Your business’ quarterly financial report is due next month. The numbers are all great and signal a well-run enterprise. The only thing you need is to deliver it for maximum impact so that it stirs a positive buzz among stakeholders. What is the one major way to achieve this goal? 


Our quarterly financial report templates are the perfect tool to do this. 




In order to prepare quarterly reports, financial activities and developments in the past three months are analyzed. During this time, a company may have changed its organizational structure, policies, and general operations. Quarterly Financial reports can also be used to measure success in targeting pre-defined financial objectives. A quarter will be enough time to evaluate initial changes and help revise business strategies and financial goals for the remaining year. Since finances are what fuel a company’s working, quarterly financial reports help businesses evaluate their economic conditions.


Within a detailed quarterly report, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income-statements, are referred to, based on which, well-informed business decisions are taken. These parameters are common to most financial business reports. However, unlike six-monthly or annual reports, quarterly financial reports have a specific audience comprising shareholders, investors, analysts, and internal management only. These are the people responsible for initiating immediate actions following a quarterly financial report analysis. Hence, it is important to be as meticulous as you can while compiling comprehensive and factual reports. It is critical that a quarterly report is easy to draw conclusions from. 


Here’s where our content-ready and 100% editable quarterly financial report templates come to your rescue. Our 100% editable and customizable templates feature financial charts, dashboards and much more to help you present insights in the most business-friendly and clear manner.


Therefore, announce your financial growth, impact of business policies, and the current value of your company with our quarterly financial report templates and dashboards. 


Explore the seven best designs in this regard listed below. 


Template 1: One-Page Business Quarterly Financial Report Presentation


Submit your business’s quarterly financial report with this ready to use one-page template. Present essential company details like name, name of the quarter and the name of presenter. Report the key highlights using facts, graphs and pie charts. These graphical figures are Excel-linked allowing trends like revenue vs expenses vs revenue and monthly figures to be reported accurately. Download this one-page financial quarterly report template now! 


One-Page Business Quarterly Financial Report


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Template 2: Summary of One-Page Quarterly Financial Report


Report numbers pertaining to your quarterly financial performance with this one-page PPT Template. Depict your expenses via a breakdown as shown in payroll, projects, legal, hardware-software etc. You can also showcase active customer segments to hint at your expected expenses. Finally using graphs, compare financial performance with the past quarters and press on how the performance is on an upward curve. Download now. 


Summary of One-Page Quarterly Report with Financial Highlights


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Template 3: Quarterly Finance Updated Report Dashboard Template 


Report quarterly financial parameters with this dashboard PPT Template. Highlight revenue, billings, cash flow of the present quarter and compare it to the previous quarters. To justify your expenses, highlight your customer acquisition, customers targeted, and categorize them based on the affiliation they share for your brand. Download now. 


Quarterly finance updated report dashboard


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Template 4: Quarter-wise Financial Report of a Startup Company


Report in numbers the performance of your startup in across quarters of the year with this editable dashboard template. Parameters of comparison can be start-up funding, total sales, product cost, patent cost, promotion cost, fixed cost, cash in-cash out, etc. Report their value in figures for the quarters and justify your increasing trajectory. Download now. 


Quarter wise financial report of startup company


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Template 5: Quarterly Financial Cash Flow Status Report


Report the net cash flow for your business over four quarters with this quarterly financial report template. Add to this sheet numbers corresponding to the cash in, cash out, principal payment, and cumulative and tally your liquidity and profitability over the four quarters. Download now. 


Quarterly financial cashflows status report


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Template 6: Quarterly Performance of the Business Financial Metrics


Use this slide to compare financial KPI metrics across quarters to what was expected for the quarter. These include inventory turnover ratios, debt to equity ratios, financially leverages, total asset turnover, etc.. Report their ratio for quarters and check if your quarters perform well. These metrics are improving. Download now. 


Quarterly performance of business financial metrics


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Template 7: Quarterly Financial Performance Evaluation Summary


Use this quarterly financial report dashboard to summarize and compare quarterly performance in terms of revenue, gross profit, profit before tax, and net profit. Share the trends in these parameters across the eight quarters over the past two years to draw insights into the trend governing your business. Use Excel-linked bar graphs and line charts to depict this data diagrammatically. Download now. 


Quarterly financial performance evaluation summary


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Download these must-have quarterly financial report templates and identify the practices that make your business flourish.


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