Halloween PowerPoint Stock Photos, Presentation Photos and PPT Templates

Halloween Powerpoint StockPhoto Images, Illustrations, Graphics and Icons in PNG and JPG format. Trick or treat is the name of the game. Kids going from door to door. Playing pranks on folks around. Wearing costumes meant to scare. Receiving gifts and candies from folks in the neighborhood. All borne with equanimity and good cheer all around. This is generally the image of Halloween in most minds. Lit pumpkins flitting around in the dark. This is also what actually takes place. Halloween is a time of fun particularly for children. Elders are generally at the receiving end. A time of merriment for all involved. A festival looked forward to in all neighborhoods. A time also to display a bit of generosity. A time to connect with the children growing up around. Our Halloween stock photos are a great aid for building up the mood. Creating the correct environment for festivities. Generating a feeling of bonhomie all around. Our Halloween graphics are designed to add to the gaiety. They are also designed to remind folks of the tradition behind Halloween. Remind them of it's origins. It is a short form for hallowed evening. A day to remember hallowed souls. Folks who were instrumental in adding goodness to our lives. Folks who were faithful believers and servants of the Lord. Use our Halloween clipart to revive and rekindle memories of these people. Encourage folks to express their gratitude in some form. Use our Halloween graphics to help raise funds for charity. To create events in honor of those gone by. Urge folks to bow their heads in prayer. Employ our Halloween stock photos to focus their minds on the Lord. To ask Him to grant redemption to all good souls.


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  1. 0914_halloween_pumpkin_on_white_background_image_graphic_stock_photo_Slide01
    0914 Halloween Pumpkin On White Background Image Graphic Stock Photo

    We are proud to present our 0914 halloween pumpkin on white background image graphic stock photo. This image is in .jpg format and is available in size 2000x1700. This Power Point template has been crafted with graphic of pumpkin. In this image, we have used festive theme for pumpkin festival. This image has been designed for Halloween festival.

  2. 0914_pumpkins_with_chrysanthemum_beautiful_thanks_giving_image_stock_photo_Slide01
    0914 Pumpkins With Chrysanthemum Beautiful Thanks Giving Image Stock Photo

    We are proud to present our 0914 pumpkins with chrysanthemum beautiful thanks giving image stock photo. This image is in .jpg format and is available in size 1024x768. On this tanks giving event use our exclusive image collection for your presentations. This image contains the graphic of yellow pumpkin with Halloween theme. This beautiful image will add colors in your presentations.

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