As per research, employees become highly skilled performers by identifying areas that require improvement and then working towards it with the regular feedback. This is only possible by conducting a Self-Performance Review. This process of self-discovery is a great opportunity for getting adequate support needed from the team for growth and development. 


According to Heidi Hauver, a leader in mentorship, self-discovery is essential for becoming your best self at work. “I’m a big believer that self-awareness is a superpower. I think you need to appreciate that each of us are on our own journey and to set your own path, not compare yourself to others while you’re on your unique path.”


What is Self-Performance Review?


It is a method practiced in organizations that enables employees to evaluate their efforts towards the company, recognizing areas in which their performance is profitable for the business and where an upgrade is required. Therefore, self-evaluation is critical to determine the progress made and lays the groundwork for career growth. To learn useful tips for self-evaluation, consider best-in-class templates. Click here! 


For streamlined performance review, SlideTeam brings you well-curated templates for self-performance review. Each template is 100% editable and customizable, designed to guide you for a specific stage of the review process. 


Let’s explore the templates now!


Template 1 - Assessment Form for Employee Self-Performance Review 

This PPT Template is an assessment form for evaluating employee’s performance. On the top, it shows details such as employees name, department, ID and date. After this, you can see sections for listing certain key points related to employees work, to review their performance. For example, objectives met or exceeded during performance review period, objectives that were not met during this period, strengths, skills needed to develop further etc. 



Template 2 - Evaluation Checklist for Employees Self Performance Review 

The format of this template is designed to find out workers' opinion about the tasks assigned to them. Use this PPT slide for evaluating employees by asking questions such as understanding of the responsibility of the job, understanding of supervisor responsibilities, whether the workload is heavier, and so on. Their answers will be marked between 0 to 1 depending on their responses like don’t agree, agree, totally agree etc. 



Template 3 - Tips for Writing a Self-Evaluation for Employee Performance Review 

This slide depicts tips to write a self-evaluation for performance review. There are four boxes each with a different icon to give it an appealing view. In the first box, you can see, Specify, here an employee must mention an example of their achievement. Next one is Star Method, where action taken to achieve a desired objective and the result will be written. Then comes Provide Evidence for work proof and the last one is Refer JD



Template 4 – Employee Self Performance Review Form for Appraisal 

Assess current responsibilities, achievements and expected performance of your employees with this dynamic and well-crafted template. This would help you underline the tasks allocated to employees and plan a goal for them. This comprehensive template facilitates essential information required for the performance review of the employees. Simplify the challenging self-assessment process with this content-ready and impactful tool. 



Template 5 - Major Sections included in Employee Self Performance Review Process 

Looking for an all-encompassing guidance on employee performance review? Here is a PPT Template that showcases major sections that needs to be considered for analysing performance of the workers. This is a striking layout for self-assessment which includes - Goals Assessment to check whether an employee has achieved set targets, Major Achievements, Improvement Areas, and Core Values and Beliefs for assessing employees’ work behavior. 



Template 6 – Employee Performance Review Process Flow 

This slide covers employee performance review process flow to improve productivity of employees. It involves three parties such as HR, Employee and Manager. Make use of this template for getting a direction and developing the right strategy to go ahead with the performance review process. For successful implementation of the evaluation procedure, keep this flow in mind and achieve the greatest productivity.  



Template 7 – Flow Chart for Employee Self-performance Review 

To help you with a strategic and step-by-step process for self-performance review, we have created a workable flow chart for performance assessment. It requires taking necessary actions by Human Resources, Employees, Evaluator and Administrator. The process starts from educating employees on conducting review process, then providing forms to parties, completing self-evaluation, reviewing, developing final appraisal, signing final documents, and completing the filing process. 



Template 8 – Work Force Self-Performance Review 

This PPT Template illustrates work force self-performance review form for the appraisal and work improvement. Here, you can see there are sections where one can write about their goals achieved, strengths etc. To be more precise, an employee must list the objectives met and not met during the review period, their key strengths for example, persistence and dedication. Area for further development also need to be indicated. 



Template 9 – Employee Self-Performance Review Checklist for Appraisal  

Incorporating a performance review checklist is another crucial way to conduct self-performance evaluation. This PPT Template shows a list of work done by the employees. For example, updating performance log frequently, updating senior on regular tasks and assignments, seek feedback session throughout appraisal period, etc. and with each of these tasks, there is a YES or NO option which should be ticked accordingly. 



Template 10 – Staff Appraisal Performance Review Checklist 

This PPT Template demonstrates the review checklist of employee appraisal process. The purpose of this template is to evaluate the employees and assign the reports to the designated staff. Here the employee tasks include Self Review, Manager Review, Review from Peers, Summary Review and HR Recommendations. There are also columns for assigned date and remarks which completes this performance appraisal layout. 



Build a Better Future for Your Organization


The road to success is never easy. There are obstacles that a company may face during its evolution and even after establishment. To keep your business ongoing and enhance its productivity, it is important to evaluate employees’ performance. On this assessment, it will be easier to bring necessary improvement in them. So, self-performance review is not only essential for appraisal but also for the growth of the organization which depends on contribution of the employees.   


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