“Marketing is not an emergency. It’s a planned, thoughtful exercise that started a long time ago and doesn’t end until you are done,” Seth Godin, a renowned entrepreneur.  


When running a pantry, you cannot expect tasty food if you add random ingredients of varied measurements into a pan. Rather, you need a goal, say, what are you trying to cook, which ingredients and spices you require, their quantity, cooking time, etc.


In business terms, your marketing assets would be ingredients and your tactical marketing plan will guide you about how much, how long, where, and how to stir. It is also a given that to achieve business goals, a well-defined marketing plan is a must.


Want to create a thorough marketing plan to launch new products in the market? Explore this guide brimming with marketing plan PPT templates and devise your marketing plan.


Tactical Marketing Plan: At a Glance


A tactical marketing plan is a marketing strategy that supports both short-term and long-term marketing goals. It often involves publishing blog posts, building websites, conducting social media campaigns, and placing advertisements for sales promotions to support a strategic marketing plan.


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Have you ever thought what good is a marketing strategy, if you have no detailed tactical plan for bringing it to life?


In answer to this question, SlideTeam has designed top ten tactical marketing plan templates to create a well-defined and concrete marketing strategy for your organization. Explore these customizable, ready-to-use templates and give a new direction to your business.


Template 1: Tactical Action Plan for Strategic Marketing Goal Templates

Are you worried about marketing new products and connecting with a wider range of customers? Deploy our ready-to-use tactical action plan template to achieve strategic marketing goals. Use this predesigned PPT template to interpret your business objectives, marketing strategies, marketing tactics (advertisement platforms), and strategic marketing goals. Download this template now to create long-term growth for your business!


Tactical Action Plan for Strategic Marketing Goal


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Template 2: Tactical Action Plan for Digital Marketing Slides

Use our professionally-designed tactical action plan template for the smooth execution of your marketing plan. Showcase your predetermined action plan with business goals, campaign objectives, success metrics, content type, and assets to leverage. Update the content of this template to make your target audience aware of product features. Kick-start your digital marketing via advertising and stories on social media platforms with this presentation template.


Tactical Action Plan for Digital Marketing


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Template 3: Tactical Marketing Plan for Customer Retention PPT Slide

If you want to stay competitive in the market, use our tactical marketing plan for customer retention PPT deck to improve sales by segmenting customers on buying patterns. This deck comprises well-researched PPT Templates to help you in assessing your current situation, improve the customer segmentation process, enhance Email marketing activities, sale funnel, optimize customer engagement etc. Grab this complete deck now!


Tactical Marketing Plan for Customer Retention


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Template 4: Assessing Target Customer Profile PowerPoint Template

Do not miss out on this ready-to-use tactical marketing plan template. This PPT Slide provides information about the profile of the target customer including name, age, bio, etc. Customize this pre-existing content and choose layout, font, and color as per your needs. Download this template now and increase the engagement of customers.


Assessing Target Customer Profile


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Template 5: Tactical Marketing Action Plan PPT Slide Show Template

Create a tactical marketing plan to grab customers’ attention with this high-quality marketing action plan PPT slide. Describe your action plan in tabular form divided into six stages: task description, DEPT responsible, cost per task, progress status, timeline status and comments. Just add your content and outline an extensive marketing plan to scale your business.


Tactical Marketing Action Plan PPT Slide Show


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Template 6: Maintaining Social Media Calendar PowerPoint Template

Do you want to improve customer engagement? Assimilate this social media calendar tactical marketing plan template to maintain track of your social media users. This PPT Template describes the engagement of customers through social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, etc. on daily basis. From layout to content, personalize this tabular form template to fit your needs.


Maintaining Social Media Calendar


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Template 7: Tactical Marketing Plan Sales Negotiation PPT Template

Create a niche for yourself by deploying this PowerPoint Template that deals with five topics like tactical marketing plan, sales negotiation, marketing automation, and workforce motivation to convey your information for maximum recall. Showcase your milestones with this customizable PPT Template. Download now!


Tactical Marketing Plan Sales Negotiation Marketing


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Template 8: Strategy Meeting Marketing Strategy Development PowerPoint Slides

Facilitate better communication with this premium-quality PowerPoint Template that presents marketing strategy development, tactical planning, and business culture. Download this PPT Template now and implement your tactical marketing plan and see your tactical plan take shape.


Strategy Meeting Marketing Strategy Development Tactical


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Template 9: 10-Column Layout Showing Tactical Approach to Digital Marketing Slides

Create a tactical digital marketing plan to capture the attention of the customers with the use of this 10-column digital marketing PowerPoint slides. Introduce your tactical approach to digital marketing by using a 10-column layout to target the appropriate customer. Deploy this eye-catching PPT template now and manage your digital marketing strategy using actionable tools.


10 Column Layout Showing Tactical Approach to Digital Marketing


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Template 10: Developing Content Plan for Better Customer Engagement PPT

Deliver an eye-catching content plan to grab more attention using our well-designed developing content plan for better customer engagement PowerPoint template. This PPT template divides content into four parts including status update (job posts), content type (blog post, event promotion), target audience (marketers, engineers, students) and place to publish (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) so that you derive day-to-day customer engagement data to create a robust marketing plan.. Download now!


Developing Content Plan for Better Customer Engagement


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Tactical Marketing Plan is a Must!


A tactical marketing plan serves as an important inner compass for businesses. It helps you focus and create a plan to achieve your business goals. To increase brand awareness and place relevant products before prospects, download our ‘Top 10 Tactical Marketing Plan PowerPoint templates now.


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FAQs on Tactical Marketing Plans


What is tactical marketing?


Tactical marketing is an ongoing process in which certain techniques are implemented to achieve marketing goals of a company. It focuses on the details to achieve a goal and usually answers the most troublesome questions, let us say, where is your target audience or what channel should be used for communication? Also, tactical marketing often performs marketing activities like publishing blogs, hosting events, generating leads, etc.


What are the tactical elements of a marketing plan?


For creating a tactical marketing plan, focus on these essential tactical elements of the market plan:


  1. Conduct a situation analysis to determine your business goals such as increasing revenue, service expansion, etc. and form SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and trackable) marketing objectives.


  1. Define the current status of your existing clients, consider your target audience, and determine the locations and platforms to expand your business.


  1. Don’t forget to do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.


  1. Design a marketing strategy with the help of a sales funnel, and keep redundancies at a bay.


  1. Outline your tactical marketing plan after considering your overarching objectives and your marketing goals.


  1. Last, but not least, mitigate common pitfalls and prepare for the execution of tactical marketing plans.


What are the 7 steps of the tactical marketing process?


If you want to execute tactical marketing, follow the steps below:


  1. Develop a clear picture of your target audience using market analysis.


  1. Analyze market data including available market size, its growth propects, market trends.


  1. Don’t overlook strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.


  1. Research your distribution channels for efficient delivery of products to target audience.


  1. Clarify your marketing mix, including product, price, place and promotion.


  1. Evaluate your finances, considering projected marketing ROI, customer acquisition costs, etc.


What are the four well-known marketing tactics?

Four common marketing tactics that are used to develop a tactical plan and promote your brand are:


  1. Social Media Marketing: This type of marketing tactic is used to extend sales campaigns with engagement of the target audience. For this purpose, customers are reached through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.


  1. Email Marketing: It sets up referral campaigns via email, and sends automated emails to existing customers as well as target customers using small business CRM.


  1. Content Marketing: It is a sort of in-bound marketing that uses logocentric as well as graphic-centric language to draw the attention of the audience to your marketing channels, usually your website.


  1. Conversion Rate Optimization: In this tactic, you can provide live chat on your website to mitigate customer concerns. Use web optimization tactics to increase form conversion rate.


How do you create a tactical marketing plan?

To help your company achieve its business goals, follow these steps of an actionable tactical plan:


  1. Understand visions and goals of your company.
  2. Consider your productivity level and set objectives.
  3. Assign concrete actions to each goal to achieve your tactical planning objectives.
  4. Establish KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) such as profit, cost of goods, sales, etc. depending on your business model.
  5. Access to adequate tools and resources.
  6. Delegate work with planning.
  7. Embrace flexibility.