As a marketer, when was the last time you were asked to make a presentation outlining your team structure and responsibility? We are sure this task was demanded of you just recently, with the marketing team acting as the backbone of any business. The top management love to see this backbone in top shape; these exercises are just meant to test out their marketing team.

However, outlining your marketing plan or strategy with the right team structure may seem daunting. To depict all of these in clear and crisp PPT Slides maybe even more challenging.


To help you complete this task with ease, deploy SlideTeam’s ready-to-use PowerPoint Templates that are creative and 100% customizable.


In this blog, we will outline ten marketing templates, each geared to resolve specific pain-points of marketers. With these templates, you can plan your marketing strategies and outline core marketing responsibilities.


Let us begin our exploration into the world of marketing presentation templates.


Template 1 : Agile Marketing Process Manifesto and Team Structure PowerPoint Template 

This is an in-depth, researched agile marketing process and team structure template. Using this template, you can plan, prepare, document, and analyze your agile marketing techniques. You can demonstrate your company’s cross-functional team involvement with graphs and charts, something which is not routine in presentations. This PowerPoint Template encapsulates transparent processes and makes use of professional layouts. Deploy this ready-to-use PowerPoint Design to draw up your agile marketing department structure in a perfect manner. Download Now!


agile marketing process manifesto and team structure powerpoint presentation slides wd


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Template 2 : Project Team Brand Marketing Structure PowerPoint Template

In any brand marketing presentation, your PowerPoint Template layout plays a key role. With our brand marketing structure presentation template that define the roles of groups within your organization find the sweet spot where every integrated teams gets a look-in. The teams that this presentation template defines are the Digital Marketing team, Content Creation team, Search Engine Optimization team, and Social Media team. Download Now!


our project team brand marketing structure wd


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Template 3: Organization Structure Marketing Team PPT Template

E-marketing is the buzzword of today. The marketing team structure in this PPT Template is based on roles. From trading, acquisition, customer services, customer relationship management, and even content, all bases are covered. Interestingly, the slide also provides a hint of each team’s competency matrix. Use this presentation template to list all functions an e-commerce marketing team performs and know about their unique skills and areas for improvement.


organization structure of marketing team developing e commerce marketing plan


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Template 4: Marketing Team Introduction Chart PowerPoint Template

This is another fantastic template to introduce your team members and make them feel valued. If you wish to succinctly capture these various roles and highlight the performance of your digital marketing team member, this presentation template is for you. The Marketing Team Introduction template includes designs to capture your team’s names, positions, responsibilities, and backgrounds. Download Now!


our marketing team introduction chart wd


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Template 5 : Meet the Team for Client Marketing Service Infographic PowerPoint Template

This is a single-slide PowerPoint template titled ‘Meet the team’. Client marketing services require the portrayal and credibility of adding your team members. Use this template to showcase your marketing team's strength and lure your audience into believing what you have to say. This PowerPoint Design will dazzle your viewers. Download Now!


meet the team for client marketing service infographic template wd


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Template 6 : Enterprise Sales and Marketing Team Structure PowerPoint Template

This multi-dimensional PPT Template is meant to highlight your sales and marketing combine to help your business reach specific goals. One is also reminded of the fact that each type of marketing category ultimately has to turn to sales people. Showcase the importance of this your sales people, the unheralded foot soldier, to actually showcase your company’s new perspective on marketing team structure and its efforts.


enterprise sales marketing team structure wd


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Template 7: Marketing Team Horizontal Hierarchy with Employee Names PowerPoint Template

A hierarchy-driven approach highlights responsibilities and roles that each marketing team member is expected to adhere to. With this Marketing team Horizontal Hierarchy template, you can capture your organizational levels from the marketing head, marketing president, product manager, advertising manager, public relations manager, and market research manager. Include each team member’s name, designations, and background to capture their roles and present them on a slide. You can also use this template to highlight team size, roles, and skills of your team members to make an impact on your client. Download Now!


marketing team horizontal hierarchy with employee names wd


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Template 8 : Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing team PowerPoint Slide

Delegation is essential to running the team like a well-oiled machine. Use this PowerPoint Preset to showcase which tasks are delegated to which team members. This allows the team to have a goal in mind when they start. We are sure this presentation template will be handy for your marketing strategy planning. Download Now!


roles and responsibilities of marketing team powerpoint slide presentation sample wd


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Template 9 : Leadership Team behind Project marketing Product PowerPoint Template

Highlighting your marketing team size and individual roles is crucial in any leadership-led team communication. Whether a marketing product launch or a review, the right way to highlight the leadership team’s credentials is imperative. This PowerPoint Template captures brief biography of important senior-level executives and department heads. The five-phase design portrays the right marketing team structure and highlight leadership support. Download Now!


leadership team behind the project marketing product ppt pictures deck wd


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Template 10 : Real Estate Marketing Team PowerPoint Template

One of the perennial requirements of a real estate firm is making presentations to relevant stakeholders. The team for this starts with a property researcher at the helm of affairs. Then, we may have one or many junior researchers to help him/her out. Depending on how your team is structured, you can add date on the three dimensions of name, role and responsibilities. Ultimately, this slide also helps you in mapping people to responsibilities. Download Now!


our team for real estate marketing real estate listing marketing plan ppt structure wd


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PowerPoint Presentation Templates are bound to assume a much greater role in professional lives of marketing personnel, as the ambit of their role at the workplace widens. Grab these customizable marketing team structure templates and showcase your team effort to your audience. Marketing is here to stay, so let’s be ready with the right resources to up your selling game!


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PS: If you wish to capture team structures and other department leads through a hierarchy chart, explore the unique PPT Templates presented in this blog.


FAQs on Marketing Team Structure


What is the structure of a marketing team?


Organizations use varying team structures. A typical marketing team structure, however, will include a top leader and managers reporting to them. The marketing team may be divided into sub-units that focus on specific requirements and perform specialized marketing functions. Most department structures are dependent on the objectives of the organization. A typical marketing department team structure includes the following positions:

  1. Marketing president
  2. Marketing manager
  3. Product manager
  4. Advertising manager
  5. Public-relations manager
  6. Advertising manager


Who are the core marketing team members?


Across organizations, the marketing team includes core team members. Typically, the following are included:

A) Marketing team director

This person is responsible for overseeing your marketing campaign. He/she also collaborates with team members to ensure smooth business processes.

B) Project manager

A project manager is responsible for bringing conceptualized ideas to life from a marketing standpoint. He/she identifies resources and plans tasks that help achieve organization goals.

C) SEO strategist

An SEO strategist is responsible for creating an online presence for your brand using the right optimization strategies.

D) Social media manager

With the right personality, graphic design skills, and copywriting abilities, a social media manager is responsible for bringing your brand to the forefront on social media platforms.


How are most in-house marketing teams structured?


Most in-house marketing teams are structured keeping in mind business goals and objectives. A typical in-house marketing team structure will have:

  1. Content manager

Responsible for creating all content requirements exposed to the customers on-field or online.

  1. Design specialist

Responsible for creating design templates and other collaterals to communicate to your target audience.

  1. Digital specialist

Responsible for creating a solid online presence in the market for your brand.

  1. Media buying manager

Responsible for developing the right Return on Investment (ROI) strategies for your brand marketing efforts.


What are the departments needed in marketing?


A marketing team requires the following departments for smooth functioning:

A) Market research

With any marketing effort, the need for testing and analyzing the market is required. The market research department within the marketing team is responsible for conducting market analysis to help create data-backed campaigns.

B) Digital department

The digital department is responsible for creating an online image for your brand. This image is created through a website presence and an effective social media presence.

C) Content department

The content team looks after the brand-led communication and craft messages that hit the right chord with your target audience.

D) Design department

Messages do not have the same impact if these are not visually appealing; this is where the design department comes into the picture.



We hope this blog has helped you understand the importance and use of PPT Templates for you marketing team. Go ahead and explore the wide range of templates available on the SlideTeam website and choose the best one that suits your purpose!