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Must-Have Wheel of Life Templates with Samples and Examples
Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

March 24 2023
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Every passing day, you are growing old. But are you developing a better perspective on life and becoming a better human being? Growing up to learn, unlearn, and relearn because giving up is not an option? Afterall, what is a better definition of a human being but resilience and creativity in perfect proportions, with a tendency to transform. The only impetus needed for such transformative experiences is becoming self-aware. To this end, a world-class tool most high-performance businesses and individuals are known to use is the ultimate self-assessment test, the Wheel of Life.




What is a Wheel of Life?


Pioneered by the founder of the Success Motivation Institute, Paul J. Meyer in 1960, a wheel of life is a self-evaluation tool. It helps us assess where we are in life and directs us to where we want to be. 

Whether it is our personal growth, relationships, health, or professional goals, there are up to 10 areas in our life that can be monitored with the tool’s help. Complacency is never an option, as we go about interacting with this visual tool. 


But, how exactly does a visual tool help one’s life? Here’s a primer on how.


How to Use a Wheel of Life?


A wheel of life summarizes one’s expectations from life. It sets up a comparison between our present status and where we intend to be. Thus, one’s satisfaction levels can be matched and aimed for. Graphically, a circle is sliced into pieces of 8-10 to represent areas of human concern. These are:


  1. Personal Growth and Self Development 
  2. Romance
  3. Family and Friends
  4. Health
  5. Finances
  6. Business and Career
  7. Physical Environment
  8. Fun and Recreation
  9. Contribution 
  10. Spirituality


Instead of trying to plan it all in your head and getting all most and mixed up, use the wheel of life to simplify planning and execution of these important aspects. On a wheel of life chart, each slice is assigned a value between 0-10. Your current estimated score is then compared with an aspirational value to know how far you have come and how far you have to go. Thus, if life coaching for yourself or your clients is your objective, wheel of cycle templates are your go-to tools. 


We now address these core aspects of living with SlideTeam’s own collection of editable wheel of life templates:

Template 1: Life Coaching Wheel with Self Development Factor

Of the 8 most common aspects of human life, focus on self-development with this wheel of life assessment. Assess your performance compared to an expected score and trace how well your life is going on that parameter. If you are topping the class, let this wheel of life template be a proof of compliment, however, if you are lagging, use this life wheel template to motivate you to do better. Claim this editable layout to highlight your self development journey.


Life coaching wheel Template with self development factor


Download this template

Template 2: Wheel of Life Coaching with Physical Environment Factor

Assess your level of self-awareness and environmental responsibilities with this wheel of life diagram. Rate your environmental friendliness based on habits, participation in community services, and level of responsibility that you shoulder to protect mother nature using this PPT Diagram. Take inspiration in how far you have come or motivate yourself to become a better human being using this wheel of life assessment graphic. Download now!


Wheel of life coaching Template with physical environment factor


Download this template

Template 3: Wheel of Life Coaching with Social and Cultural Factor

How humane and socially acceptable are you? Are you balanced enough to draw up benefits for your own growth and also add to your community? Track your social and cultural behavior with this wheel of chart template. Rate your social and cultural skills on a score of ten using this editable PPT Layout and if they stand out, pat yourself on the back. If you are lagging behind, make necessary adjustments to your personality to adapt to your society and culture. Deduce the intensity of your efforts needed in this direction by drawing this wheel of circle analysis for yourself or your clients. Download now!


Wheel of life coaching Template with social and cultural factor


Download this template

Template 4: Life Coaching Wheel with Personal Growth Factor

Are you more well-informed, skilled, and emotionally well-developed? Track your progress with respect to personal growth to make necessary efforts to improve using this life balance wheel template. Rate your education, social, mental, and physical development compared to your expectations and track how far you have come and the path you still have to travel. Grab this content-ready PPT Design to perform this analysis.


Life coaching wheel Template with personal growth factor


Download this template

Template 5: Life Coaching Wheel with Friends and Community Factor

How do you rate your friend circle and social etiquettes? Use this editable PPT life wheel template Diagram to share a snapshot of your evaluation if you have been working on improving your social quotient/behavior or have just simply started paying attention to it, of late. Rate your evaluation on a scale of 0-10. Showcase the results of being attentive in this direction as it will impact other aspects of your life as well in a transformational manner. Download this intuitive diagram featuring the wheel of life now!


Life coaching wheel Template with friends and community factor


Download this template

Template 6: Life Coaching Wheel with Spiritual Alignment Factor

How would you rate your spirituality on a scale of 0-10 and as an important aspect of life? Showcase your performance and the attention you have been paying in this regard with this diagrammatic PowerPoint Template. Are other aspects being impacted because of your fanaticism or do you completely lack the spiritual touch? Assess this important religious aspect with this life balance wheel template. Download now!


Life coaching wheel Template with spiritual alignment factor


Download this template 

Template 7: Life Coaching Wheel with Career and Health Factor

With this life wheel balance diagram, balance career and good health and rate how you are faring in these aspects. Analyze the correlation between these and monitor our state of well-being with a secured future simultaneously with this editable diagrammatic template. Track other areas as well but with special attention to health and career using this PPT Design. Download now.


Life coaching wheel Template with career and health factor


Download this template

Template 8: Wheel of Business Life Including Performance Template

A wheel of life also runs parallel to the working of a business to identify areas of improvements, and areas where it excels. With this design-ready template, weave a story of your evolution, growth, strengths, and mode of working. Rate each of these areas to redirect team efforts and resources. Without any ado, download it now!


Wheel of business life Template including performance


Download this template 




We hope that with these wheel of life templates, you will gain some clarity on how to redirect your life toward success and betterment. 


PS: Skill gap analysis is essential when attempting to achieve perfection. Know where the lags lie within yourself or your team with this blog featuring editable templates on skills gap analysis.

FAQs on the Wheel of Life
Is the wheel of life a good life coaching tool?

The Wheel of Life is a popular personal development tool used to help individuals assess their level of satisfaction or fulfillment in significant aspects of their life. It is also known as the Life Wheel or the Balance Wheel.


The Wheel of Life typically consists of a circle divided into sections, each representing an aspect of a person's life, such as career, family, relationships, health, finance, spirituality, and personal growth. The sections can vary depending on the particular model used.


To use the Wheel of Life, individuals rate their level of satisfaction or fulfillment in each area by placing a mark on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied. The resulting visual representation of the marks on the Wheel of Life can help individuals identify portions of their life that they need to work upon.


The Wheel of Life can be a useful tool for self-reflection and goal setting, as it helps individuals gain a broader perspective on their overall well-being and can guide them to make changes to improve their quality of life. To practice this assessment, scroll up to use our wheel of life templates. 

What is an example of the wheel of life?

Let's evaluate a wheel of life with eight categories:


  • Career/Business
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Family/Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Fun/Recreation
  • Spiritual Life
  • Physical Environment

Each category is assigned a percentage value based on the individual's level of satisfaction or fulfillment in that area, with 0% representing complete dissatisfaction and 100% representing complete fulfillment. The resulting Wheel of Life can provide a visual representation of where the individual is currently at in their life and which areas may require more attention and focus to achieve balance and satisfaction.

What are the 12 areas of life?

The 12 areas of life can vary depending on the particular model used, but here is an example of 12 most commonly used aspects: :


  • Career/Business
  • Finances/Money
  • Health/Fitness
  • Relationships/Romance
  • Personal Growth/Self-Development
  • Spirituality/Religion
  • Fun/Recreation/Hobbies
  • Contribution/Giving Back
  • Physical Environment/Home
  • Family/Parenting
  • Social Life/Community
  • Emotional Well-being/Mental Health


The Wheel of Life can be a useful tool for this purpose, as it provides a visual representation of an individual's satisfaction or fulfillment levels in each area. 

What is the wheel of life coaching assessment?

The Wheel of Life coaching assessment is a tool used by life coaches to help individuals assess their level of satisfaction or fulfillment in significant life aspects. The assessment typically consists of a circle divided into sections, each representing a domain area of a person's life, such as career, relationships, health, personal growth, etc. The ranking is linear, on a scale of 1-10. 


Once an individual has completed the Wheel of Life assessment, the coach can help them identify specific goals and action steps to improve their satisfaction or fulfillment in each area. The coach may also use the assessment as a starting point for deeper exploration and discussion of the individual's values, beliefs, and goals. Whether it is self-coaching or life coaching for your clients, ease your assessment with our wheel of life templates as shared in the blog above.

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