“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

– Melody Beattie


America’s quintessential Thanksgiving holiday, born in the 1500’s, mythologized in 1621 and given a due share of recognition even during the bleakest hours of the Civil War, now stands as the most beloved and widely celebrated festival throughout America. Celebrated every year on the Fourth of every Thursday, this day commemorates at the most joyful time of the year let alone Christmas and its tidings. Perhaps no other nonsectarian holiday is more traditionally rooted than Thanksgiving. Family, extravagant meals, football, friends, cheer, and laughter have come to symbolize Thanksgiving- a rare celebration without any established gift-giving component. Instead, this festival is all about gratitude and urges us to be grateful to the Lord for the little or more he has showered upon each one of us. 


Greeting everyone and being grateful for everything is what this festival stands for. With so much to pull together, from food to pretty gathering, to decorations and beyond, tiniest of help can make the biggest difference of all. Fortunately, we at SlideTeam, are all about helping our customers and giving them the best. That is why we have come up with these 20 Thanksgiving PowerPoint Templates that will help you pull off the best and the most memorable holiday gathering ever! 


So, hurry up, and download these designs faster than you gobble up the pumpkin pie!


Thanksgiving PowerPoint Templates To Download and Use 


Template 1: Thanksgiving PPT

It is all about the bird! A turkey is the center of your Thanksgiving feast, so we have designed this creative turkey invitation template. Use it to gather your near and dear ones under on roof for a tasty treat. Send out this bright and modern turkey-themed layout invitation to your loved ones early to get a place in their hearts and the calendar as well. The design is a bit cartoonish and colorful, celebrating everything that Thanksgiving stands for- food, harvest, fall, and a bright and colorful environment so make this day even more special. Customize this design as you prefer. You can also add other design embellishments with icons, that you can easily find in the SlideTeam gallery. 


Thanksgiving PowerPoint Slides

Download Thanksgiving PowerPoint Slides


Template 2: Thanksgiving Harvest Fall Festival PPT

Thanksgiving isn’t only about extravagant dinners and Turkey. It is the day of celebration with our close family and friends and of course the harvest festival. At its heart, this holiday is deeply rooted in the feeling of gratitude and expressing it. This colorful template can be used to send Thank You greetings to everybody and acknowledge the important roles they play in your lives whether they include family members or office colleagues, no less than family. Since this day is all about Thanks, this template will help you express your feelings and heartfelt gratitude, thus helping you establish everlasting relationships.


Thanksgiving Harvest Fall Festival

Download Thanksgiving Harvest Fall Festival PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Template 3: Happy Thanksgiving Holiday PPT

Letters of Gracias! When one takes a more thoughtful approach and liberty to elevate his level to express sincere thanks, this Thanksgiving template is a highly advisable design to download and use. Use it to share your feelings of heartfelt gratitude with your friends, family, office colleagues, and others. Gather them together for a celebration with this Thanksgiving season template. You can also use this design for the harvest festival and making your time with your loved ones memorable. 


Happy Thanksgiving Holiday PowerPoint Template

Download Happy Thanks Giving Holiday PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Template 4: Pumpkins with Chrysanthemum Thanksgiving Template 

The Thanksgiving season is not just about saying ‘Thank you’, but also sharing your joy with those in need. Spread kindness and love with this template that is perfect for announcing charity fundraisers to help the needy. Use it to advertise the charity event on various social media platforms to create awareness. It will act as a magnet attracting various people and getting the most of the charity event. Not only this, but the bright and bold colors of this design also makes it pleasing to the eye, thus helping you convey your message very efficiently. Apart from this, you can easily modify this template any which way, thus making it a highly adaptable template. 


Pumpkins With Chrysanthemum Beautiful Thanksgiving PPT

Download Pumpkins With Chrysanthemum Beautiful Thanksgiving Image Stock Photo


Template 5: Happy Thanksgiving Festival PPT

Thanksgiving without a doubt is the perfect time to share a good meal with your closed ones but what’s more special is hosting a dinner party for a good cause. Hosting various charity fundraisers on this special day can be a small little contribution to those in need. This template is designed to make your task of sending charity fundraisers easy-peasy. The rustic and homey design of the template is perfect to grab eyeballs. Besides, the customizable layout of this template gives you enough scope to make as many changes as you like, thus suiting every event perfectly. 


Happy Thanksgiving Festival PowerPoint Template

Download Happy Thanksgiving Festival PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Template 6: Bible and Thanksgiving Religion Background PPT

Try out this Thanksgiving template to rejoice the good harvest and the hard work you have put in. Use it to make invitations to call out your friends and family for a delectable feast. Illustrated with colorful fruits and vegetables this template gives a simple greeting or invitation a classic flair. It also taps in the true meaning of Thanksgiving which is more than just party and celebration. The harvest festival is an important part of Thanksgiving, and this template celebrates it in the truest of sense. Hence, it is an ideal fit for farmers to cherish their countless blessings in the form of a good harvest. 


Bible And Thanksgiving Religion PowerPoint Background

Download Bible And Thanksgiving Religion PowerPoint Backgrounds And Templates


Template 7:Thanksgiving Festival PPT

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when we become extra appreciative of small things we have. Build on this emotion and elevate it further with this intuitively designed template. Use it to acknowledge the people around you who have become an important part of your life. With artistic greetings sent out with this template, your guest will know the efforts you have put into organizing the party. It will also elevate the overall celebration mood and take it a notch higher.  


Thanksgiving Festival PowerPoint Template

Download Thanksgiving Festival PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Template 8: Thanksgiving Season Festival Background PPT 

Feeling extra grateful this holiday season? Show your thankfulness with this creative layout screaming Thanksgiving from its four corners. Featuring images of fruits, vegetables and let’s not forget a gigantic pumpkin, this template will surely make it to your list of creative designs to send out greetings with. Moreover, this design gives a very rustic vibe that captures the true essence of the Thanksgiving season. So, download it to stand out of the crowd and express your gratitude with the very best.


Thanksgiving Season Festival PowerPoint Template

Download Thanksgiving Season Festival PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Template 9: Pumpkins Daisies and Fall Nature PowerPoint Template 

Thanksgiving is not only the time for feasting on gigantic pumpkins and fat turkeys but also the time for being big-hearted. It is always better to share our blessings with the poor and needy. This template captures the feelings of every true charitable person at heart. Use it to send invites of your Thanksgiving charity fundraiser event to millions of fortunate people. You can also inform them about your event by posting an update on social media channels with the template design, which is very special and heart-warming. Therefore download it now!


Pumpkins Daisies And Fall Nature PowerPoint Template

Download Pumpkins Daisies And Fall Nature PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Template 10: Harvest Box Nature PPT Template

Show your appreciation this Thanksgiving by returning your kindness to the people who need your blessings. Help your surrounding community cherish the season as much as you do. This template is great to put up as brochures for charity dinners, fundraisers, sale of fresh produce, and others. It is also apt for your social media posts that demand a lit bit of creativity to get noticed. Simply use this template to send some rustic looking invitations or email invites saying thank you to the ones you care for. Your efforts will surely be recognized with this creative template. 


Harvest Box Nature PowerPoint Template

Download Harvest Box Nature PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds


Template 11: Thanksgiving Public Relation PPT

Having lovely people around you who care is one of life’s biggest blessings. Thank you near and dear ones for their love and blessings by hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner party for them. Invite them for a tasty retreat by using this template as invitations. This Thanksgiving party invite presents a plate full of delectable food which is the most important part of Thanksgiving- tasty food, great guests, and a feeling of gratitude in our hearts. Besides this, it is an easily customizable design that can be tweaked as per the linking of the user. So, click on the download button now, to make this design your own. 


Thanksgiving Public Relation Image

Download Thanksgiving Public Relation Image


Template 12: Happy Thanksgiving Icon with Three Candles 

Another symbol of celebration and festivities is Candles and the brightness it brings along. This template commemorates the use of candles and their significance on Thanksgiving day. It has a very simple design and an added space to fill in your personal messages. Use it to offer your prayers to the lord. All in all the design of this template suits the overall feel of holiday without going too overboard with it.  


Happy Thanksgiving Icon

Happy Thanksgiving Icon With Three Lite Candles


Template 13: Diagram Layout of Thanksgiving PPT

What’s the main element of extravagant Thanksgiving dinners? Yes, you guessed it right, it's Turkey! That is why we have designed this turkey invitation template so that you can make it a focus of your presentation. The design is somewhat similar to the first design, however, this one is more subtle, for my friends out there who like minimalistic design approaches. Use it to send creative invites to your guests and gather around them for a  scrumptious feast, one that will be remembered for ages straight. 


Business PPT Diagram Amazing Layout Of Thanksgiving PowerPoint Template

Download Business PPT Diagram Amazing Layout Of Thanksgiving PowerPoint Template


Template 14: Philippians 4:6 Prayer and Petition with Thanksgiving PPT

Spread the message of faith and thankfulness with this PPT Template. This Philippians 4:6 prayer template provides an example for the type of prayer we need to pray when we are concerned or worried. Allow this to be a part of your Thanksgiving festivities as you approach God humbly and gratefully. It can be used as a prayer to express gratitude to God for anything or everything. With this download, you may experience the delight of knowing that Christ's Grace is sufficient for all your needs.


0514 philippians 46 prayer and petition with thanksgiving powerpoint church sermon

Download Philippians 4:6 Prayer and Petition with Thanksgiving PowerPoint template


Template 15: Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card Icon with Autumn Leaf

Because Thanksgiving season falls in Autumn, this Autumn leaf greeting card is an apt one to bring your near and dear ones much closer to you. Strengthen the bonds of your precious relationship by sending creative greeting cards and invites. This template comes in very handy when you are looking for attractive designs for your Thanksgiving greeting cards. Use it to send heartwarming messages and share them with the community. This template can also be custom-tailored so edit anything in this design as per your desire. 


Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card

Download Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card Icon With Autumn Leaf


Template 16: Happy Thanksgiving Plate Chicken Icon with Fork

Invite everyone to eat, drink, and be grateful with this Thanksgiving icon template. Gather around for scrumptious dinner and brunch parties with your loved ones by sending invites with this template. This template uses vectors that can be replaced anytime. The icons can be modified and the color of them can be changed as per your liking. You can even add more festive icons, stamps, and images to this template to make it more personalized and holiday-ready. 


Happy Thanksgiving Plate Chicken Icon

Download Happy Thanksgiving Plate Chicken Icon With Fork


Template 17: Happy Thanksgiving Calendar Icon with Autumn Leaf

This is yet another template design that commemorates the fall season and its festivities in the form of a calendar. Use it to elevate the Thanksgiving festivities by sending creative greeting cards to your loved ones. This template uses high-quality vectors that can be altered as per your liking. Feel free to change anything in this design to fit your needs and requirements. 


Happy Thanksgiving Calendar

Download Happy Thanksgiving Calendar Icon With Autumn Leaf


Template 18: Happy Thanksgiving Icon with Person Praying

This template is all about the importance of prayer especially on Thanksgiving day when we admire even the small blessings we have. This template is made using editable icons that can be replaced or edited as per your liking. Also, the design is well-suited to any of your projects, thus it combines well with any backdrop or image that you will add. 


Happy Thanksgiving Icon

Download Happy Thanksgiving Icon With Person Praying


Template 19: Thanksgiving Invitation Border or Background

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? Use  this PPT Template to create an eye-catching invitation for all of your family and friends. This invitation slide is ideal for commemorating the emotion of gratitude, the taste of delicacies, and a moment of religious importance. Use it as a go-to invites for your guests.


Powerpoint template and background wit thanksgiving invitation border or background

Download Thanksgiving Invitation Border or Background PowerPoint Template


Template 20: Happy Thanksgiving Concept PPT Graphics

Whether you want to spread the message of gratitude or just gather everyone for a mouth-watering Thanksgiving meal, let this template design be your go-to Thanksgiving card. Just fill it up with your message and send it across for an amazing response from the receiver. This template is perfect to add more life to your Thanksgiving message. Also, feel free to modify this design as per your need such as you can add a background behind, change the color of the font, change the font size; the options are endless. 


Happy Thanksgiving Concept PPT

Download Happy Thanksgiving Concept PPT Graphics Icons PowerPoint


Be Grateful…

So now that you have 20 different Thanksgiving templates, you can incorporate a little Turkey-magic into your old and boring invites and give them a whirl!


Download a few of these templates and see which ones work the best for you. 


Hopefully, these designs will encourage you to add a little creative magic to your Thanksgiving ideas and help them become Turkey-licious. 




1.What is Thanksgiving and why is it celebrated?

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in North America celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. The day is designed to commemorate the harvest season and other blessings of the previous year. It is also observed on the second Monday of October in Canada, and comparable events are held in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as in a small city in the Netherlands.

Its origins in the United States can be traced back to 1621, when the Pilgrim Fathers, a group of European settlers from the Plymouth Colony, commemorated their first harvest in the New World with a spectacular three-day feast attended by both Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Thanksgiving became a national holiday when George Washington issued a proclamation in 1789, and President Lincoln designated it a federal holiday on the fourth Thursday of November in 1863.


2. When is Thanksgiving?

Canada: Second Monday in October.

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: Early October.

Grenada: 25thOctober

Japan: 23rd November       

United Kingdom: Late September or early October.


3. What happens on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November each year. It's that time of year when families get together to thank God for all of their love and blessings. Thanksgiving is often associated with spending time with family and friends. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a huge feast that includes a turkey as the centrepiece. Another method to celebrate Thanksgiving is to go to the parade, play football, volunteer, or play games.