A gala event is coming up and you want the day to smoothly run its course. Your best bet is a day planner. For this reason, social gatherings like weddings, business meets, and conferences rely on predefined day planners. Many of us employ planning in our day-to-day lives. Business leaders and CEOs need to be clear on what the day brings for them. Then, there are people who rely on day planner templates to lay down the Dos and don’ts of their day-to-day life. Experts prescribing diets, workouts or, in general, conduct also rely on daily planners to chart out healthy lifestyle for their clients to follow. A single tool with so many users!




If your requirement falls under these categories, this blog featuring our top 10 day planner templates is for you. Designed to cater to a wide range of professions, our PowerPoint Templates are 100% editable, easy to customize, and compatible across popular presentation software. 


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s check out our top choice of professional day planner templates for you.


Template 1: One-Page Daily Calorie Control Meal Planner Template


Plan your daily calorie intake as the first step toward weight management with this one-page day planner template. Highlight the total advised calories then divide it among the meals of the day. Share this five meals a day meal planner template as a PDF or over Google Slides with your clients. Download now!


One day per page calorie control meal planner


Download this template 


Template 2: One-Page Daily Fitness Meal Planner Template


Take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle with the one-page fitness meal planner template. Add healthy foods into your daily diet and plan how you will apportion them throughout the day, with this editable daily meals planner template. Specify meals by their nutrition values to help your clients consume foods in disciplined and required quantities with this personal planner template. Download now!


One day per page fitness meal planner


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Template 3: One-Page Daily Workout Planner Template


Plan your daily workout routine to get in shape with this one-page day planner template. Maintain your state of activity by assigning exercises to specific time slots of the day to create a 30-day workout planner template PPT Slide. You can then share this valuable sheet with your clients as PDF or drop its Google Slides link over the email. Get it now!


One day per page workout planner


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Template 4: One-Page Daily Wedding Planner Presentation Report 


Wedding functions need proper coordination and with this one-page wedding planner, you can ensure it happens. Create an orderly flow of events while accounting for everything with this editable one-page report design. Additionally mention emergency contacts and other important information that may come in handy during the event. Stop wasting time in creating this format from scratch. Get this content-ready day designer planner slide, compatible across all presentation software. 


One page per day wedding planner presentation report


Download this template 


Template 5: Bi-Fold Daily Wedding Planner Document Report 


Looking for a more formal document report template to record and present a wedding event like a thorough professional? Choose this day designer document report design in A4 design that is 100% editable. Align and schedule events and mention contact details of persons in charge on this wonderful example of how to get organized. You can then share this document report as PPT, PDF or even over Google Slides with relevant stakeholders. Grab this bi-fold wedding day planner template now!


Bi-fold per day wedding planner document report


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Template 6: One-Page Daily Planner for Manager Presentation Report


Managers are responsible for ensuring that other people follow their responsibilities. With this one-page design, you will be able to highlight projects under focus, emergency tasks, and differentiate these from the miscellaneous tasks. Additionally, with this day design planner template, daily schedules upcoming meetings, and other important tasks that could skip your attention. Put this informative day planner template to use and stay informed on how to be, always, on top of things. 


One page per day planner for manager presentation report


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Template 7: One-Page Daily Planner for Executive Presentation Report


Use this presentation template to schedule and manage your tasks in advance with this day planner template and stay in the good books of your manager. Track your appointments, record reminders, daily goals, and other dependencies for the day with one-pager. Download this PPT Utility now! 


One page per day planner for executive presentation report


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Template 8: One-Page Daily Planner Presentation Report


Manage your office and personal affairs like a pro with this one-pager daily office planner. Organize your day into slots to cater to your work and personal time equally. Use this planner template to prioritize tasks so that you execute them effectively. Identify tasks under categories like must-do, delegate, home chores, etc and manage your day better. Become better at time management and prioritizing using this daily work planner template now!


One page per day office planner presentation report


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Template 9: One-Page Daily Planner for Team Leader Presentation Report


With this one-page day planner design, you can take better charge of your team as a leader. Stay informed of the events in the day by maintaining a to-do-list in this content-ready framework. Keep a close eye on the on-going projects, high priority calls, and people to connect with using this editable one-page day designer planner. Simplify team management by downloading this PPT Layout designed for professionals like you.


One page per day planner for team leader presentation report


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Template 10: One-Page Daily per Day Planner Presentation Report


Keep a watch on your daily activities with this day planner template. Divide your day into slots and fill these with activities that would make for a productive day at the end of it. Maintain this daily planner for the entire week to assess your efficiency. You can also maintain a check on high priority tasks and daily goals as you checklist these along the way. Download this creative PPT calendar layout now.


One page daily per day planner presentation report


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Template 11: One-Page Daily Business Planner Template

Mind your personal and professional life with this day planner template. Address the entire day in terms of hours to ensure it is spent productively. Moreover, track your major occupancies, communications to be made, places to go and any additional self-notes to keep yourself motivated. Go ahead and download this editable PPT Layout now!


One day per page business planner


Download this template


Template 12: One-Page Daily Appointment Planner Template


Keep track of your appointments and extend this planner to an entire week to gain benefits of two from a single template. The basic framework of this PPT Slide will guide your planning and also render a cleaner, clearer look to your daily log. Get it now!


One page per day appointment planner presentation report


Download this template


Template 13: One-Page Daily Planner with Time Slots Template


Here is another daily-cum-weekly planner template to address your week’s daily tasks and manage these effectively. This PPT Design is great at making appointments and staying on track. Additionally the slide is 100% editable in terms of text, graphics and colors which means you can play around to keep the audience engaged. Track your daily top priority appointments along with major goals using the same design. Grab now!


One page per day planner with time slots presentation report


Download this template 


Template 14: Retropop One-Pager Daily Planner Report


Here's a creative touch to plan your day ahead. Point out all dependencies like projects, meetings, to filter out priorities and miscellaneous activities of your day. Add any additional comments, ideas you’d have had during the day and create an information log of your day. Grab now!


Retropop ring bound project one page per day planner report


Download this template 




Whether you are looking for a personal planner or a business planner, these day planner templates are everything you need to manage yours with more efficiency. 


Post planing, it is imperative to assess your daily performance which is why we want to share another blog on maintaining daily reports. It has templates that are editable in nature and ready to be infused with activities that enhance your productivity. 


PS: If you are one of the perfectionists, we have this blog on hourly agenda templates to make every minute count! Don’t forget to explore the templates it comes along with!

FAQs on Day Planners

What is meant by a daily planner?

A daily planner is a tool that helps individuals plan and organize daily activities and tasks. It is a type of journal or notebook designed for recording and managing daily schedules, to-do lists, appointments, goals, and other important events. 


A typical daily planner will have sections for each day of the week, and may include additional features such as a calendar, goal-setting pages, and note-taking sections. Students, professionals, or anyone who wants to manage their time and activities efficiently can make use of this fabulous tool. 

How do I make my own daily planner?

Making your customized daily planner can be a fun and personalized way to organize your daily tasks and activities. Here are some steps to follow:


  1. Decide on the format: You can choose between a digital or physical planner. A digital planner can be created on your computer or phone, while a physical planner is hand-made or printed out from a template.
  2. Choose a design: You can choose a pre-made template or create your own design. Consider the layout, color scheme, and any other features you want to include.
  3. Determine the sections: Decide on the sections you want to include in your planner, such as daily or weekly schedules, to-do lists, goals, and notes.
  4. Create a cover page: Add a personalized cover page to your planner to make it unique and reflective of your personality.
  5. Add necessary pages: Depending on the sections you've chosen, add the necessary pages to your planner. For example, if you want a weekly schedule, include a page for each week of the year.
  6. Print and assemble: If you're creating a physical planner, print out your pages and assemble them in a binder or notebook.
  7. Personalize: Add any additional touches, such as stickers, washi tape, or color coding, to make your planner unique and reflective of your personality.
How do I create a daily planner template?

Creating a daily planner template can be a great way to have a consistent and organized approach to managing your daily tasks and activities. Here are some steps to follow:


  1. Determine the size and layout: Decide on the size and layout of your template. Common sizes include A4, A5, and letter-sized paper. You can choose a portrait or landscape orientation, depending on your preference.
  2. Choose a design: Choose a design that fits your style and personality. You can use pre-made templates or create your own design using software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Canva.
  3. Decide on the sections: Determine the sections you want to include in your daily planner, such as time slots, to-do lists, notes, and goals.
  4. Add the necessary fields: Add the necessary fields to each section. For example, in the time slots section, you can add columns for the time of day, task, and duration.
  5. Customize the template: Add any personalized touches, such as your name or favorite colors, to make the template your own.
  6. Save and print: Save your template as a PDF or image file and print it out. You can print it on standard printer paper or choose a higher quality paper, such as cardstock or planner paper.
  7. Use and update: Use your daily planner template to manage your daily tasks and activities. Make sure to update it regularly.
How do you use a daily planner example?
  1. Review your planner: Start each day by reviewing your daily planner example. Look at the tasks and activities you have planned for the day and any appointments or meetings you have scheduled.
  2. Prioritize your tasks: Prioritize your tasks based on their importance and urgency. Identify the most important tasks that need to be completed first.
  3. Set goals: Set daily goals that you want to achieve, such as finishing a project or completing a workout.
  4. Allocate time slots: Allocate time slots for each task and activity. Be realistic about how much time each task will take and schedule breaks .
  5. Check off completed tasks: As you complete each task, check it off your list. This can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue working on your other tasks.
  6. Review your progress: At the end of the day, review your progress and identify any tasks that still need to be completed. Carry them over to the next day or reschedule.
  7. Reflect on your day: Take a few minutes to reflect on your day and identify what worked well and what could be improved. Use this information to make adjustments to your daily planner example for the next day.