation deck contains 74 well-researched and uniquely designed slides. These slides are 100 percent made in PowerPoint and are compatible with all screen types and monitors. They also support Google Slides. Premium Customer Support available. Suitable for use by managers, employees, and organizations. These slides are easily customizable. You can edit the color, text, icon, and font size to suit your requirements.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 4

This slide depicts metaverse-enabled technologies, which are sure to make a material difference to our lives. The technologies are AR, VR, MR or XR, Blockchain, Haptic Suits, Neurotech, and AR Lenses.

Slide 5

This slide depicts information regarding augmented reality (AR) in metaverse. It emphasizes that AR technology allows virtual objects to be integrated into the physical world. It even augments information by incorporating immersive elements into objects. AR does not require users to use ad hoc wearables to benefit from its utility.

Slide 6

This slide depicts information regarding VR in metaverse. It states that virtual reality (VR) is a wholly-simulated experience in a digital, artificial world. It provides sensory experiences on a par with the user's physical reality. VR entails immersing oneself in a 3D virtual environment created with 3D computer modeling.

Slide 7

This slide depicts information on Mixed Reality (MR). It adds that MR is the merging of the natural and virtual worlds to create new environments in which physical and digital objects interact and co-exist in real-time. The ability of synthetic and real-world content to react in real-time to each other is a critical feature of MR.

Slide 8

This slide provides information on Extended Reality in metaverse. It mentions that XR encompasses all real-and-virtual collaborative environments and human-machine interactions that computer technology and wearables enable. The XR technology encompasses all of its descriptors, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). 

Slide 10

This slide depicts information about blockchain in metaverse. Blockchain is a digital ledger containing a growing list of records (or blocks) linked together using cryptography techniques. It also emphasizes that blockchain technology, which is the foundation of these virtual worlds, provides immutable proof of ownership. For example, if a large amount of LAND were purchased in Decentraland, metaverse would provide evidence of ownership in the form of NFTs, which the blockchain would attest to.

Slide 11

This slide illustrates information about Haptic Suit in metaverse. It highlights that a haptic suit (a haptic vest, tactile suit, or gaming suit) is a wearable device that gives the body haptic feedback. Haptic technology uses various mechanisms to simulate the sensation of touch. It also mentions that to sense the world and replicate the experiences in Virtual Reality (VR). Tactile senses are a critical component to feeling fully immersed. This is why Haptic technology for VR is being developed.

Slide 12

This slide depicts information about Neurotech in metaverse. It emphasizes that Neurotech is a technology that can completely replicate a virtual environment using brain signals without using a user interface as an intermediary. It also states that Neurohaptics of the future will send signals directly to the brain, bypassing physical sensory inputs (eyes, hands, nose, body, mouth, ears). Advanced Neurohaptics VR will enable users to transport their consciousness to any location they desire by providing brain experiences that are identical to the real thing.

Slide 13

This slide illustrates information about AR Lenses in metaverse. It emphasizes that Augmented Reality (AR) could soon be integrated into your contact lenses. The lenses would provide critical information about our surroundings without the need for glasses or a bulky headset. It also mentions that in the not-too-distant future, AR contact lenses could assist us in navigating the metaverse.

Slide 14

This slide illustrates the key takeaways from the session metaverse technologies.

Slide 15

This slide mentions various questions for discussion on the topic metaverse technologies.

Slide 28 to 43

These slides depict energizer activities to engage the audience of the training session.

Slide 44 to 71

These slides contain a training proposal covering what the company providing corporate training can accomplish for the client.

Slide 72 to 74

These slides include a training evaluation form for instructor, content and course assessment.

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