Action plans help measure and attain your goals, especially if these are well-designed and comprehensive. Goals can be business-related, or they could be personal. However, creating and using a dedicated action plan to achieve these is a must, and makes the process more efficient.


Action plans may be comprehensive with lots of detail, depending on the goals and resources. It also depends on the project type, and its complexity.


To resolve this major pain point of having content ready templates that resonate and improve your efficiency, SlideTeam has curated action plan tempates that can help achieve organizational and personal objectives in no time.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates allows you to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s explore.


Template 1 Action Plan PowerPoint Template Bundles

The Action Plan PowerPoint Template Bundle is a collection of over 10 templates that suggest strategic action plans. It also outlines critical components of an effective action plan and lays down the principles for creating it in line with the strategy adopted. With this template, you can implement action plans to achieve your business goals and for other purposes, such as risk management, employee engagement, and development.


Action Plan


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Template 2 - Marketing action plan PowerPoint presentation slides

The marketing action plan template comprises insights on creating a niche for your products and services. Enterprises can use this marketing action plan template to build their brand and offer products and services of value to customers. They can also use the template as a powerful communication tool and ensure long-term growth and success. PESTEL and SWOT analysis are two major selling points that the slide offers. 'PESTEL' stands for Politics, Economics, Society, Technology, Environment, and Legislation and is an evaluation technique based on these factors. Similarly, SWOT analysis, or the evaluation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, is another primary tool the template offers. The PPT Template also includes graphical and tabular representations of global market potential, market survey insights, and market opportunity analysis.


Marketing Action Plan


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Template 3 - Sale Action Plan Planning Arrow Proposal Advertisement Development Analysis Evaluation

Here's another template with everything you need to create a sales and advertising action plan. Use the six-step sales action plan with contact and delivery to develop a comprehensive plan. Also included is a 10-step effective sales action plan to propose projects to your customers. You can also use the 30-60-90-day sales action plan feature to implement your plans in chunks of 30 days. Use this template to identify your top customers, build your teams, advertise, expand your network, and develop sales plans. The template includes a market history and competition analysis for sales action plans. Record your sales, study market trends, set revenue goals, and improve your sales action plans with the aid of this PPT Template.


Sale Action Plan


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Template 4  Marketing and business development action plan PPT Presentation slides

Marketing and business development action plans can be crucial for businesses. This PPT Template includes marketing and business development aspects, including a brief overview of the business and its current situation, new marketing strategies and analysis, and market trends and insights. The slide also offers business development strategies, sales forecasts, and performance metrics. This template also covers risk analysis, training schedules, and a budget for all your marketing activities.


Marketing and Business Development Action Plan


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Template 5 - Developing Strategic Employee Engagement Action Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The strategic employee engagement action plan has an agenda for developing a strategic employee engagement action plan. Use this PPT to identify the organization’s current issues and requirements, drafting an employee engagement action plan, and executing advanced strategies to get more engagement. Besides this, you can also define success metrics and measure your employee engagement action plans with the help of this template. The slide also presents a six-steps employee engagement plan, including analyzing the industry, and the current scenario, defining steps to develop the action plan and implementing strategies to improve workplace employee engagement. You can also evaluate the impact of your employee engagement strategies, monitor their performance, and suggest improvements.


Developing Strategic Employee Engagement Action Plan


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Template 6 Successful Employee Engagement Action Planning PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The presentation, Successful Employee Engagement Action Planning, helps you develop and implement an employee engagement action plan. An agenda and steps for developing and implementing a successful employee engagement action plan are crucial elements of this slide.


When implementing an employee engagement plan, you must analyze the industry and the current scenario. Once you have analyzed the industry and market trends and designed the steps for implementing an employee engagement plan, use this template to improve employee engagement and evaluate the impact of your action plans. After that, you can monitor how your employee engagement action plans are doing using performance indicators.


Successful Employee Engagement Action Planning


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Template 7 Action Plan for Starting Business Proposal PPT Presentation Slides

As an action plan for developing a business proposal, this template has all features required for creating your business proposal. It starts with a cover letter format using which you can draft your business proposal letter. The slide also lets you state the project context and objectives, the process for executing the project, investments, and a brief overview of the company. Use this template to also mention your experience and a statement of work and contract to show your credibility.


Action Plan for Starting Business Proposal


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Template 8 Leadership Action Plan PPT Template Bundles

The leadership action plan PowerPoint Template Bundle consists of many leadership action plans. Some leadership action plans in this bundle include the action plan for leadership development checklist, leadership assessment matrix for development action plan, leadership SWOT analysis for action plan development, and action plans for employee leadership development. Use this template to showcase your expertise in a few major leadership action development plans. The templates also provides an action plan to improve leadership skills, a scorecard to assess how effective your leadership action plans are, and types of leadership development through action plans. This PPT Template provides how you learn how to hone your employees’ skill to make them leaders in your organization.


Leadership Action Plan


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Template 9 Performance Action Plan PPT Template Bundles

A performance action plan is a bundled collection of performance action plans and their measurement using key metrics. The template comprises performance action plans for each industry and sector, including manufacturing and customer service. You also get steps for developing employee and remote worker performance action plans and the outcomes of performance improvement action plans as a bonus. The template also provides tools for comparing performance action plans. These tools are available in a matrix format, and you can each tool to its features. Checklists for tracking the performance of your action plans, techniques to measure and improve the effectiveness of performance action plans, and technologies to enhance performance action plans are among the other critical features of this template.


Performance Action Plan


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Template 10 Employee Action Plan PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles

Employee action plans are a bundle of action plan templates across categories of employees. The template includes an employee engagement action plan and strategic action plans for sales and HR. 30-60-90-day employee action plans, employee onboarding, training action plans, employee health, and safety improvement action plans, and effective employee action plan for performance improvement are included.


Employee Action Plan


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Leverage Action Plans and Handle Projects Like a Pro


Action plans are the backbone of your projects. They work like a checklist, helping you track each task and stage. Action plans are your master checklist, where you can source each job and drive them towards completion. They can also act as a reference checklist for your teams.


FAQs on Action Plan


What is an action plan example?


Action plans help achieve the organization’s short- and long-term goals by laying down necessary steps. For example, the action plan for launching a new product could include collecting and analyzing data from reliable sources, creating the resources required for the campaign, and coordinating the launch. Following this action plan can lead to a successful product launch campaign.


What are the five steps of an action plan?


The five-step action plan process has the following elements associated with it.


  1. Identify the goals to achieve.
  2. Lay down the steps to achieve those goals.
  3. Implement those steps.
  4. Reflect on the progress through evaluation and analysis.
  5. Adjust the plans.


What are the four critical elements of an action plan?


  1. Set SMART goals.
  2. Identify tasks and allocate resources.
  3. Prioritize tasks by setting deadlines and milestones.
  4. Monitor action plans and revise these.