Starting a holding company is like beginning a new business, and it needs a careful plan to succeed. Just like structuring for any business, a holding company also needs a good plan that talks about its goals and the steps to reach them. This plan considers what the company does, how it makes money, and the type of customer it wants to reach.


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What is business plan?


A holding company business plan offers an overview of your business status and outlines the strategy for growth in the next five years. It clarifies your goals and approach to achieving them, incorporating market research to support your plans.


Why do you need a holding company business plan template?


Having a good strategy for your holding company is akin to putting a roadmap in place. It helps your company reach its goals, keeps track of progress, and attracts people who want to invest in or partner with your company because they can see its potential and understand it can multiply their money for them.


For example, MetLife, Inc. the holding company, strategically uses its business plan to navigate the business world.


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A well-thought-out plan is necessary if you're starting a new holding company. Let's make it easier for you with a 100% customizable template to help you create a complete plan for growing and succeeding in your holding company.


Let's get started!


Template 1 One-Pager Holding Company Business Plan Presentation Report Infographic

This strategically crafted template attracts investors by highlighting key aspects of the business plan. It outlines company objectives, including the number of businesses and subsidiary industries, such as retail, real estate, banking, telecommunications, and healthcare. The operational plan covers geographical presence, employee count, and key departments to broaden investor appeal. The template includes sections on pricing, competitor analysis (featuring companies A and B), and a Target Market section specifying the subsidiaries' markets. The marketing plan emphasizes strategies via official company websites and social media.


Additionally, the template showcases management figures to build investor trust. It integrates a financial projection, including an income statement and a five-year profit and loss, presented through a vertical bar graph. Overall, this template serves as a powerful tool for investor attraction. Download now to seize the opportunity!


One Pager Holding Company Business Plan


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Planning for a Successful Tomorrow


Making a business plan for your holding company is more than just a task; it's a meaningful thing with big rewards. If you use the template we gave, you won't just know about your business — you'll become an expert. This plan makes sure you get your industry, competition, and customers. It helps you make a brilliant marketing plan and understand what it takes to start and grow a successful holding company.


If you follow the template above, you will indeed be an expert. It isn't just the end of making a plan; it's the start of a journey where your well-made business plan guides your holding company to success in a challenging market.


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