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Top 12 Event Sponsorship Proposal Templates To Clinch A Deal

Top 12 Event Sponsorship Proposal Templates To Clinch A Deal

Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

August 5 2022

Why would businesses want to invest in your dreams? Unless they can foresee benefits out of an association with you in terms of customer engagement and competitiveness, your dreams are strictly your business. Winning sponsorship for events is one such domain where the investor has to be convinced to see the real numbers, but also believe in your dream of stupendous success.


Therefore, in order to attract investors, you better know the art of convincing. You can achieve this by either by citing your credibility or highlighting the essence of your project. Goes without saying that you must also be ready with facts that answer how your sponsors and investors can benefit from this activity. Basically you must do everything in your power to get them interested.




Sponsors that comprise wealthy and renowned brands or individuals can financially bolster your activities and validate them by supporting you.


In return, they expect fruitful branding, advertising, and in many cases, some ROIs for the collaboration. 


Let’s understand as organizers how you can do your bit in getting them to invest. 


How is a Successful Sponsorship Proposal Put Together?


Start on the right note by making sure that you are well-versed and have all the logic and reasons in place on the need for sponsors. The next stop is pursuing the right sponsor who can fund your project or event with minimum liabilities. The third and the most important is designing and presenting your proposal to win over the sponsor you want.  


This blog will help you focus on building a convincing event sponsorship proposal. Whether it is a business event, a tournament, or an artistic gala, we have summoned the best designs to make sure a deal happens. Check out the collection below!


Template 1: Event Sponsorship Proposal PowerPoint Presentation 


Here is an impressive layout to gain sponsors for your event. Using this 26-slide PowerPoint presentation, you can not only walk them through the event details, but also make your pitch.  Mention the perks of their affiliation, such as powerful branding, contribution to the community, etc, and reinforce this information with cross-checked event details. Deploy this effective PPT design now!


Event Sponsorship Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 2: Event Sponsorship With Budget Sheet PPT


Often, a sponsor is more inclined towards financials and knowing how their money will be invested in your event. Disburse this verified information about your event’s expenses with this PPT layout. Showcase how you will go about executing a successful event. Highlight the perks of their investments and the rewards that accompany each investment. Download this 12-slide PPT compilation now!


Event Sponsorship Proposal Presentation


Download this template


Template 3: Event Sponsorship Proposal Template 


If, as an organization, you wish to host an event on social awareness, say reviving the long-held tradition of circus fun, we suggest you go with this template. Not only does this 24-slide compilation provide a format for a convincing cover letter, but you can also explain benefits sponsors can draw. Inform them about the levels of sponsorship to find their ideal budget investment. Using this template, you should also introduce your team, your previous projects, and testimonials to persuade them. Get this now!


Event Sponsorship Proposal Template


Download this template


Template 4: Sponsorship Opportunities Proposal PowerPoint


The crucial element of an event sponsorship proposal is the benefits sponsors can derive from it. Here is a proposal layout to pay special attention to goodies for sponsors. Mention branding, advertising, and other forms of engagement sponsors can hope to get out of this investment. Deploy this 56-slide PPT compilation now!


Sponsorship Opportunities Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Download this template


Template 5: Musical Event Funding Proposal PPT


If there is anything that brings people together, it is good music! Why not use a musical event to bring in engagement, audience, and revenue? Deploy this 32-slide PPT design to gather sponsors who can fuel your magical event. Share the details of your event plan with an insight into the purpose. Download this exclusive PPT layout now!


Musical event funding proposal example document report doc PDF PPT


Download this template


Template 6: Music Artist Sponsorship Proposal


Here is another colorful proposal template to win sponsorship for a concert. With this 34-slide-document report template, you can present a comprehensive insight into your well-planned event that can benefit you and your sponsors. Highlight rewards such as brand exposure, lead generation, product launches, etc, that can be earned with a mutual benefit. Introduce your teams and the flow of events to showcase your enthusiasm. The download link to this PPT design can be found below.


Music artist sponsorship proposal example document report doc PDF PPT


Download this template


Template 7: Sports Tournament Proposal PowerPoint 


Are you planning to host a sporting event and need sponsors? Here is a PowerPoint presentation for the task. Convince your sponsors to support local tournaments and achieve branding in this process. Deploy the 27 slides of this proposal PPT to illustrate previous successes and your ability to build on it. Encourage your sponsors to participate in such community events so as to keep in touch with a targeted audience. Download this PPT layout right away. 


Sports Tournament Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 8: Sponsorship Proposal For Nonprofit Organization


Invite sponsors to invest in your humanitarian projects with this classic 56-slide PPT compilation. Highlight your past milestones and capabilities to handle such projects with testimonials from investors. Use this PPT design to disclose the event details and how sponsors can boast about their affiliations with your NGO. Underline the importance of social connection and its privileges to your investors with this PPT slideshow. Download now!


Sponsorship Proposal For Nonprofit Organization PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Download this template


Template 9: Sponsorship Proposal For A Business Event


Business events need sponsoring, too, especially the special guest list, and the objective is elaborate. With this 24-slide PPT design, you get to be ahead of your competitors in winning over potential sponsors. You can book sponsors for your next mega business event as these slides provide you the complete package. Download this design now!


Sponsorship proposal for business event PowerPoint presentation slides


Download this template


Template 10: A4 Event Sponsorship Proposal Template


Convince your sponsors to be a part of your company's mega events. Use this report template to present the benefits of affiliating with your event. Bring attention to the audience diversity and social mixing that is the essence of these events and which the sponsors can benefit from. Highlight all these aspects and sponsoring packages that your event supports. A fine template with timeless value, a download of this product will add spirit and boldness to your sponsorship pitch. Click here to get it!


A4 event sponsorship proposal template


Download this template


Template 11: One-Page Sports Event Sponsorship Package


Use this one-page template to share a concise outlay of your sponsorship packages, with their added benefits. Share this one-page document with your potential sponsors and help them with your contact details to get in touch with you. Download now!


Sports Tournament Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 12: Charity Ball Concert One-Page Sponsorship Proposal


Let your sponsors dance their way into a charity ball concert with the proper awareness and will to be a part of it. This PPT layout will share the branding and business benefits of associating with such social events. Highlight the specialties of investing, such as generating leads and improving social presence, thereby contributing to the community. We request you to download this slide to ensure you empower stakeholders to see how their sponsorship will yield fantastic results.


Charity ball concert one page sponsorship proposal presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


Download this template


Build a convincing sponsorship proposal with these templates that will click with your investors and those who you are looking to partner. 


PS: Looking to take your business to the next level? Invest in a good channel partner by devising an effective strategy. This guide, replete with powerful templates, will give you the requisite boost.

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