With almost 810,256 confirmed cases in the U.S. and 2.5 million confirmed cases across the globe, the Coronavirus pandemic has turned out to be a threat for every individual. No corner of the world can claim to be safe from the COVID-19 outbreak that has now infected lakhs of people.


When the entire world has come to a halt amidst these lockdown, curfews, and quarantine, there is still a little hope in our minds that this threat shall be defeated. Though at this time there is no specific medication or treatment to cure the disease, but still some preventions and safety measures can help you stay safe and conquer the fear.


To provide a clear picture of the story of this global pandemic, our researchers have compiled all facts and data in the below creatively designed COVID-19 PowerPoint presentation. Download this editable Coronavirus PPT to stay informed, spread the awareness, and assess the impact on business and economy.


Corona Virus


Cover Slide of Coronavirus

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To know more about the origin, cases and the history of this disease, let’s dive deep into it.


Overview of Coronavirus Disease


Overview of Coronavirus

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Let us have an overview of the pandemic COVID-19 where:


CO stands for Corona, VI stands for Virus, D stands for Disease and 19 is the year 2019 in which this pandemic was identified.

It first showed its symptoms in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

The disease is common by the name 2019 Novel Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV. It belongs to the family of viruses that generally cause illness in animals and humans.

It enters into the human body and causes respiratory issues such as common cold, cough and breathing problems.


Detailed Structure of Coronavirus


Detailed Structure of Coronavirus

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Let’s have a look at the detailed structure of Coronavirus


  • Nucleocapsid Protein (N) – The coronavirus nucleocapsid is a multifunctional structural protein which interacts with viral membrane and forms complexes with genomic RNA.
  • Spike Protein (S) - The coronavirus spikes protein which is a molecular machine mediated coronavirus entry into the host cells.
  • Envelope Protein(E) - The envelope protein in this multifunctional molecule interacts with M to form a viral envelope.
  • Membrane Protein (M) - It is the central organizer of the CoV assembly that determines the shape of a viral envelope. 

Symptoms of COVID-19


Symptoms of Coronavirus

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Now, let us talk about the symptoms of COVID-19 disease.


A person suffering from coronavirus will initially show symptoms like dry cough, fever, shortness of breath and tiredness. Some of the other symptoms that a person may notice are pains, diarrhoea, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, etc.


Some of the key facts related to symptoms that everyone should consider are:


  • The symptoms of this disease are mild in nature and they increase gradually.
  • There are chances that people get infected and do not show any symptoms for 14 days.
  • Approximately 75% of the people get recovered from the disease without ay special treatment.


People who need medical attention are:


  • Older people who cannot recover easily if they suffer from this disease
  • People who are suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, etc.


COVID-19 Spread in Humans


COVID-19 Spread in Humans

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This is to make you aware of how COVID-19 spreads in humans.


  • COVID-19 spreads from people to people
  • Droplets of infected fluid from the nose and mouth of infected person lands on objects and surfaces when the person coughs or exhales or talk.
  • People touch contaminated surfaces or objects and then touch eyes or mouth
  • Transmission can take place through physical contact with the infected person.


Comparison of Coronavirus with other Similar Virus


Comparison of Coronavirus with Other Viruses

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Let’s conduct a comparative analysis of coronavirus with other viruses.


  • The incubation period of this disease is 2-14 days with a maximum of 24 days whereas in the case of other diseases the incubation period is usually 2-14 days with a maximum of 21 days that too in a very rare case of Ebola Virus.
  • The death rate in the case of this virus is quite low (1%- 3.4%) as compared to the other viruses which can be (10%, 30% and 50%) depending upon the type of virus. Only in the case of seasonal flu, there are very fewer chances of a person getting deceased.
  • The infection rate in corona virus-infected person is 1.5-3.5 which is higher than the infection rate of other diseases.


Latest Insights Related to COVID-19


Latest Insights Related to Coronavirus

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Talking about the latest insights of COVID-19:


The total number of confirmed cases reported around the world so far are more than 800,000. There were 30, 982 deaths in more than 193 countries and territories.

The United States had more than 114,837 cases.


These figures represent only the fraction of a number of cases as the tests are carried out only on suspected cases.


Essential Supplies for Health Responders


Essential Supplies for Health Responders

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The requirement of essential supplies for health responders across the globe are as follows:


  • 89 million Masks
  • 30 million Gowns
  • 59 million Goggles
  • 76 million Gloves
  • 9 million Litres Hand Sanitizer


The Spread of Coronavirus in Asia, Europe and the United States


Spread of COVID-19 in Asia, Europe and US

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Let us have a look at how coronavirus is spreading in Asia, Europe and United States.


Asia – There has been significant reduction reported in the cases from China & South Korea.

Europe – Incremental cases are rigorously monitored in European countries for the upcoming period to determine the effectiveness of social distancing.

United States – The growth rate of cases is 10,000 per day.


COVID-19 Spread Timeline (1)


COVID-19 Spread Timeline

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Above shown is the timeline presenting the spread of coronavirus.


Dec 8: First patient was identified with coronavirus symptoms in Wuhan

Dec 31: Chinese authorities informed WHO regarding pneumonia cases in Wuhan city, China with known cause.

Jan 1:  Official closure of Huanan seafood market in Wuhan.

Jan 11: On this date, new virus COVID-19 was identified.

Jan 13: First death in China was reported.

Jan 23: First case was reported outside China in Thailand.

Jan 29: 6000 new cases were reported with death toll rises to 132.


COVID-19 Spread Timeline (2)


COVID-19 Spread Timeline (2)

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The timeline continues:


Feb 2: On this day first death was reported outside China in Thailand.

Feb 7: Chinese doctors Li Wenliang &Whistleblower died.

Feb 11: WHO named this virus COVID-19

Feb 14: Africa’s first case was reported in Egypt.


COVID-19 Outbreak in US Timeline


COVID-19 Outbreak in US Timeline

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Talking about COVID-19 outbreak in US timeline


Jan 21: A man who returned from Wuhan, China to Washington was found positive with Coronavirus disease.

Jan 29: US Government evacuated 195 State Department Employees from Wuhan along with their families and other US citizens to March Air Reserve in California and kept under quarantine for 14 days.

Feb 5-6: More than 500 people were quarantined at three air bases.

Feb 26: First case of community transmission was confirmed in California.

March 20: Till this date, there were 19000 confirmed cases with 249 deaths in the US.


Impact of COVID-19 on Economy and Business


Impact of Coronavirus on Economy and Business

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Have a look at the impact of COVID-19 on economy and business


  • Impact on Production                                                                                                                                                                                                  There was an adverse effect on Chinese production and slowdown in Chinese leads affected Chinese exporters.
  • Market Supply and Chain Disruption                                                                                                                                                                              The firms relying on China for sales had to face profitability issues.                                                                                                                          Small and Medium-sized firm faced greater difficulties in surviving the disruption.                                                                                                  Businesses dealing in travel & tourism faced losses that are not recoverable.
  • Financial Impacts on Firms                                                                                                                                                                                        There are chances that traders might not anticipate the firms with high vulnerability resulting in high risk in the financial market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Financial Sector


Impact of Coronavirus on Financial Sector

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Let’s have a look on the impact of Corona Virus in Financial Sector


It has been observed that COVID-19 is adversely impacting financial markets.


Most international firms are sustaining in the bear market territory with decline of at least 20% from last year.

  • S&P 500 fall by 7% resulting in trading suspension.
  • Investors have shifted to safe assets such as US treasury bonds that has resulted in low yields. This leads to lower borrowing costs for us Government.
  • Low-interest rates will not benefit private firms and they will find financial markets to be risk-averse to lend credit in such conditions.
  • The economic impact of COVID outbreaks results in:

Debt sustainability concerns, especially in highly intended countries.


Stock Market Crash Timeline 2020


Stock Market Crash Timeline 2020

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This PPT template will make you understand the trends of the stock market in this outbreak:


  • Global stock has fallen 25% during crash with 30% in most G20 nations.
  • Countries in G7 & G20 are declared to be in bear markets.
  • Unemployment rate rises by 9%.


Impact of COVID-19 on US Economy


Impact of COVID-19 on US Economy

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Let’s consider the impact of this pandemic on U.S. Economy.


This PowerPoint template provides detail about the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the US economy. It covers the information about the role of Federal Reserve and Fiscal Policy in curbing COVID-19.


US faces economic disruption in March that will continue through Q2 2020. Some of the most common issues faced are:

  • Supply chain issues with the reduction in demand.
  • Fall in equity prices reduce household wealth leading to slow down in the US economy.
  • Travel bans leading to billion dollars revenue drop in the airline industry.

Hope this guide is of great help for you and your business. Download the slides now and make people aware of every vital information they need to know using these templates.


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