Gone are the days when we used to talk about the five positioning strategies of marketing- product characteristics; price; quality or luxury; product use or application; and competition. Now, these concepts and practices have become redundant and taken over by new strategies like content marketing, social media, marketing automation, SEO, SEM, blogging, PPC, email marketing, and more. 


But just like building a house without a blueprint is difficult, these new normal marketing fundamentals cannot be applied without a strategic marketing plan. Therefore, execute a well-thought plan so as to create an intense impact on your company’s growth. 

Before developing this tactical roadmap to help you generate more leads and increase customer satisfaction, let us understand what a Strategic Marketing Plan is.

A market-oriented strategic plan is the part of a managerial process that develops and maintains a viable fit between the organization’s objectives, skills, resources, and its changing market opportunities. A strategic marketing plan aims to reshape the company’s business and product to strengthen target profits and growth opportunities. 

To help you create a simple, clear, structured, and persuasive strategic marketing plan, we are sharing some key elements which you can consider:

1. Link the grail with the big picture: Once you have decided to market an idea, ask your leadership team to set realistic and measurable goals. Your goals can be externally as well as internally focused. Also, ensure accountability of the company goals by incorporating the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound) format.


2. Understand your customers: Explore your audience’s mindset and the key factors that will amplify their curiosity. How? Send a short customer survey to existing clients; conduct focus groups and talk to people; audit the competitors; talk to your team; and give them a surety that their suggestions are valuable.


3. Stake you claim:  Determine your point of differentiation in comparison with your competitors. It is paramount for any business to share its unique selling point (USP) with the customers and get noticed.


4. Plan the marketing budget: Now, add “strategic” to your strategic marketing plan and think about the budget to be allocated towards the online and offline tactics. Demonstrate a solid plan with quantifiable results and secure more money.


5. Establish your parameters and make it happen: Talk with your sales team to decide what tactics are feasible and what are not. Define the duties of all the departments for smooth execution of the marketing plan.


6. Create an evaluation process: Regularly measure the effectiveness of the marketing plan by comparing your progress with the implementation schedule. It is important to find loopholes to initiate change and apply a new approach.


Keep a track of all these elements while creating a robust strategic marketing plan. To help you present your brand convincingly in the market, SlideTeam has designed these contemporary strategic marketing plan templates. Let us explore them one by one:

Template 1

It takes a lot of effort to market new products. Use this detailed strategic marketing plan deck to connect with customers and create a successful long-term growth. Any business can easily capture marketing insights and deliver value with this template.


Strategic Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Strategic Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

Showcase the current landscape of your organization including the latest technology used, marketing competition, customer perspective, and current trends with this strategic marketing plan template design. Highlight the issues conveniently and create awareness among the company management. Pick this slide if it suits your requirement.


Current Landscape Lead Conversion Strategic Marketing Plan

Download Current Landscape and Lead Conversion Strategic Marketing Plan Template

Template 3

This is another marketing template that can be used to summarize your strategic marketing tactics to be used. Download this easy-to-edit presentation template and guide day-to-day activities of your organisation. Not only this, but you can also evaluate progress and change the methodologies as you move forward.


Strategic Marketing Plan Example PPT PowerPoint Presentation Summary

Download the Strategic Marketing Plan Summary Brochure

Template 4

Identify your actions and strategize the marketing plan by embracing your ideas in this visually-pleasing template layout. Exhibit the various stages of your marketing plan and implement a sequenced procedure. Quickly download once and use multiple times.


Strategic Marketing Plan Model PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download the Strategic Marketing Plan Model Template

Template 5

Elaborate your marketing strategies with the beautifully-designed smart art, displayed in this strategic marketing plan template. The slide is engaging and easily customizable. Click the link below and download this handy template.


Strategic Marketing Plan Process PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download the Strategic Marketing Plan Process Template

Template 6

Invigorate your strategic marketing planning process by downloading our template. These slides help you explain aspects like development of marketing objectives related to performance; assessment of marketing opportunities and resources; formulation of the strategy; and implementation of the actual plan designed.


Strategic Marketing Planning Cycle With Feedback And Control

Download Strategic Marketing Planning Cycle with Feedback and Control

Template 7

An innovative business idea is a reason to invest and create sales and profits. However, to present an idea to an audience is the most crucial stage. Before conducting a product or service launch, there is a need to develop a marketing plan. To prepare a lucrative marketing plan swiftly, choose this strategic marketing plan template.


Business Idea Formation For Strategic Marketing Plan Outline Flat PowerPoint Design

Download Business Idea Formation For Strategic Marketing Plan

Template 8

Establish performance objectives for different business units with this portfolio analysis marketing plan template. Elucidate the four kinds of businesses in the growth-share matrix with this presentation design.


Portfolio Analysis Market Plan PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Portfolio Analysis Strategic Market Plan Template

Template 9

Create a mobile marketing strategy that factors in timelines; objectives; activities planned; measures to be followed; and channels to be used with the help of this mobile marketing strategic plan template.


Mobile Marketing Design With Key Objectives

Download Mobile marketing Strategic Plan Template 

Template 10

Proactively share your company’s vision with the prospective clientele and build a strong and impressive brand name with this marketing plan template. Download the slide and edit skillfully to present your agenda.


Strategic Vision Marketing Template For Building Brand Identity

Download Strategic Vision Marketing Plan for Building Brand Identity

Template 11

Focus on the details to achieve your business and marketing goals. Outline the tactics used in this process by picking this strategic marketing plan template. Note that tactical marketing is crucial for a marketing plan.


 Tactical Marketing PPT Template PowerPoint Presentation

Download Strategic Tactical Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Template 12

Determine your target audience, business objectives, and adequate value proposition by using these highly-preferred digital strategic marketing plan templates. Download this layout and develop a step-by-step guide.


Digital Marketing PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Strategic Digital Marketing Plan Template

Template 13

This is another unconventional template design, showcasing the strategic marketing planning framework with the help of a well-structured pyramid smart art. Select this slide and help your employees easily understand the strategies that are necessary for marketing success.


Strategic Pyramid Illustrating Marketing Planning Framework

Download Strategic Pyramid Template Illustrating Marketing Planning Framework

Template 14

Test the appeal of your product and service by directly dealing with the customer using this direct marketing plan template. The PowerPoint presentation slides contain an unorthodox circular design specifying direct marketing nuances.


Direct Marketing Strategic Planning Circular Design

Download Direct Marketing Strategic Planning Circular Design

Template 15

A new product is like a baby to an entrepreneur. To put it out in the competitive market is a challenging job. Achieve the goals of your new product with the help of these new product strategic marketing plan templates. Also, take advantage of the bar graph included in the presentation slides.


Marketing New Product Strategic Plan Templates

Download Marketing New Product Strategic Plan Template

Template 16

Organizations use a balanced scorecard tool to translate strategy into measures that can effectively communicate a company’s vision. If you wish to do it, download this well-designed balanced scorecard strategic marketing plan template.


 Balanced Scorecard Marketing Sample Template

Download Strategic Balanced Scorecard Marketing Plan Template

Template 17

This is another template that can be used to channel your marketing strategies. The slide includes a well-crafted pie chart that can illuminate various dimensions of the strategic marketing plan.


Strategic Planning Marketing PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Strategic Planning Marketing Idea Template Design

Template 18

Are you planning an annual strategic planning session with your team? If yes, download this marketing plan agenda template. Use the ladder art in the presentation and align the tasks according to their importance. Download and edit effortlessly.


Strategic Planning Agenda Year Template

Download Strategic Planning Agenda PowerPoint Template

Template 19

Construct a strategic document through analysis and market research to achieve marketing objectives via an electronic medium with our e-marketing strategic planning template. Pitch this template by downloading it right away!


E Marketing Strategic Planning PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download E-Marketing Strategic Planning Template

Template 20

Design a strategic marketing plan to provide a direction to your business and give a boost to your revenue figures. Outline where your business fits into the market and how you will price, promote, and sell your product or service. Pick the template and develop a success roadmap.


Strategic Marketing Direction Business PowerPoint

Download Strategic Marketing Direction Business Plan Template


Fine-tune the organizational goals and requirements with these 20 strategic marketing plan templates. 

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