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20 Pie Chart Templates to Draw Intuitive Comparisons

20 Pie Chart Templates to Draw Intuitive Comparisons

Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

November 17 2021

Measurements are part and parcel of our life, and comparison is the very essence of it. 


From weighing food materials before cooking to distributing national, corporate, or household budgets, measurement and comparisons find their roots everywhere.


A good practice when dispensing resources is to manage and visualize their exhaustion cautiously. Graphs, charts, and reports serve this purpose effectively. Graphical visualization also finds use within organizations to keep the employees updated, track revenue dynamics, and plan consequently.


Pie charts, for instance, represent a variant of graphs that allow us to compare portions to the whole. We identify and distribute values between two or more categories for a given budget, space, or quantity to visualize proportions. 




In this blog we have summoned 20 creatively designed pie chart templates that you can put to use.


20 Ready-to-use Pie Chart Templates


Pie charts are ideal for studying the distribution of budget or employees within an organization. They are also used for surveying responses and classifying opinions (especially if more than two). 


Besides, you can use pie chart designs to visually represent the percentage of users, or followers of a particular brand or service. They are also appropriate to study and demonstrate the composition of materials.


Owing to these applications, the humble pie chart finds its use in corporations, academia, and management concerning both small and big units. 


To fulfill your data visualization needs, we are featuring our 20 best pie chart templates here. Replete with editable graphics and icons, these 2D and 3D template designs will help you discover your inner data storyteller with ease. So scroll below and download the ones you like.  

Template 1

Here is the simplest of the pie chart templates to help you present the distribution of entities. The whole circle is assigned a total value, and each segment corresponds to an individual portion. Additionally, you can allocate accurate percentages to quantify segments. 


Pie Chart PPT


Download this template

Template 2

If the number of constituents is more than four, a composite 2-D pie chart template is needed to visualize it. You can even associate an index for individual segments to avoid any superimposition of labels. Even in the absence of indexing, you can always use pull-out arrows to label segments. These types of pie chart templates come handy when addressing customer complaints, in order to prioritize them for resolution purposes.


Percentage wise Customer Complaints Pie Charts


Download this template

Template 3

If you are looking for a data-efficient graph that can be extended to perform multiple analyses simultaneously, the donut pie chart is the best fit. We begin with the simplest pie chart template of this category. You can add plenty of information within and outside the graph using pull-out arrows to explain individual segments. Also, data visualization is enhanced with the characteristic look of this PPT design.


Six Staged Pie Chart With Text Boxes And Business Icons Flat Powerpoint Design


Download this template

Template 4

Here is a donut chart template to classify components of a single unit. The donut shape enhances the scope of information that can be presented. The puzzle design establishes unison among the contents and, hence, can be used to bring creativity to your presentation.


Eight Point Pie Chart Puzzle With Icons


Download this template

Template 5

Here is another creative donut chart template to put to use. Characterized by icons with individual comment sections to elaborate on them, this template will let you highlight the eight constituent aspects of a process or a department. Additionally, icons enhance the visualization and can be changed as per the data being presented.


Circular Pie Chart With Eight Icons


Download this template

Template 6

Download this simple 2D graphical representation with percentage analysis for enhanced visualization. The complementary color coding and indexing can pilot the audience through this slide to gain its essence. Put this PPT template to use in your management or academic reports.


Pie Chart With Percentage Analysis PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 7

If you are looking for a donut chart with minimal text space, here is a PPT design to use. With this PowerPoint diagram, you can classify your annual budget easily. Download now. 


Pie Chart Industry Cost Structure PPT Slide


Download this template

Template 8

Here is another frequently downloaded PowerPoint template to present an annual report. Use this donut pie chart template to display proportions. The percentage values determine the exact proportions of segments that can be further discussed in the labels.


Pie Chart PPT Backgrounds


Download this template

Template 9

Here is another extension of the donut pie chart. Segments are protruding in a whirlpool manner to make room for the detailing of each component. Pull out arrows also avoid any text clumping to give a neat look.


Colored Pie Chart With Percentage Graphics Flat PowerPoint Design


Download this template

Template 10

Here is another PPT template featuring an extended donut pie chart. The icons enhance the identification of segments here along with easily resizable pie chart dimensions.


Fp Nine Staged Pie Chart With Icons Powerpoint Template


Download this template

Template 11

This template showcases a 3-D pie chart template. The aesthetic design can be used to bring segments to life. Use this template to present minimal categorizations in order to untangle visualization.

(However a pro tip here would be to avoid visualizing too many proportions with a 3D chart, otherwise it is just kaboom!)


 pie chart PPT presentation


Download this template

Template 12

Here is a creative 3-D pie chart template to represent segments as chunks of a whole. You can align percentage proportions and explain each chunk briefly. The solid figure appearance also gives it an aesthetic appeal of its own.


0414 Business Comparison Pie Chart PowerPoint Graph


Download this template

Template 13

A simple four-part 3D pie chart template is presented here. The dual visualization of a bar graph from its side and a 2-D pie chart from the top view imparts an aesthetic appeal. Download this uniquely constructed PPT template to make your audience stare in awe.


eam Performance Pie Chart With Silhouettes On Top And Comment Bubble


Download this template

Template 14

This pie chart template can be used to compare performances of different parameters as separate pie charts. This PPT slide, in particular, can help you visualize expenses and generate profit percentages accordingly. In this slide, you can display profit percentage as a direct result of three different expenditures and the corresponding sales made out of them.


Profit And Expenses Percentage Circle


Download this template

Template 15

Here is another multi-set pie chart template to compare any three primary features or parameters of a subject under observation. With 100% being the maximum value of each characteristic, you can display theoretical or calculated shares with this PPT design. Additionally, icons, colors, and labels make it self-explanatory.


Pie Chart PPT Inspiration


Download this template

Template 16

Suppose you need to compare the characteristics of more than one subject entity or process simultaneously. Here is a PowerPoint design to execute it. You can use this PPT template to compare performances or expenditure distribution for up to three years at the same time and represent each segment by color gradients. Each segment's indexing and labeling is also provided in this design, thereby making it a must for your office folder.


Comparison Pie Chart Three Different Steps


Download this template

Template 17

If you wish to dissect data in such a way as to highlight a particular proportion of it, this donut-chunk pie chart is a smart way to ensure it. Along with percentage indicators, each segment can be elaborated for its characteristics in a concise manner. Once you have downloaded this PPT layout, you can alter the color, size, or text to deliver the task at hand.


Pie Chart PPT Slide


Download this template

Template 18 

If you are looking for a collaboration of multiple graphs and indexes to present a comprehensive report, here is a top choice for such a dashboard graph. This digital analytics dashboard is a composite of meters, graphs (bar, line, and pie charts) and indexes to label them. Use this dashboard template to compare and visualize multiple variables through graphs or charts, whichever makes their visualization feasible.


Digital Analytics Dashboard Pie Chart


Download this template

Template 19

Here is a template to perform parallel visualization of a bar graph and a pie chart. This template allows you to combine the utilities of both the charts on a single PPT template to comprehend the dynamics and the proportion of data at the same time. 


3d Graphs Business Bar Chart And Pie Chart With Icons


Download this template

Template 20

Here is a four-part progress report pie chart template to present and visualize data. Use this dashboard-style PPT template to represent processes, quarterly revenues, and overall company sales. Study the effect of strategies on your sales as you compare such annual compilations with this handy PowerPoint design.


3d Graphs Business Bar Chart And Pie Chart With Icons


Download this template


So there you have it! Use these pie chart templates to study comparative data with ease. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. To learn more about data visualization, check out this blog featuring ways to enhance data visualization.

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