Valentines Day PowerPoint Stock Images, Presentation Templates and PPT Graphics

Valentine's Day Powerpoint StockPhoto Images, Illustrations, Graphics and Icons in PNG and JPG format. St. Valentine epitomizes love. Hence this day is associated with romance. Lovers greet one another and exchange gifts. Promises are re-iterated. Fresh commitments are made. Overall an auspicious day in our lives. It is celebrated universally. Heartfelt good wishes are bestowed on people. It has evolved to signify a day of love in general. It has begun to include all near and dear ones. The original motivation for St. Valentine was to bring joy and love into the lives of Christian soldiers. They were forbidden from marriage by their rulers. Christians in general were a persecuted lot. He worked tirelessly to give them faith and hope. He preached the lesson of love. Hence it is no surprise that it has become his legacy. One that brings a lot of happiness even today. Our love powerpoint templates are a wonderful vehicle for upholding this excellent tradition. They themselves have been created with a lot of passion. Their designs are bound to evoke positive feelings. They contain all the symbols that signify love and romance. A wide array of valentines day images that portray Cupid indulging in his well known antics. As also ones that depict roses of all colors. Unlock hearts with the help of our clipart. Give folks the key to finding joy and romance. Establish a love that will endure for a long time. It is the very basis of human evolution. Create the correct atmosphere for it with our valentines graphics. The day is also associated, in some ways, with the advent of spring. It is a season when, as they say, " Love is in the air ". The earth in everything in it gets re-energized. Make the day a memorable one for all your followers with our Valentines day images.