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Top 10 PPT  Templates to Create a Professional Accomplishment List

Top 10 PPT  Templates to Create a Professional Accomplishment List

Ashish Singla

Ashish Singla

January 14 2022

“I’m the best manager the company has ever seen. Before I got here, no one had an action plan for their task at hand.” Boastful remarks like this make listeners cringe. 


People with a self-publicizing attitude aren’t usually revered. Most people favor and look up to modest and humble leaders who stray from gloating. The choice of words, therefore, defines the status quo of your demeanor.


Adding accomplishment lists into your resume and presentation is the perfect way to enumerate your skills and achievements. They’re an effective way to communicate your skills and professional competencies to employers, making you job-ready. 


Sharing your success is legitimate as long as you do it with humility and authenticity. It also demands practice and patience. Here are seven tips that you can incorporate into your professional life to maintain the right balance between confidence and humility. 


  1. Emphasize your hard work
  2. Avoid disparaging remarks about your colleagues
  3. Give credit when it’s due
  4. Always stick to facts and self-disclosure 
  5. Steer away from humble-brag
  6. Keep the conversation qualifier free
  7. Practice gratitude


Tooting your own horn just because you want to gain respect and admiration is not a sustainable tactic. 


So how can you own your success without sounding too egoistic? Of course, with an Accomplishment List! 


So let SlideTeam take the lead from here with its professional accomplishment list templates that can help you feel empowered and worthy of your success. The PowerPoint presentations are vetted, keeping the moral compass at the forefront of the research. Additionally, every template can be customized as per your needs, so that you’ll feel less awkward while talking about your greatness.


Scroll down to select and download the design that resonates the most with you. 


Template 1:  List of Accomplishments Presentation


Don't let your resume speak for you; show your potential employers what you've accomplished! This presentation includes a comprehensive list of your achievements organized by year, as well as templates to help you showcase your skills and abilities.  So whether you're looking for your first job or are ready for a new challenge, this presentation will show off your accomplishments and prove that you're a perfect candidate.


List Of Accomplishments Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 2: Business Accomplishment List Presentation


Are you looking to document your business accomplishments in a visually appealing way? This presentation includes lists of achievements in various business areas to help you showcase your success. It's the perfect way to illustrate your company's goals. Download this PPT template to provide an informative and engaging way to showcase your business successes.


Business Accomplishment List


Download this template


Template 3: Professional Achievement List Presentation


This PowerPoint presentation includes a list of your accomplishments, as well as an update on your success curve and key enablers. Whether you're looking to achieve a new goal or prove you're a rising star, this PPT template will get the job done. Start making your mark today by downloading the presentation.


List of Achievements PPT Template


Download this template


Template 4: Business Accomplishments And Hurdles Presentation 


This deck is perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to track their progress and share their achievements. The slides are easy to update so that you can design a trendy presentation year-over-year. The detailed information on the successes and failures will help motivate and inspire others. So don't hesitate — invest in this presentation now!


Business Hurdles Presentataion


Download this template


Template 5: Key Business Accomplishments Presentation 


The presentation is a must-have for a business looking to track and showcase its success. This deck consists of eighteen slides that outline your company's success story. This presentation includes yearly updates and key enablers to improve your overall business strategy. Plus, with its polished and professional design, you can be sure that this presentation will make an impact.


Key Business Accomplishments Powerpoint Presentation


Download this template


Template 6: Organizational Accomplishments Presentation 


This deck is perfect for professionals who want to share their company's achievements and accomplishments clearly and concisely. With seventeen slides, this deck covers everything from the year's highlights to the critical enablers of success. Whether you're looking to share your success story with others or use it as a motivating tool for goal achievement, this presentation is sure to help you stand out from the competition.


Organizational Accomplishments Powerpoint Presentation


Download this template


Template 7: Professional Accomplishments And Challenges Presentation


This presentation is a credible way to display your company's achievements and track record over the years. This deck comes with thirteen slides detailing everything from your company overview to challenges and accomplishments. The road to goal achievement section helps map out how you plan to achieve your future goals. Plus, the graphs and charts will help underscore your impressive business acumen.


Professional Accomplishments And Challenges Powerpoint Presentation


Download this template


Template 8: Type of Accomplishments Presentation


This template is perfect for anyone who wants to summarize their accomplishments or contributions. Whether you're looking to create a presentation for your portfolio or want to share your organization's achievements, this template has everything you need. With easy-to-edit slides, you can quickly create a presentation that impresses your boss and future employers.


List Of Accomplishments Type Presentation


Download this template


Template 9: Business Portfolio With List of Accomplishments


Make your business stand out from the competition with this one-of-a-kind business portfolio! This template consists of a company profile, organization achievements, mission statements, certifications, a list of accomplishments, success stories, testimonials, and references. Download this PowerPoint slide to showcase your business performance. Don't miss out on this must-have for any serious entrepreneur!


Business Portfolio With List of Accomplishments


Download this template


Template 10: New Product Sales Key Accomplishments Presentation


Looking to make a great impression when presenting your success story? This template is perfect for showcasing your key accomplishments in a visually appealing and persuasive way. You can easily highlight sales numbers, features, or any other notable achievement related to your new product. This single slide theme will help you make an impact.


New Product Sales Accomplishments List Presentation


Download this template


Over To You


When you take ownership of your success, sharing your achievements to prove your mettle will not feel like an obligation to you. In fact, you will talk about your performance professionally and productively. The accomplishment list template shared above offers great help in recognizing individual and team accomplishments keeping the company core values and ethics in synergy.


P.S: Explore these editable leadership templates to gain a deeper insight into the never-ending quest for self-improvement. 

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