Today, EVs or Electric Vehicles are the number one choice of personal transport for many people around the world. Besides the style statement that it assigns its user, people have switched from conventional vehicles to sustainable EVs due to increasing environmental consciousness that the world has developed. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also played a role in putting the spotlight on these environmentally-friendly, efficient, and easy to maintain EVs that everybody wants to own.




Therefore, as an EV manufacturer, distributor, or even a mechanic, it’s important to know about EVs in the market and the rapid evolution that this industry experiences everyday. An EV scorecard, for instance, indexes all available vehicles in the market and, thus, proves to be a valuable starting material for you to identify, innovate or derive insights about this form of transportation. 


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Competitors in the EV Industry can use an EV scorecard template to compare models, brands, and features. With this information, they can guide their own manufacture and development process. Added to this, market demands can be tallied, side by side, to help brands innovate the next best EV model.


Aside from the customer perspective, an EV scorecard shares insights on sales that a particular model has amassed over the years. Therefore as an automobile company, you can deduce the year-on-year growth rate and even forecast business sales. A detailed EV scorecard will also provide information about the country/region wise sales analysis. Business owners can explore the repair and maintenance comparison among different models so as to anticipate customer behaviors in advance. Potential buyers too can go through such EV scorecards to identify their most suited travel companion by narrowing down their choice of features.


To prepare such an informative and detailed account of electric vehicles in the market, we have selected our top-rates collection of EV Scorecard templates for you.

Check out this PPT Presentation featuring ten exclusive EV Scorecard templates to represent this information using Excel-linked graphs, charts, and diagrams. Insert accurate data regarding sales, demand, and profitability about Electric Vehicles in the market to make crucial investment decisons. Download now.


Template 1: EV Sales Scorecard PPT Template


Download this comprehensive deck on EV Sales scorecard to share analysis reports of how electric vehicles are faring in the market. Track their year-on-year growths, quarterly sales, and market share regions with this graphically-powered PPT Presentation. All graphs and charts embedded in the presentation slides are 100% editable and Excel-linked allowing you to present these meaningful statistics to your audience. Download now!



Template 2: EV Sales Scorecard with Year-over-Year Growth Rate


Use this EV sales scorecard template to share the year-over-year growth in EV sales. Edit this bar graph template to compare sales by adjusting the axis accordingly. You can also convert the amount to percentage to share a clear comparison in percentage sales that have evolved over the years. Download Now.


EV Sales Scorecard with Year Over Year Growth Rate


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Template 3: EV Model Comparative Analysis Sales Scorecard


With this PPT Chart, you can share a comparative analysis of EV models available in the market with sales as the base number. Use color-codes for years and compare up to 5 models with this bar-graph PPT Template. Identify which model has been the customer's ideal choice and which one could be forgotten in the coming years. Share such valuable insights by downloading this PPT Preset and help customers with their shopping of the best EV.


EV Models Comparative Analysis Sales Scorecard


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Template 4: EV Scorecard with Sales Forecast


This EV scorecard template shares an analysis of sales forecasts for a particular year based on data collected from the previous year. Share this analysis according to models, and determine the sales in number that companies can expect. In this way, identify the most profitable model, as well as the least lucrative one. Grab this intuitive PPT Design now!


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Electric Vehicle Scorecard with Sales Forecast


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Template 5: Quarterly Electric Vehicle Sales Scorecard


Here is a presentation design to share comparative analysis of quarterly sales of electric vehicles under question. Use color-coding methods to present proportions of sales for legendary EVs and perform a comparative analysis of quarters for two successive years as shown. Record the total sales in both years as shown. Download now.


Quarterly Electric Vehicle Sales Scorecard


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Template 6: Electric Vehicle Scorecard for Monthly Sales Comparison


Share the monthly sales generation report for an EV under consideration for three consecutive years with this content-ready PPT Template. Label each monthly comparison for the EV it relates to and similarly edit this PPY Layout at will to replicate this structure as you compare monthly sales for multiple EVs being monitored. Excel-linked and 100% customizable, claim the editing rights to this PPT Diagram from the link below.


Electric Vehicle Scorecard for Monthly Sales Comparison


Download this template


Template 7: EV Scorecard with Country-Wise Market Share


Share insights related to country-wise market share for EVs over the years with this graphical template.Use the line chart representations to plot this information. Using color-coded line charts, reveal the sales figures over the years to identify the best market for EV companies to profit from. Download this scorecard template now.


EV Sales Scorecard with Country wise Market Share


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Template 8: EV Sales Scorecard Highlighting Region-Wise Sales


Perform a region-wise analysis of sales figures for the EV market with this Excel-linked pie chart template. Share what proportion in the total sales is attributable to regions as you allot a different color and icon to each region being surveyed. Finally, derive any insights based on this analysis to report what the percentage values translate to in numbers. Get it now from the link below.


EV Sales Scorecard highlighting Region Wise Analysis


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Template 9: EV Scorecard Indicating Percent Change in Sales


Compare quarter-wise performance in EV sales with this PPT Presentation. Record the percentage difference in sales for quarters of the same year. This analysis can be reported for many models available in the market. Finally, sum up the quarter-wise sales to report and compare Total EV sales for different quarters. Download now. 


Electric Vehicles Scorecard indicating Percent Change in Sales


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Template 10: EV Scorecard with Overall Cost and Margin


Download this PPT Dashboard to compare and analyze data related to the monthly sale of electric vehicles. This PPT Design can be linked to real-time software to monitor metrics like cost, overall margin, point of sales, among other parameters. EVs sold from store stock or office stock can be classified and their individual numbers reported. Due to the fully editable nature of this presentation layout, and the fact that it is Excel-linked, data can be varied and subsequent projections monitored. Download now.


Electric Vehicles Scorecard with Overall Cost and Margin


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These EV Scorecard templates will help you track how this industry is prospering over the month, quarter, or year and the data tracked for one or multiple models simultaneously. You and your stakeholders can now make viable decisions based on the data presented in these slides. Enhance the credibility of your EV Scorecards by downloading our presentation templates today.


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