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A Reality Check For Businesses: Cash Flow Statements (With Best Templates)

A Reality Check For Businesses: Cash Flow Statements (With Best Templates)

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

August 6 2022

American businessman and former politician Chris Chocola said, “One of the earliest lessons I learned in business was that balance sheets and income statements are fiction. Cash flow is reality.”


Maintaining a record of income and expenses is vital in managing your organization’s finances. A cash flow statement will help you to meet this end.


What Is A Cash Flow Statement


Cash flow statements are the comprehensive records of cash inflows (income) and outflows (expenses) of a company over a specified period of business operations. It also works as a complied list of activities through which business generate their ready-to-move cash. When analyzed with balance sheets and income statements, cash flow statements become valuable assets (like fund fact sheets) for investors and analysts.


A positive cash flow statement signifies that an organization is making profits, paying its bills, and meeting its liabilities on time. It means that the enterprise is ideal to invest in and promises a good return on investment (ROI). A company’s spending more than it earns reflects a negative cash flow, and a constant negative cash flow is a sign of the occurrence of bankruptcy.


What Are The Three Cash Flow Statements


A cash flow statement includes three types of transactions — cash flow from operations, cash flow from investment, and cash flow from finance. The sum of these cash flows is the net cash flow, representing the profit and loss of an organization for that period. Remember, this is based only on the cash flow, so it needs to be interpreted only within this defined parameter. 


  1. Cash Flow from Operations (CFO): This includes the surplus and expenses of the main (operational) activities of the business. The total cash that the company makes through operations is calculated in this section. Non-cash assets used for operations like machinery and equipment value are computed in cash and added up to get the net CFO value. This section also includes salaries of employees, inventory, supplies for operations, and more.
  2. Cash Flow from Investment (CFI): In this section, you can see the amount of cash the organization has invested in assets and non-operational activities. It also includes the results (gains and losses) from these investments. CFI also tells the story of the capital expenditure (CapEx) of an organization, as you get to know the investment done towards assets like property, operation plants, and equipment. The profit earned from selling assets and capital is also reflected in this part of the statement.
  3. Cash Flow from Finance (CFF): This last segment of the financial statement contains information on the cash flow of the company’s financial activities. It records transactions between owners, organizations, and creditors. Debt and equity values are common in CFF as these are the sources of cash for businesses.


Cash Flow Statement Templates


Preparing a precise financial summary of a company is a task that requires patience and extreme clarity of purpose. You must check every recorded transaction as it can affect your company’s Valuation and Profit After Tax (PAT). 


Invest your time on financial details by saving it with the help of our pre-designed PowerPoint cash flow statement templates. Write a detailed and easy-to-understand financial report with these ready-made cash flow statement formats for your company. 


Template 1: Horizontal Cash Flow Statement Analysis PowerPoint Presentation


Horizontal Cash Flow Analysis and Statement PowerPoint Presentation


This PPT template will help you conduct a horizontal financial analysis of cash flow statements. You will also be able to compare the cash flow of consecutive years at a mere glance. This deck includes slides on graphical presentation of cash flow, key points for horizontal analysis, major components of analysis, ratio analysis, tabular analysis, and more. 


Download this template


Template 2: Four Points Cash Flow Forecasting PPT Template


4 Points Cash Flow Forecasting PPT Template


Use this presentation deck to share critical inputs on cash flow analysis and forecasting. This PowerPoint layout will help you present cash flow reports and share projections with facts and figures. This deck contains slides like business performance management, diagrams, and graphics for cash flow forecasting, financial report analysis, illustrations, sales territory plan, and more. 


Download this template


Template 3: Financial Statement Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Financial Statement Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Bring into play this content-ready financial statement analysis PowerPoint layout to present the financial health of your organization. This PPT deck has multiple slides such as financial projections, key financial ratios, liquidity ratios, cash flow statement KPIs, profitability ratios, activity ratios, solvency ratios, and more. This cash flow assessment PowerPoint template goes well with topics like profitability analysis, financial model, business impact analysis, performance analysis, financial health, and prospects of an organization. 


Download this template


Template 4: Company Cash Flow Statement PPT Template


Company Cash Flow Statement PPT Template


Deploy this PowerPoint presentation design to draft a detailed cash flow statement. This ready-made PowerPoint slide contains significant elements of cash flow reports like CFO, CFI, CFF, the net increase in cash, and more. You will be able to share detailed values of these elements using this PPT set.


Download this template


Template 5: Cash Flow Statement KPIs PowerPoint Template


Cash Flow Statement KPIs PowerPoint Template


Make use of this PPT layout to set and define the cash flow statement KPIs to the accounting team. Use this slide to compare cash flow from operations, finance, investment, and net cash flow using a graph. You will be able to check these four elements for different fiscal years. 


Download this template


Template 6: Different Activities Cash Flow Statement PPT Slide 


Different Activities Cash Flow Statement PPT Slide


This slide will help you describe the different parts of cash flow statements. It will add value to your presentations on your finance with its neat and easy-to-read graphic. It will assist you in sharing figures of gross cash flow, net cash flow, cash and equivalents at the year-end, and more.


Download this template


Template 7: Yearly Cash Flow Statement PowerPoint Slide


Yearly Cash Flow Statement PowerPoint Slide


Take help of this cash flow statement PPT design to present annual reports of company transactions. This PowerPoint set will help you define the annual change in the value of the organization. Use this slide to keep track of the 12-months cash flow of operations, financing, and investing.


Download this template


Template 8: Four-Step Cash Flow Statement PPT Template


Four-Step Cash Flow Statement PPT Template


With this PowerPoint design, divide and illustrate your cash flow statement in four steps. This PPT layout will help you understand and prepare a detailed cash statement. Use this to share all four components in a descriptive manner.


Download this template


Template 9: Historical and Forecasted Period Cash Flow Statement Template

Historical and Forecasted Period Cash Flow Statement PowerPoint Slide


This well-researched financial statement template will help you present historical data in a compelling manner. Using this PPT set, you will forecast the cash flow trend and compare it with past cash flow figures. It will help your organization plan the use of assets and cash for better growth.


Download this template


Template 10: Major Components of Cash Flow Statement Analysis PPT Template


Major Components of Cash Flow Statement Analysis PPT Template


Employ this simple cash flow statement template to define the key components of and account analysis and financial management. Using this PowerPoint graphic explains the uses, elements, and importance of parts that make up the cash flow statement. 


Download this template


The cash flow statement is a high-value financial document that shows how a company generates and spends its cash. By understanding elements of the cash flow statement, you can get a better picture of a company’s financial health, make more informed investment decisions, and improve your company’s bottom line.


To help you get started, we’ve provided some handy templates for creating cash flow statements. Click on the above-provided links to download them and get started!


P.S. Want to analyze and improve the financial position of your company? Then don’t miss our guide on financial analysis, offering the best templates!

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