Decorate your photos with frames and make them look much better. Add those gorgeous photos of friends and family and capture them beautifully in one of the great photo frames that you are going to create yourself. Follow these simple steps to create the perfect Polaroid photo frame for showcasing your photographs in PowerPoint.


The final effect:

Polaroid Picture Frame PowerPoint Tutorial


Steps to Create Polaroid Photo Frame in PowerPoint


Step 1: Create the basic frame


1. Create 2 rectangles of different size and place one inside the other as shown in the image below. To do this click on INSERT – SHAPES – RECTANGLES and select the first option. You can also use the other rectangles to get different effects.

Select and draw two rectangles


2. Once the rectangles have been drawn, Right Click- FILL the larger one with white color. Choose the outline color for the bigger rectangle as grey. For the smaller rectangle choose the outline color as the same grey and fill the figure with gray as well to get an image that looks like the one on right in the image below.

Format the rectangles using Format Shape


3. Select both rectangles and group them together. To do so select both rectangles and Right Click - GROUP - GROUP.

Group the 2 rectangles


4. Create 2 more copies of the shape and place them next to each other like shown in the image. Don’t worry about the rectangle moving outside the canvas.

Make 2 more copies of the frame


Step 2: Create the Stack


1. Right click on the shape in the center and click BRING TO FRONT-BRING TO FRONT.

Bring the frame in center to front


2. Rotate the two corner shapes towards the shape in center. Rotate them slightly to ensure that the image does not look untidy and lose the effect.

Rotate the corner picture frames


3. Drag the two corner shapes and stack them below the image in the center. Make sure only the edges are visible to get the desired effect. Here's how the polaroid frame now looks:

Stacked Polaroid Picture Frame


Step 3 (Optional): Create the Push type paper clip



1. Select and draw the OVAL shape using tool from the Shapes Note: While drawing keep the SHIFT key pressed to ensure an even shape.

Use the oval shape to draw a circle


2. Select the figure, right click and format to SHAPE FILL with a strong color such as Red. Select black color for the SHAPE OUTLINE option.

Draw a small red circle with black outline


3. To give a visual effect, select the figure and go to the FORMAT tab - SHAPE EFFECTS - BEVEL – CIRCLE.

Give the circle a bevel effect


4. Also add the shadow effect to make it look more real. To do so go to SHAPE EFFECTS – SHADOW – OFFSET BOTTOM. To give a better effect change the shadow transparency to 0%.

Add the Offset Bottom Shadow


5. Drag the pin to a point where all the three photos overlap each other to create the illusion that the pin is holding the photographs together.

Place the pin the center of the top frame


6. Resize the pin as required.

Your Stacked Polaroid Picture Frame is Ready!


You can replace the black/grey fill with a picture of your choice and create the perfect Polaroid Frame stacked on top of each other to give a more realistic feel.


Note- Try different frame styles to see which one works the best! 


Highlight your images with this awesome frame


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