It is the universal truth that businesses cannot function without meetings. These build connectivity, help as a platform where critical information, relevant for all departments can be shared and ensure that there is no duplication of work and camaraderie is also built up. Of the many kinds of meetings that exist, the most-important of these is the All-Hands meeting, usually convened every quarter.




During all-hands, all department heads are mandated to be present with their teams in tow and this differntiates it from the regular office meetings. An example of this can be the series of meetings that Elon Musk has taken since his acquisition of Twitter. 


An All-Hands meeting reconnects employees, builds their trust, and promotes a healthy company culture. It involves sharing important company updates including company feats, promotions, and circulating the office buzz. Of course, these are usually planned well and stakeholders are given notice, well in advance. 


Again its frequency needs to be timed well so as to avoid waste of precious company hours. 


This meeting also helps create a sense of belongingness. Celebrating the team and the team effort in happy times, or standing together in loss or defeat is what validates the integrity and the vision the company stands for.


Conducting an All-Hands meeting needs to be a basic canon of business conduct. The question is how do you get stakeholders together and communicate the importance of this important meeting on the calendars of any business. 


We, at SlideTeam, have put together 5 set of All-Hands meeting templates that portray the importance of these gatherings and to ensure that people block their calendar the moment their HR department sends the invite. Let’s explore this unique universe of All-Hands Meeting Templates



Template 1: All-Hands Meeting Templates for Announcements and Reminders of Events


Purely educational, this PPT Presentation can be used to inform your team on how to host an All-Hands meeting. Bring to limelight the underlying objectives of getting the entire workforce under one roof or screen (if online). If the All-Hands has not been institutionalized by your company yet, make it a tradition from this day. Download this well-illustrated PowerPoint Layout today!


All Hands Meeting for Announcements and Reminders of Events PPT


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Template 2: Four All-Hands Meetings PPT Design


Looking to highlight the four core purposes of All-Hands meetings, here is a puzzle infographic to interest your audience. Focus on the primary reasons to host and participate in an All-Hands meeting namely: To build a collaborative environment, bring together company goals and strategies, to strengthen company culture, and to bring the team together. Share this purposefulness with your team and team leads and initiate the culture of hosting All-Hands meetings in your company. Download now!


Four All Hands Meetings Diagram for Collaborative Team Environment Together Culture Support PPT


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Template 3: Six All-Hands Meetings PowerPoint Layout


Highlight as many as six meeting purposes with this creative infographic. The six hands as shown in this PPT diagram indicate the diversity of employees comprising All-Hands while each hand adds to the six purposes that the hands showcase. These are sharing status updates, solving problems, building teams, reviewing performance, etc. Use this PPT Slide to pitch the purpose of your up-commg All-Hands or use it to emphasize the need of hosting one. Download now!


Six All Hands Meetings Gears for Team Building Problem Solving Performance Review PPT


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Template 4: Ten All-Hands Meetings PPT Template


If you have been able to identify ten purposes that an All-Hands meeting would serve for your organization, then this is the PPT Slide to showcase these. The colorful hands in the PPT Design signify the diversity of members participating in the meet, hence the variety of suggestions, and the dynamics in polls that can follow. Get a move on, when it comes to making the most of such purposeful office gatherings. Deploy this PPT Template now to explore its many uses. 


Ten All Hands Meetings to Summon Ideas Order Activities Response Questions Creative PPT


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Template 5: All-Hands Meetings Outline PowerPoint Theme


An All-Hands meet can have carried out purposes for companies. For instance, All-Hands gets employees under one roof to discuss the matters of their day, to share updates with them and to gather opinions that are best collected in person. For these and many other reasons that you can easily specify in this editable PPT Slide, download it now to make your team embrace the many benefits of hosting an All-Hands meeting.


All Hands Meetings to Outline Coordination Unity Working Together PPT


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Promote the essence of hosting company-wide meetings using our designated All-hands meeting templates. You can discover a whole universe of 2 million PowerPoint Designs related to academic, corporate, or artistic domains, etc by visiting our home page.


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FAQs on All-Hands Meeting Templates

What are the other terms used to refer to All-Hands in an office setting?

All-Hands meeting goes by many names such as town hall meeting, an all-teams meeting, a company wide meeting and other names. Whenever the name pops up in a professional setting, it calls to attention all workers putting in hours. An All-Hands meeting summons people to inform them on the latest updates. This is a call for people unwary of their departments to join in and stay updated on the company dynamics. Equally important is to time it well so as to avoid loitering of employees or breach of professional decorum. 

What should be the objective of discussion in an All-Hands meeting?

The theme of an All-Hands All-Hands meeting can vary. Generally, an All-Hands is announced way before the due date, but often the team may be summoned on an urgent basis to be familiarized with changes or updates impacting the working. Some common objectives highlighted to call employees to attention are:


  1. Timely reminders of company vision, mission, and goals 
  2. To share numbers that matter and impact the future of the company 
  3. Introducing new joinees, celebrating anniversaries and announcing promotions. 
  4. Informing employees regarding upcoming events, invitations.
  5. Build camaraderie and mutual trust among employees by announcing your progress over All-Hands, where every department’s lead member will share the updates to avoid any chaos.
  6. Some All-Hands are thrown open to company audiences/employees wherein they can directly speak about their concerns with the authority concerned and resolve issues openly. 

What tips will ensure a purposeful All-Hands?

  1. Ensure the invitation has been well-prepared and sent well before the meeting date to avoid major absences or miscommunication.
  2. Share your All-Hands meeting objective clearly in the invite so that the participants can be prepared. 
  3. Manage the timing, duration, and venue for everyone to access it.
  4. If the meeting is hosted online, rehearse your speech and test the equipment including the internet connectivity to make that session purposeful.
  5. Within the meeting, communicate with your audience to understand their interests and the need for repetition of information shared. Make sure your updates are correct. 
  6. Prepare and circulate Minutes of the Meeting for future use and share it with the people invited.

How do you make All-Hands meetings more interactive?

Even if it is an annual meet with the entire team, you don't want to hold the entire company workforce hostage by discouraging interaction. There are many ways for the audience to involve themselves in discussions and dispersal of company facts and figures. These are:


  1. Polls and surveys: If the meeting is based on awareness and gathering workforce opinions, polls and surveys is the way to go.
  2. Q&As: Get the audience involved by asking questions and inviting in turn.
  3. Ideation and brainstorming: It is All-Hands on deck, that implies a constellation of ideas ready to be deployed in the company's favor.
  4. Chat: If the meeting is hated online, get the audience chatty by throwing the message section open. You can also garner the interest level thereof.