Whenever a business requires maintenance, it employs work order proposals as a call for help. A work order proposal is generated in response to emergencies or periodic maintenance. It is also maintained as a subject of inspections to ensure day-to-day operations aren't hampered.




Common maintenance issues in a workplace relate to electrical fittings, plumbing, painting, and software or IT concerns. Since, maintenance is a time-consuming procedure that employs wealth and requires paid human labor. It must be well-planned with dedicated personnel to supervise and handle.


A Work order proposal with estimated budget and time frame serves as the first record and formal request to initiate a maintenance or inspection activities. In response to this proposal, a work order document specifying revised terms & conditions with cost estimates will serve as an approval from the client. Work order proposals can also be pitched by service providers upfront. These will highlight the unaddressed maintenance issues of the clients and within these proposals, businesses can pitch their services.


In this blog, we are sharing a collection of 100% customizable work order proposal templates that your services provider business can use to approach clients. Download these content-ready PPT Slides today to pitch your composite business services.


Template 1: Cover Letter for Work Order Proposal Template


The hallmark of every proposal is its cover letter and this PPT Template serves this objective. Pitch your company and your services in a general addressal to your clients. This former addressal is a must in gaining the client trust as well as in introducing your business for the first time to your client. Based on whether your business was approached or is racing out, you can edit your message accordingly as this PPT Template is completely customizable. Download now. 


Cover Letter for Work Order Services Template


Download this template


Template 2: Table of Contents for Work Order Proposal Template


Our work order proposal template comprises this table of content slide that allows you to share a snapshot of major components in your proposal. Information about the project, mode of working, work order investment, and contract details can be pointed out in this template. Of course remodeling can be done at will! Download now. 


Table of Contents Template


Download this template


Template 3: Project Context and Objectives for Work Order Services Template


Share your assessment of the work order based on what the client needs using this presentation design. Enlist services that your business will provide to the client with their order of delivery. Ensure the client that their facility will be in good hands with your detailed service information presentation with this PPT Template. Download now.


Project Context and Objectives for Work Order Services Template


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Template 4: Plan of Action for Work Order Services Template


Use this template to create a detailed weekly plan of action under the work order. Include system assessment, maintenance, execution,and post-maintenance check ups. Divide the major elements of your work order over the weeks for flawless and timely execution. Present your detailed action planning with this PPT Layout now.


Plan of Action for Work Order Services Template


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Template 5: Timeframe for Work Order Services Template


Share a snapshot of project timeframe and roadmap under the work order with this PPT Layout. Specify the stages like creating a maintenance action plan, procuring materials, conducting repairs, and doing routine checkups, etc. Mention their order in this work timeline diagram. Get it now.


Timeframe for Work Order Services Template


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Template 6: Work Order Maintenance for Hotel Management Template


Present detailed insights on the maintenance work order including details about the contractor, client, payment, and work schedule with this content-ready PPT Layout. Add details regarding the materials,equipment and other service rates that must be discussed before the work begins. Download now. 


Work Order Highlights for Hotel Maintenance Template


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Template 7: Investment for Work Order Services Template


Present work order cost and investment details that the clients must know of in this PPT Design. Share the cost analysis for various expenses including repairs, routine check-ups, equipment, and taxes in this chargesheet. Specify the cost of each section and the total amount in this PPT Design. Own it now.


Your investment for Work Order Services Template


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Template 8: About Us Template


While sharing details about the work order are relevant and important, highlighting your business’s feats is also crucial to winning client’s approval. With his PPT Design, you can highlight your company features including your company snapshot, vision, mission, and core values. Including details about your company will also make your company proposal more engaging. Download now.


About Us for Work Order Services Template


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Template 9: Our Reach Template


As a part of sharing your company feats, here’s another must-include slide in your proposal to showcase the wide spectrum of your services and scope of work. Point out the domains of your work and specify the expertise and geographies where your presence has been felt. Present your work diversity in this PPT Slide now. 


Our Reach for Work Order Services


Download this template


Template 10: Our Team for Work Order Services Template


The experts and professionals powering your business are of due mention in your work order proposal template. Showcase your team of professionals and their profiles that will manage and supervise your clients work order. Earn the trust of your clients and ensure their satisfaction by showcasing the brilliance of your team structure with this PPT Template. Get it now.


Our Team for Work Order Services Template


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Template 11: Client Testimonials for Work Order Template


Testimonials will be the cherry on top of your proposal as you aim to book clients. Collect the top-rated and unique reviews from your past clients and present them as client testimonials in your work order proposal. Add details like clients’ businesses names, domains, and representatives’ name and designation with their photos to win trust and investment for your business. Download now.


Client Testimonials for Work Order Template


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Template 12: Statement of Work and Contract Template 


As the proposal converges, summarize the work statement and contract with special mention of services included, T&C, and confidentiality of the agreement with this PPT Layout. Ensure that the details are conveyed properly to the client. Download it now. 


Statement of Work and Contract for Work Order Services Template


Download this template


Template 13: Work Order Service Agreement Template


Collect and sanctify the affirmation of your clients to avail your business services using this PPT Template. Guide the client into the steps that need to be followed and record their acknowledgement via signatures. Without any ado, download this agreement template now.


Next Steps for Work Order Services Template


Download this template


Template 14: Contact Us Slide


This dedicated slide at the end of the work order proposal presentation establishes connectivity with the client. Share your contact details including phone numbers, email ID, and office location to facilitate the conversation regarding your submission. Edit this PPT Layout to share your contact information now!


Contact Us for Work Order Services Template


Download this template


Get this complete deck on work order proposal templates and create neat and professional work order requests.


PS: To get work done efficiently, a work management flowchart system is the key. To have a systematic execution of tasks, create your organizational flow charts with dedicated slides presented in this blog


FAQs on Work Order

What is a work order proposal?

A work order proposal is a formal document that outlines the details of a proposed project or job. It includes a description of the work, the scope of the project, materials and resources required, estimated costs, timelines, and terms and conditions. The proposal serves as a crucial communication tool between a client and a service provider, helping both parties understand the project's objectives and expectations.

How do I write a work order request?

To write a work order request follow these steps:


  1. Identify Needs: Define the task or project you require.
  2. Contact Information:Provide details like phone number, email, and address for the recipient, such as department or individual.
  3. Description: Write a detailed description of the work. Mention location, equipment, and requirements.
  4. Deadline: Specify the desired completion date or timeline.
  5. Attachments: Include relevant documents, diagrams, or images.
  6. Authorization: Obtain appropriate approvals or signatures.
  7. Submission: Submit the request through the designated process or platform.
  8. Follow-Up: Keep records and follow up as necessary to track progress.
  9. Communication: Maintain open communication with the service provider for updates or clarifications.
  10. Confirmation: Ensure you receive a confirmation or acknowledgment of your work order request.

What is a work order process?

A work order process is a systematic workflow used by organizations to manage and track tasks, maintenance, or projects. It involves the following steps:


  1. Request: A work order is initiated when a need arises, often through a formal request or service ticket.
  2. Creation: A detailed work order is created, specifying the task, requirements, deadlines, and resources.
  3. Approval: Depending on the organization's policies, the work order may require approval from supervisors or managers.
  4. Assignment: The work order is assigned to a qualified employee or contractor with the necessary skills.
  5. Execution: The assigned individual or team performs the required work, following the instructions in the work order.
  6. Monitoring: Progress is tracked, and issues or delays are addressed.
  7. Completion: Once the work is finished and inspected, the work order is closed.
  8. Documentation: Detailed records are maintained for future reference and reporting.
  9. Evaluation: Organizations assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their work order process to make improvements.
  10. Feedback: Feedback from customers or end-users may be gathered to enhance service quality. 

What is the work order summary?

A work order summary is a concise document (or section) that provides a quick overview of essential information related to a specific task or project. It includes key details such as:


  1. A brief description of the work to be performed.
  2. Names or identifiers of the individuals or teams responsible for the task.
  3. The specified completion date or timeline.
  4. Where the work will be carried out.
  5. Estimated expenses associated with the task.
  6. The urgency or importance of the work.
  7. Relevant contacts for questions or updates.

This summary serves as a quick reference for all stakeholders involved in the work order process, ensuring clarity and efficient execution of the task or project.