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Top 10 Marketing Cover Letter Templates With Samples and Examples (Free PDF Attached)

Top 10 Marketing Cover Letter Templates With Samples and Examples (Free PDF Attached)

Mohammed Sameer

Mohammed Sameer

September 30 2022

“Hi, you would be delighted to hire me,” I’m the best fit for the job. Blah, blah, blah." How do you sell yourself in a marketing cover letter without sounding too pompous? How do you avoid sounding boring when writing a letter? It is a fine line, and if you aren’t a cover letter expert, it can seem impossible.


However, if you do it, you will be a breath of fresh air to marketing hiring teams and recruiters. They'll read your letter and think, “Finally, a job candidate who gets us." Someone we can be confident of hiring.”


Don't lose heart. Writing a convincing marketing cover letter is not difficult. There are about five or six clear, simple pieces of advice that can make your cover letter shine like a beacon. What is the first step? Understand the position’s requirements from the company. It’s so simple, but so many people overlook it.


This blog will walk you through:


  • How to sell yourself in a cover letter so that hiring managers are interested in hiring you?
  • How to write a cover letter without sounding like an advertisement?
  • How do you quickly tell your story in a way it becomes part of the employer's story?
  • Top 10 Marketing Cover Letter Templates.


How Do You Sell Yourself In A Cover Letter?


To sell yourself in a cover letter, first, imagine yourself as the company’s ideal employee. You can’t do it with just your imagination. Examine the job posting and conduct some quick online research. Then tell your story in a way that demonstrates why you are the ideal new hire.


Does that sound complicated? It isn’t. We'll explain how below.


Research The Company, But Limit It

Ugh—we know—research. It doesn't sound exciting. However, it is the most effective way to sell yourself in a cover letter without sounding like a shill. If you do it, you will receive ten times the number of interviews. Why? Because your cover letter will demonstrate your listening skills, and you'll fit the job description like a plug into a socket.

You could spend the entire day on this, but you won't. Stick to 15 minutes, or your job search will become bogged down.

To research a company for a cover letter, check:


  • The job posting
  • The website of the organization
  • Their stated mission
  • News articles, press releases, and videos highlighting the company's success, goals, products, and awards.


Find 3 Ways You Fit The Role

“This applicant is not a good fit.” Oh no! That’s the final blow. Avoid it at all costs. How? By leveraging what you discovered during your research. Once you’ve figured out their ideal employee, think of three ways you can be that person. The key strategy is to look for past job accomplishments that match the skills they seek.


Highlight Your Achievements, Not Just Duties

"You did the job, but were you good at it?” Don’t just tell them what you did to sell yourself in a cover letter. You must demonstrate results to be hired. Assume you spent ten years designing ships. Okay, good. Was it, however, the Titanic? Or how about the Oasis of the Seas?


Use Numbers to Sell Yourself

“Wow, your cover letter blew us away!” “Can’t wait to hear that from the hiring team.” By putting a ruler next to your accomplishments, numbers help you sell yourself in a cover letter. Without numbers, you might appear to be a small potato (fry, actually, but who uses a cliche).


Consider how to quantify your previous accomplishments. How much revenue did you increase? How big was the company where you worked? You were, after all, a project manager. However, were the projects like putting up shelves in a home office? Or did they have a $3 million budget?


Write a Remarkable First Paragraph

“I only skimmed your cover letter” is the worst! But it occurs all the time. Why? Because too many applicants begin with, "I'm writing to you about your opening for blah blah blah." The hiring manager is still thinking about the ultra-runner documentary she saw last night!


To sell yourself in a cover letter, you must first make them read it.


Explain Why You Want the Job

Hiring managers are concerned about your longevity. Reassure them by demonstrating why they are essential to you. Join your story with their story to accomplish this.


Consider the following to demonstrate your concern:


  • How will the position help you achieve your career objectives?
  • Why will the job allow you to put your best skills to use?
  • Ways in which the mission statement of the organization inspires you.


Mention a Referral

“These other applicants are excellent, but Candace recommends this one.” Referrals are job-searching gold. Why? The hiring process is all about removing uncertainties. A single referral eliminates the need for hours of interviewing, background checks, and reading resumes and cover letters.


How do you sell yourself in a cover letter with a recommendation? Include the name in your first paragraph. The referral could be the hook that keeps them reading to the end.


End Your Marketing Cover Letter With a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Do you find yourself feeling awkward at the end of your cover letter? To sell yourself in a cover letter, request an interview. To sound confident, provide something in return. Propose a conversation that they will want to have.


Pay Attention to Formatting

Yes, we must say it. If you want to sell yourself, the format of your cover letter is essential. If your cover letter is poorly formatted, they will miss your compelling argument for why they should hire you. Instead, they'll think to themselves, "Huh. Strange-looking letter."


Top 10 Marketing Cover Letter Templates


The cover letter templates listed below follow a design that gets the viewer’s attention. You can use them to build a robust marketing cover letter.


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #1

Usually thought of as the easiest to prepare, building a cover letter for an entry-level marketing job comes close to threading a needle. 


Don’t want to end up struggling with it? Download this predesigned template now.


Marketing Cover Letter Sample PowerPoint Template


Get this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #2

How do you stand out from the crowd of aspiring applicants without much effort? It’s possible using our compelling cover letter template that gives you the best chance of getting noticed. Get it now!


Marketing Cover Letter Sample PowerPoint Design


Download this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #3

If you’re eyeing that managerial position in marketing, nail it using this purposely-built PPT Template. Why drain your energy building a cover letter when you can have a template do it? Download it now.


Marketing Cover Letter Sample PowerPoint Slide


Get this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #4

Didn’t like the previous design? SlideTeam has got oceans of templates to help your cover letter boat sail heroically to the marketing shore. Here’s another exemplary piece. Download it now.


Marketing Cover Letter Sample PPT Framework


Download this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #5

Not everything can be left to fate!

Use this template to highlight your competencies to strengthen your chances of getting selected for the marketing job you’ve long wished to crack. Download it now.


Marketing Cover Letter Sample PPT Template


Get this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #6

Hiring teams have a sharp eye for picking errors. They can sniff a poorly designed cover letter from miles away. Don’t let that happen to you. Build a marketing cover letter that everyone will praise using this template. Get it now.


Marketing Cover Letter Sample PPT Slides


Grab this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #7

When applying for a job, you must remember cover letter is the first thing that speaks to the hiring team about your capabilities. Would you rather have a shy person explain your case or an established orator? The second option, we presume. Get this PPT Template, and you’ll have all the right ingredients to make your marketing cover letter a winner.


Marketing Cover Letter PPT Template


Download this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #8

Accepting that the world only gathers bits and pieces of what you try to tell it is a hard pill to swallow. Imagine how little hiring teams will make of you with just a normal resume. Draft an effective cover letter using the predesigned template. Grab it now.


Marketing Cover Letter Sample PowerPoint Framework


Get this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #9

Convincing hiring authorities that you are the perfect fit for the marketing job is like explaining quantum physics to a 10-year-old. Let this template do the heavy lifting for you, and you get to flex your competencies. Get it now.


Marketing Cover Letter Sample PPT Design


Grab this template


Marketing Cover Letter Sample #10

Having a marketing cover letter template for your job application is like driving a car on an empty road. This template ensures your ride is as smooth as a breeze. Get it now.


Marketing Cover Letter PowerPoint Template


Download this template


Take Cover for Good


In today’s competitive job market, feeling defeated, inadequate, or giving up on your job search is easy. Don't let the process become tedious. Have fun discovering the qualitative data we’ve discussed here, and then have even more fun with your cover letter composition using our fantastic templates.


FAQs on Marketing Cover Letter


How to write a marketing cover letter?

  • Create a Personal Brand Narrative
  • Market your investigation into the employer details
  • Match your skills to their requirements
  • Marketing education and certification
  • Demonstrate how you fit into their culture


How long should a marketing cover letter be?

A cover letter can be anywhere from half a page to a full page long. In general, a cover letter should be between 250 and 400 words and divided into three-six paragraphs. Remember that this is a document that makes you stand out and be known for your ability to analyze markets. 


Which is the most common mistake made in a cover letter?

It is typos and grammatical errors. 


Typos are a quick way to send your application to the "NO" pile. "Your communication skills are perceived based on the quality of the letter” is a truism that you must take to heart. 


Which information should you not include in your cover letter?

  • The incorrect company name or the incorrect contact person’s name
  • Anything that is false.
  • Overly lengthy paragraphs
  • Salary expectations or requirements
  • Negative remarks about a current or former employer
  • Rambling that is unrelated to the job description or the role prescribed.


Download the free Marketing Cover Letter Templates PDF.

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