As a business grows in strength, diversification becomes imminent. Workers get categorized by their skills to work together as teams that deliver the business goals. Grouping employees imparts them a structure, where individuals are organized hierarchically and connected in a way that the work is efficiently conducted. This order represents the team structure where tasks are assigned to the best of the abilities of team members who work together to complete their tasks. Organizations must identify such team structures for better communication, stakeholder introduction, or title assignment. What better way to do so than with team structure templates?




Team structure templates will highlight members by their designation and their position in the hierarchy. These PPT Designs help in easy work distribution, recognizing and rewarding the best performers, and defaulters. Whether it is a project team you want to showcase, or the members of your core departments, our team structure templates will help you do it more professionally. You can even add a photo and designation of each member and edit these PPT Slides that way you like. The templates are 100% editable and compatible with popular presentation software that provides you with complete control.


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Template 1: Team Structure for Agile Development PowerPoint Presentation


Create the next efficient scrum structure for implementing agile methodologies using this PPT Presentation. Define the rules for establishing teams, discuss their functions, and identify the types of team structures that can be formed for better work execution. Using flowcharts introduce the working hierarchy and label profiles that are critical to the projects. With the detailed graphs and diagrams, you can also lay down the working mechanism and contribute to better communication. With the versatile and purposeful slides that this complete deck offers, start streamlining your next projects by downloading it now!


Scrum Team Structure for Agile Development Template


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Template 2: Our Business Team Operational Structure Flowchart Template 


Introduce your business operations team structure with this flowchart template. Mention important profiles right from the top management to the teams they supervise with this team structure template. The top management could be director of operations, safety, and engineering and emerging from it the hierarchy of teams and key employee profiles. To bring order in employee working, grab this team structure template now.


Our Business Team Operational Structure Flowchart Template


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Template 3: Project Team Structure Template With Head of Project and Executive Creative Directors


Showcase your arrangement of project heads and directors with this editable PPT Diagram. Present the hierarchy for running projects and identify the prominent profiles handling the tasks. This would include head of project management, executive creative director, client services, production, and technology heads. Sort them according to the role they play in executing projects and get started by downloading it now.


Project Team Structure With Head Of Project And Executives Template


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Template 4: Organization Structure of Marketing Team Template


Show how your marketing workflows with this team structure template. Introduce your audience to the excellent team structure of your e-commerce handling acquisition, trading, fulfillment, projects, and social media marketing. With this project structure template, you can identify the diversity that exists within these primary departments and enlighten your stakeholders about your extensive responsibilities. Gran this PPT design now!


Organization Structure of Marketing Team Template


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Template 5: Crisis Management Team Structure Template


Risks and crises are part of big projects so it is important to have a team in place that will mitigate the risk, address the damage, and alleviate the harm. With this crisis management team structure template, you can showcase that crucial department of your organization that handles critical moments and manages crises. Identify the person/profile that leads the management and the ones who must report to him/her. Download it now!.


Crisis Management Team Structure Template


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Template 6: Our Project Team Work Breakdown Structure Template


If you're looking for a template where you can showcase your work breakdown and distribute the tasks to teams/departments, this is the ideal PPT Design for you. Associate teams to their responsibilities and show the interconnection. You can represent the level of responsibilities each layer of members is assigned. Grab this project team template now!


Our Project Team Work Breakdown Structure Template


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Template 7: Executive Management Team Structure Template

Showcase your brilliant and hardworking executive management with this simple yet powerful team structure template. Identify the primary departments, like operations and marketing and showcase the employee profiles working in them. Label supervisors, managers, and executives, to the door-to-door sales executives with this PPT Layout. Download it now!


Our Executive Management Team Structure Template


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Template 8: Marketing Team Hierarchy Structure Template


Showcase the essence of your marketing team from various decisions and profiles coordination and working to bring out desired results with this PPT Design. This team structure template will help you identify and establish a sense of belongingness between departments like the director, marketing analytics, customer relationship managers, acquisition manners, creative directors, and brand marketing directors. Don’t look for a readymade layout beyond this, grab this team structure template and customize it now!


Marketing Team Hierarchy Structure Model Template


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Template 9: Organization Chart Management Team Structure Infographic Template


Showcase your team of efficient management with this team structure template. Identify profiles by their formal snapshots along with the role they play in the management. You can add special features of the teams and their feats in the past to glorify the team. Grab this design now and customize it at will.


Organization Chart Management Team Structure Template


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Template 10: Crisis Team Structure for Organizational Risk Management Template


Identify the team handling crises in your organization and the risk managers with this PPT Layout. Share the elaborate hierarchy of members representing crisis management with this team structure template. Point out the critical profiles like crisis team leader, safety officer, legal advisors, procurement unit leader with their responsibilities. Download it now!


Crisis Team Structure for Organizational Risk Management Template


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Depict your teams and the role they play in conducting business operations with our team structure templates. 


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FAQs on Team Structure

What is a team structure?

A team structure is an organizational arrangement where individuals with complementary skills and expertise collaborate to achieve common goals or tasks. It involves members working together under a shared purpose, often with designated roles and responsibilities. Team structures can vary, including functional teams focused on specific job functions, cross-functional teams that bring together diverse skills, or project teams formed for temporary assignments. Effective team structures promote collaboration, enhance problem-solving, and leverage collective strengths, fostering synergy and productivity. They are common in modern workplaces, encouraging cooperation and adaptability to address complex challenges and meet organizational objectives.

What are the four types of team structure?

The four types of team structures are:


  • Functional Teams:
  • Organized by job functions or departments.
  • Specialized expertise within each team.
  • Efficient for routine tasks and clear reporting lines.


  • Cross-Functional Teams:
  • Comprise members from different departments or disciplines.
  • Promote diverse perspectives and innovation.
  • Ideal for complex projects and problem-solving.


  • Self-Managed Teams:
  • Empowered to make autonomous decisions.
  • Share responsibility for tasks and leadership.
  • Foster high employee engagement and ownership.


  • Project Teams:
  • Formed for temporary, specific projects or goals.
  • Task-focused with a defined timeline.
  • Dissolve after project completion, enhancing flexibility.

What is the function of team structure?

A team structure serves several key functions:


  1. Specialization: Team structures allow individuals with diverse skills to work together, leveraging their expertise for specialized tasks or functions.
  2. Synergy: Promote synergy by combining individual strengths and perspectives, leading to enhanced creativity, problem-solving, and productivity.
  3. Accountability: Team structures define roles and responsibilities, ensuring accountability for tasks and outcomes.
  4. Flexibility: Teams can adapt quickly to changing needs and challenges, fostering organizational agility.
  5. Innovation: Diverse teams encourage innovative thinking and the generation of new ideas.
  6. Goal Achievement: Team structures aim to achieve common goals and drive overall success for the organization.

What are the 5 steps to build a team?

Building an effective team involves five key steps:


  1. Define Purpose: Articulate the team's purpose, goals, and objectives. Ensure team members understand the mission and their role in achieving it.
  2. Select Diverse Members: Assemble a diverse group with complementary skills, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity can foster creativity and problem-solving.
  3. Establish Roles and Responsibilities: Define each member's roles and responsibilities to prevent confusion and overlap. Ensure alignment with the team's purpose.
  4. Foster Communication: Promote open and transparent communication within the team. Encourage active listening, feedback, and regular updates to maintain cohesion.
  5. Cultivate Trust and Collaboration: Build trust among team members through shared experiences, mutual respect, and accountability. Encourage collaboration and support a positive team culture to maximize productivity and success.

What is an example of a team structure?

One example of a team structure is a Cross-Functional Team in a technology company. This team comprises members from engineering, design, marketing, and quality assurance. Their goal is to develop a new software product. Each member brings unique expertise to the project, with engineers handling coding, designers focusing on user interface, marketers strategizing product promotion, and QA testers ensuring quality. This structure promotes collaboration, as team members work with each other to align their efforts, share insights, and address challenges. The cross-functional approach enhances innovation, resulting in a well-rounded product that meets both technical and market requirements.