An entire day well-spent and just before wrapping up, informed individuals do a self evaluation. A log of activities right from when you get comfortable in your office chair, a daily report gains volume. A daily report, summarizes everything that kept your busy during the day. You can also highlight your achievements, and bring attention to any dependencies for the next day.




A daily activities report reflects on employees' productivity and helps organizations identify and track activities. Thus, when a responsible individual sends out daily reports, the practice bolsters team coordination. By collating these individual reports, team leads are in a better position to anticipate and plan for the future. Also, comparing these daily reports makes it feasible for management to process its workforce and generate performance reports .


With purpose defined, the next thing needed is a definite format to present it for which only a Daily Report Template can help. Of course, the format varies from departments to departments, which is why unique parameters of comparison must be tallied. 


Enter SlideTeam-the World's largest hub of PowerPoint Templates with an ever growing collection of 2 Million+ designs and custom design services to keep up our clients' demands. In the present context, here's our top list of most downloaded daily report templates for you.


Template 1: Daily Sales Report Template


Composing daily reports is the essence of a salesperson's work because it showcases their business during the day. With this One-page Template, justify your sales teams' activities in converting leads to loyal customers. Point out transactions, sales meets, sales records, and the comparison with targeted results. Represent this data graphically to make it visually appealing, as shown on this slide. Get this PPT Template from the link below.


One pager daily sales record sheet presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 2: Daily Task Planning and Reporting Template


Here is an indispensable template to track and plan your tasks. Categorize your day-to-day activities into tasks completed, in progress, and to-begin-tomorrow to get a better picture of your responsibilities. Use this daily tracker to present your individual or team report in a digestible format. You can also point out major meetings and the issues highlighted in them. Lastly, wrap up this daily report with self-evaluation, comments, and feedback for future reference. Grab this PPT Delight now.


Daily task planning for business report presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 3: Daily Production Report Template


Your production unit is equally in need of monitoring, and a daily reporting template, as this suffices for this purpose. Update this data report sheet on stats like production KPIs, the efficiency of machines, machinery utilization, downtime breakup, and manpower utilized. Use graphs and charts to depict this information effectively. Besides, add details related to delays, shifts, etc., with this all-in-one daily production sheet. Grab it now.


One pager daily production sheet presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 4: Daily Work Report Template


If you are in charge of producing detailed daily reports, then you require this all-encompassing PPT Presentation to share the many insights of day-to-day activities. Especially if you have to collate individual reports and present them as one, then this is the ideal choice of PPT Template for you. Maintain the activity and time record with this PPT Presentation. Keep track of materials and equipment used and also tally if tasks were completed on schedule with this all-in one PPT Layout. You can get its editable version from the link below. 


Daily report PowerPoint template bundles


Download this template


Template 5: Daily Activity Report Template in Marketing


To ensure accountability in day-to-day marketing activities, maintain a daily task report with this concise single-slide. Highlight your assessment in terms of tasks completed, ongoing, and next-week schedules with this editable PPT Layout. Personalize this report with your name and department, and renew this slide for your everyday usage. Download now.


Marketing employee daily activity report


Download this template


Template 6: Daily Construction Report Template


Here is a One-page Template to present your progressive site report. Highlight the timings, labor summary, equipment summary, and material delivery summary with this dedicated Daily Construction Report Template. Present the progress in graphics and also specify notes if any. You can also add safety comments and other changes to plan in this wholesome construction report. Download it from the link below.


One pager daily construction production sheets presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 7: Daily Status Report Template With Timeline


If you want to study your project and monitor it in terms of tasks completed over time, use this timeline template to record the progress. Use the Gantt Chart representation to showcase the work completion. Monitor progress for individual activity simultaneously over time and keep on updating the task start and completion dates. Get this editable PPT Template from the link below.


Timeline for multiple project on daily basis


Download this template


Template 8: One-Page Employee Daily Work Report Template


Present your detailed work report with this PPT Template. Track the progress of tasks assigned to you in terms of time spent on individual tasks and portions completed in a day. Get it signed by your manager without any huff. Use graphs and charts to enhance the visual appeal of your daily activities record. Download this editable layout now.


One page employee daily work status report presentation infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 9: Daily Productivity Report Tracker for Realtors


House selling and real-estate planning requires daily tracking. Monitor your multiple projects on a daily basis to track the timeline of their initiation and completion. Track aspects like budgets, hourly wages, and employees per shift to present your wholesome realtors daily report. Download now.


One pager realtor daily productivity tracker sheet presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 10: Daily Activity Report Template


Tally activities with hours worked, authorized overtime hours, sick hours applied, annual leave hours with this activity report sheet. Use this hour tracking sheet to then calculate efficiency, and to determine the active hours for the organization. Claim this PPT Template from the link below. 


Daily activity report and time record for employees


Download this template


Bring accountability to your workspaces now with our characteristic Daily Report Template formats and streamline the team report generation process 


PS: Is your project monitoring critical that every hour counts? Then our Hourly Agenda Templates assembled in this blog is your one-stop solution to ensure this level of monitoring.

FAQs on Daily Report

What is a daily report?

A daily report is a document that provides a summary of the activities, progress, and status of a project or task on a daily basis. It is typically used in business, construction, and other industries to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress of a project, and to identify any issues or problems that need to be addressed. The report may include information on accomplishments, upcoming tasks, and any challenges or obstacles that were encountered during the day.


A daily tasks' report is commonly used to give an overview of what has been done on a certain date, often part of a bigger project, and also specifies any plans for the next day. Any particular challenge or concern for the project, budget, and schedule is also the essence of a daily activities report.

What all should be included in a daily report?

A daily report should typically include the following information:


  1. Date: The date the report is being written. 
  2. Progress: A summary of the progress made on the project or task during the day, including any accomplishments, milestones reached, and any completed tasks. 
  3. Upcoming Tasks: A list of tasks planned for the following day or the next work period. 
  4. Challenges and Issues: A description of any challenges or issues that were encountered during the day, and any actions taken or planned to address them. 
  5. Attendance: An account of attendance of the employee, who were absent, who was on leave and who are new joined if any. 
  6. Budget and Expenditure: A brief of the project's budget, any expenditures made and the remaining budget if any. 
  7. Materials used and Inventory status: Any materials used and the current status of materials and inventory. 
  8. Safety and Quality Control: A report of safety issues, if any and the status of quality control measures. 
  9. Signature or confirmation: Signature or confirmation of the team leader or supervisor, to confirm the authenticity of the report

Keep in mind, the above list is a general guide, and the contents of a daily report may vary depending on the nature of the project or task and the needs of the stakeholders. The main goal of the daily report is to give a good overview of the progress of the project, providing the most essential information to the stakeholders.

What should not be part of a daily report?

A daily report should focus on providing relevant and important information about the project or task at hand. There are a few types of information that should typically not be included in a daily report:

  1. Confidential information: A daily report should not include any confidential or sensitive information that should not be shared with stakeholders or the general public. 
  2. Unnecessary details: A daily report should not include unnecessary or irrelevant details that do not contribute to an understanding of the project's progress or status. 
  3. Personal opinions or complaints: A daily report should be a factual account of the progress of the project and should not include personal opinions or complaints about colleagues, supervisors, or the project itself. 
  4. Speculation or assumptions: A daily report should include only information that is known to be true and should not include speculation or assumptions about future events or outcomes. 
  5. Too much technical language: While it may be important to understand technical aspects of the project, daily reports should be written in language that is easy to understand by stakeholders who may not be experts in the field. 
  6. Use of obscure abbreviations without full forms: While reports may be prepared in hurry, using repeated short forms without specifying their full form can become a hurdle in evaluating reports.
  7. Excessive formatting and design: While the report should be clear and readable, excessive formatting or design elements may distract from the important information that the report is meant to convey.

By keeping these things out of the report, the report will remain clear and focused on the most important information, making it more easily understood and actionable by the stakeholders.

What should be the length of a daily report?

The length of a daily report can vary depending on the purpose and audience of the report. Generally, a daily report should be concise and to the point, highlighting the most important information and progress made during the day. It should be long enough to provide a clear and detailed account of the work done, but not so long that it becomes tedious to read. 


A good rule of thumb is to aim for 1-2 pages, although in some cases, it may be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the report.