Businesses like Amazon, General Electric, Target, Microsoft have shaped today’s world by their remarkable business plan and strategies. A robust business speaks volumes of power. It reflects dominance and vision, which influence people around the world.


Business influences our society in many different ways. It is a significant contributor to economic development, utilization of natural resources, revenue generation, and employment. Entrepreneurs need to present their business ideas in a way that it instantly clicks! 


SlideTeam professionals have designed these striking Top 10 Free Business Google Slides Templates for Entrepreneurs. Using these Google slides compatible PowerPoint templates, you can present your ideas like never before. Influence your clients and showcase business impressively using our fully customizable free business templates. 


Let’s climb up the corporate ladder with these editable free templates!


Top 10 Free Business Google Slides Templates to Download


Template 1


Agenda-Free-PowerPoint-Template (4)

Download this Agenda Free PPT Template


Describe the business agenda convincingly using our attention-grabbing free business Google slides. Explain your brand’s idea and work plan with our editable Google slides compatible free business template. This free template can also be used for presenting the meeting agenda so that no critical point of discussion is missed.


Template 2



Download this Free Roadmap PowerPoint Template


Business roadmaps are crucial as they give an overview and help in keeping track of upcoming tasks. Download this free business Google slides template for showcasing your company roadmap. You can also highlight the various business achievements using this contemporary free business template. As this free business template is customizable, you can edit the pre-designed template as per requirement.  


Template 3



Download Free Highlights PPT Template


Showcase your organization’s highlights using our pre-designed free business Google slides template. You can employ this visually appealing Google slides template to bring the spotlight on the main features of your business and elaborate on the critical activities involved.


Template 4



Download this free Targets PowerPoint Template


Download this eye-catching free business template for discussing the targets with the colleagues. With the help of our stunning free business template, you can also describe each team member’s responsibilities. Incorporate this professionally designed PowerPoint template for productive brainstorming sessions. 


Template 5



Download this Free Process PowerPoint Template


This versatile free business template is perfect for describing the various business operations. List the activities and steps for describing the process to your colleagues using this attention-grabbing template. You can also elaborate on the product features using this editable free business template. 


Template 6



Download Free Dashboard PowerPoint Template


Business dashboards provide a glance at the organization. Employ this attention-grabbing free business Google slides template for describing the revenue, number of employees, and profit with the help of our modern looking free business templates.


Template 7



Download Free Mission Vision PowerPoint Template


State your company’s vision and mission by incorporating this customizable free business Google slides template. This Google slides template can be used for meetings and conferences. This pre-designed free template is versatile and is a must for presenting the company’s goals.


Template 8



Download Free Company Introduction PPT Template


Showcase your company’s background with the help of our amazingly designed free business templates. You can describe the achievements accomplished using our pre-designed Google slides compatible templates. You can also acknowledge your team members by employing our editable template.


Template 9


Business Strategy Deployment For Sales Growth

Download Free Strategy PPT Slide


Present your business plan by incorporating our professionally designed free business Google slides template. You can describe the problems and issues with the colleagues by utilizing our stunning free business template.  


Template 10


Common Business Challenge

Download Free Challenges PowerPoint Template


Business challenges can be listed by downloading our editable free business template. Using this visually appealing free business Google slides template; entrepreneurs can discuss issues such as high price, poor service, etc. 


Download our free business templates to create your brand’s identity and excel in their niche. These Top 10 Free Business Google Slides Templates for Entrepreneurs are a must for acing the corporate ladder.