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Five Techniques to Upscale your CX Strategy Framework (With Best PowerPoint Templates)

Five Techniques to Upscale your CX Strategy Framework (With Best PowerPoint Templates)

Gunjan Gupta

April 19, 2021

2011 marked the beginning of the #ShareACoke campaign. It started in Australia but rolled out in 80 markets worldwide, bringing in a series of reiterations and a whopping 150 million personalized Cola bottle sales. This turned an otherwise ordinary soft drink consumption ratio into a personalized experience that we as customers are still nurturing to date! 


With the machine age in full throttle and intense competition among the brands, companies need to orchestrate a distinctive customer-centric makeover. And so, almost all the high-pitch brands recognize the importance of awesome customer experience (CX) with the list as diverse as marketing giants Amazon, Walt Disney, US Air Force, and many more ruling the ground troops. 


From operations shifting from a small studio to exotic B2B-like interfaces, every start-up-turned-unicorn is essentially attuned to the value of catering their businesses to a customer-driven marketplace. This has further evolved and influenced brand perception and the interaction between the business and customer. 


In fact, in 2017, a body of research concluded that 86% of buyers were willing to pay more for a good customer experience. This led to 62% of companies considering customer experience as a key differentiator for becoming a pioneering brand.


This is perhaps why CX has become the new functioning frontier for long-term loyalty, high value of the services, and empathy generator. 


In this guide, we will present a well-sculpted explanation of the basics and the intermediaries of CX strategy and a few latest PowerPoint template designs - so that you have everything you require to start building and delivering exceptional services that your customers will cherish for a lifetime! 


What is customer experience (CX) strategy?


You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology, not the other way around. - Steve Jobs


CX strategy is the way of improving upon the customer experience by making use of broadened methodologies and techniques that respond to your business outlook. It basically helps in capturing and retaining the hearts and minds of the customers, using different tactics, just like Coke did with its #ShareACoke campaign. 


Another great example is Hershey’s Happygram launch, which ran in Manila. In this, the brand responded with Happygrams to the tweets that expressed frustration and unhappiness towards the product. Not only did this help the brand in conquering the hearts of the customers but also resulted in earning 92,000 impressions on Twitter and Facebook. So, Happygramming it is! 


Tools and Techniques  


Since the importance of CX strategies goes up and beyond, here are 5 techniques with some handy PowerPoint templates to expand your basket size and catch all the falling eggs. These techniques will also help in mapping and aligning your team to customer pain points for actionable results on your business growth and expansion! 



  • Brainstorm 


Indulge in brainstorming sessions with your marketing team to figure out the difficulties of your customers. This can be done using surveys, social media sentiment analysis, and other methods. Once the truth about customer pain points is uncovered, you can come up with strategic goals and solutions to meet them. 


For example, if your customers are facing issues with live chatbots, then resorting to phone queries is not a good option, because of its financial supremacy. Therefore, think of long-term solutions rather than settling for short-term gains. 


This far-sighted approach adopted by Amazon made way for Prime products that addressed a plethora of customer issues such as delayed shipment, price sensitivity, and many more. 


Here are two PowerPoint templates that you can utilize to put together a good brainstorming session: 

Template 1

Leverage this template to elevate your customer experience. It presents an overview of various tools and techniques that can be used to improve the customer experience. It is also a well-structured template with editable features. Therefore, grab it now! 


Creating The Best Customer Experience CX Strategy

Download Creating The Best Customer Experience CX Strategy Complete Decks

Template 2

This is another CX strategy template with a set of 42 slides. Each slide presents a different topic that can be infused with your personal information for a unique presentation every time. 


Multichannel Retailing For Creating A Seamless Customer Experience Complete Deck

Download Multichannel Retailing For Creating A Seamless Customer Experience Complete Deck



  • Let AI run your course


A CX strategy dominated by AI and automation can help in creating dramatic shifts in the perception of the customers, leading to faster and improved growth prospects. This is especially true when chatbots are used as they can save up to 30% of customer support costs, along with speeding the overall response time. Therefore, using AI knowledge is the best solution to handle petty customer issues. 


You can provide the best experience to the customers by utilizing both AI prospects and agent handling for complex queries and feedback. 

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Here are two PowerPoint templates to guide you on automation and customer-handling endeavors:

Template 1

This is a complete deck defining and presenting an entire outline of AI and how to incorporate it into any business and industry. Any individual looking for providing a quick glance at automated activities to the viewers can download and use this template. 


Introduction To Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

Download Introduction To Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Improve digital engagement with this complete deck that is available for immediate download. It contains a set of 69 slides that you can alter and adjust as per your desire. Therefore, grab it now! 


Enhancement Of Customer Digital Engagement On Online Platform PowerPoint Presentation

Download Enhancement Of Customer Digital Engagement On Online Platform PowerPoint Presentation Slides




  • Create buyer personas


The key to growing your brand in the market is by displaying a good understanding of your customers. If you understand your customers well, you have a greater chance of turning their interests and perception in your brand’s favor. This is why 71% of companies rely on creating buyer personas to exceed their revenue and understanding of the customers. 


Crafting buyer persona’s also help in personalizing large-scale marketing campaigns. Thus mapping the customer journey to determine all the touchpoints, moments, and channels, the customers interact and develop relationships with the brand help in enhancing their overall experience. 


Explore these two PowerPoint templates that will help you map your customer journey like an expert and not a novice: 


Template 1

Get to know your audience and improve your marketing efforts with this buyer persona template. This template is created by experts, that you can use to deliver a content-rich and convincing pitch. You can use it to craft an ideal customer profile and weigh their interests simultaneously. 


Interactive Buyer Persona PowerPoint Presentation

Download Interactive Buyer Persona PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

You can use this template to create and deliver presentations on smarter CX strategies. It features editable components that you can alter as deemed fit. 


Consumer Experience Mapping PowerPoint Presentation

Download Consumer Experience Mapping PowerPoint Presentation



  • Embrace analytical data and stats 


When experimenting with a new CX strategy, you need a generous amount of information about your success and achievements. This will help in finding what works for your organization and what doesn’t, thus suggesting improvements and new tactics wherever necessary. The best way to do that is by following the path of analytics and numbers because numbers never deceive nor lie!  


This can be done by getting a data generating and handling team on board, who uses multiple KPIs to make judgments. Get a baseline reading of all the necessary KPIs like sales revenue, customer acquisition, customer attrition or churn rate, NPS, etc. 


Take a look at these two inviting templates that are supported with enough analytical data to help you enhance your CX strategy: 

Template 1 

You can use this template to craft a meticulous buyer persona PPT, that you can share across different channels. You can also use it as a monitoring tool to further enhance the customer experience and make them your loyal prospects. 


Building The CX Strategy For Your Business PowerPoint Presentation

Download Building The CX Strategy For Your Business PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

This is also a well-structured template that entrepreneurs can use to map their customer journey. This helps in better navigation and creation of products and services that address the pain points of the customers for maximum effect. 


Customer Journey Mapping For Organization PowerPoint Presentation

Download Customer Journey Mapping For Organization PowerPoint Presentation



  • Define, refine, and redefine the USP of your product 


Word of mouth is a very powerful way of advertising a brand and accounts for almost $6 trillion spendings by customers across the globe. To encourage this sort of promotional endeavor, you can create strategies focused on the brand’s USP, to deliver what nobody else can. This gives a competitive advantage to the brand by being more personalized, responsive, and compatible. 


Here are two meritorious PowerPoint decks to help you highlight the USP of your brand, thereby enhancing your customer baseline: 

Template 1

This is a great template for customer support services as it provides sufficient information on customer feedback about the brand. This helps in addressing pain points and creating services that conform to the needs of the customers. Therefore, download this customer mapping template now. 


Customer Experience Mapping PowerPoint Presentation

Download Customer Experience Mapping PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Create a handy customer experience presentation design using this multi-functional PowerPoint template. It features a content-rich layout that you can alter to fit your needs and requirements. 


Customer Experience Strategy PPT

Download Customer Experience Strategy PPT


To conclude 


CX design is quite oblivious in nature. But with a solid idea of what you are trying to build and how to build it, the process becomes far easier to implement. This guide and the corresponding PowerPoint templates can help you navigate the basic steps and a few techniques for devising a great strategy. The end result will not only keep your customers’ needs satisfied but also save you from jeopardizing your profitability. Remember, the perfect CX strategy does exist, provided you indulge in continual improvement with the changing business needs!  


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