Netflix switched its enterprise software management provider from Oracle and IBM to Amazon Web Service (AWS) in 2010. Its expanding user base, at around 232.5 million, necessitated this move. The all-too-sporadic and ad-hoc construction and operation of data centers also contributed to the decision.


The switch to AWS allowed it to deploy hundreds of servers and terabytes of storage. This reduced costs and increased flexibility.

While specific names are of not of concern to this blog, the idea is to underline the critical importance of enterprise software in ensuring business ease and enhanced productivity.


Enterprise Software: Easily automate multiple procedures and tasks to add value to your business operations.

Enterprise Software is also referred to as Enterprise Application Software (EAS). This software handles most functions inherent in a corporate context. Some examples include contact center software, business information, enterprise communication, inventory management, marketing tools, online payments, and enterprise resource planning.


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Template 1: Global Statistics about Enterprise Software /Applications PPT

Enterprise application software improves an organization’s performance, from people to goods and consumers. Use this PPT Template to present insights on end-user enterprises, which focus on digitalizing their business strategy. This PPT emphasizes market segmentation, key players, and drivers. Use this presentation to explore the effects of integrating enterprise software into business to increase efficiency and adaptability. Get it now!


Global Statistics about Enterprise Software /Applications PPT

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Template 2: Challenges of Enterprise Software/ Applications

Software development is a crucial business need based on technological advancements or economic challenges. Use this PPT Slide to discuss the challenges and benefits of creating a strong and secure enterprise application development system. This presentation template addresses the use of software applications for CIOs, business owners, and developers. Use this presentation to assess the requirements of your business, make it simple to connect new software designs with other organizational systems, and guarantee a higher return on investment. Download now!


Challenges of Enterprise Software/ Applications

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Template 3: Software Phases Overview with Milestones Template

Setting the right software design project milestones ensures success. Use this PPT Template to present an overview of the software and application development phases and critical milestones to enable timely application delivery. We also cover software application phases from conception to deployment, independent of the development lifecycle stage. Assess the project's progress and identify any barriers and document these in this hands-on tool. Set appropriate software project milestones, and improve your chances of success with this download. Save it now!


Software Phases Overview with Milestones Template

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Template 4: Critical Considerations for Business Unit Template

Enterprise application software enables firms to empower teams to work across functions and responsibilities. Use this PPT Template to highlight crucial business unit variables for maximizing the value of your new software architecture system. This template draws up a comparison table of software applications for web design, mobile devices, hybrid solutions, and natively built-solutions. Use this presentation to implement or upgrade a new software solution to assist your company in using data better, encourage better inventory practices, or simplify the payroll process. Download now!


Critical Considerations for Business Unit Template

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Template 5: Software/Application Concept Phase Milestone Template

Use this PPT Template to elaborate on the concept phase milestones of the software development lifecycle. This system architecture tool will assist you in being accountable, on track, and on time. Use this presentation to comprehend the objectives and scope of work by digging deep into details. It comprises kick-off meetings, use-case design, lifecycle management tools, user stories, system architecture acceptance, and so on to assist the team in comprehending project structure. Get the presentation template now!


Software/Application Concept Phase Milestone Template

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Template 6: Identify Technology Requirements and Dependencies Template

Software dependencies are critical in modern software development. Use this PPT Template to define technical requirements and insights into enterprise application software dependencies. This will enable faster delivery and lower cycle times by detecting and monitoring dependencies. Use this presentation to talk about the technology, hardware, software, resources, and people involved in software development. Get it now!


Identify Technology Requirements and Dependencies Template

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Template 7: Software/Applications Develop Phase Template

The application development process enables a team to create software solutions based on design decisions. Use this PPT Template to go through the software development plan. This system architecture component comprises developer toolkits based on the development platform, packaged built applications for testing, and a checklist to meet goals and results established during the software requirements phase. Get it now!


Software/Applications Develop Phase Template

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Template 8: Software/Applications Test Phase Template

Use this PPT Template to evaluate software applications’ quality and functionality. It provides a well-defined structure for software development organizations to fulfill high-quality software standards. It covers the sequence of operations during software testing, such as finalizing test conditions, identifying groups for test case distribution, monitoring and evaluating outcomes, and a checklist. Use this presentation to find defects early on, and save development time. Get it now!


Software/Applications Test Phase Template

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Template 9: Software/Applications Deploy Phase

Use this PPT Template to design enterprise application software procedures that enable faster and frequent deployment of software application updates. This template contains stages such as test result dissemination, license provision, soft launch, release, and a checklist to ensure all apps in your organization's environment run successfully. Use this presentation to track what needs to be done next, ensuring that no crucial stages are missed. Get it now!


Software/Applications Deploy Phase

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Template 10: Software/Applications Maintenance Phase

Use this PPT Template to demonstrate adjustments and updates made after the delivery of a software application product. This template comprises upgrading the software, resolving flaws or problems, increasing performance, and more. Use this presentation to show software maintenance procedures and tactics for keeping any software running. Get it now!


Software/Applications Maintenance Phase

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Lifeblood of any enterprise

Enterprise software facilitates the generation, manipulation, safe storage, display, and enhancement of humungous volumes of complicated data, allowing businesses to make better decisions. Use SlideTeam’s PPT Templates to increase your company's and employees' overall efficiency and productivity by providing varied software capabilities to assist businesses in their daily operations on multiple levels.


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What is enterprise software?

Enterprise software, often known as enterprise application software, is computer software that businesses use to run, scale, and optimize their day-to-day operations and activities. These systems improve business and management reporting chores at a relatively high speed over a variety of networks. Enterprise software visualizes, manipulates, and executes business operations such as order processing, accounting, and customer relationship management.


What are the main types of enterprise software?

a) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

b) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

c) Supply Chain Management Systems (SCM)

d) Business Intelligence (BI)

e) Human Resource Management (HRM)


Each enterprise software solution focuses on a specific purpose and provides unique functionality. It forms the backbone of enterprises, allowing them to manage everyday operations with bespoke features and functionalities.


What is an example of enterprise software?

Adobe, a global computer software corporation based in the United States, is one of the most critical software system solutions companies. Their software offers cloud-based solutions that allow businesses to centralize and streamline their customer data and information from a single database to improve customer service and overall client connections.