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Experience an altogether new and unique gallery of Funnel graphics for ppt. Funnel ppt graphics symbolically assists to portray percentage of a particular process input with respect to process output. Hence, professionals can apply these PowerPoint slides as metaphor to exactly portray downfall occurring in a specific process or system. Adequate spotlight can be casted on the constantly declining ratio or proportions of sales or profits figures in order to motivate employees to diligently go for the targets. In addition, symbolically demonstrate bottlenecks in the operational processes by incorporating these ppt slides in PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, our ppt designs prove handy to portray ideas like sales trends, tendency of satisfied customers, web visitor’s swings and many more. Our funnel PowerPoint templates prove beneficial for scientist or researches to illustrate and discuss their research out comings at various stages. Greatest advantage of working with our presentation templates is that pictorial representation of abstruse facts and figures provides a clear understandable picture to audience. Even a novice can easily perform editing of our ppt themes to fit their specific style. Get on! Effortlessly turn your ideas into reality with just a few clicks. And a whole lot of original funnel PowerPoint presentation themes are waiting to be explored. Likewise all our galleries we have also provided few free funnel ppt themes on our portal.


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  1. 0914 Multicolor Funnel Graphic For Sales Process Stock Photo
    0914 Multicolor Funnel Graphic For Sales Process Stock Photo

    We are proud to present our 0914 multicolor funnel graphic for sales process stock photo. This image is in .jpg format and is available in size 2500x2000. This image displays multicolor disks in funnel shape. This image may be used in business, finance, sale and marketing presentations. This image slide will help you reach your target audience in an appropriate way.

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