Interviews no longer scare today’s job-seekers. It’s the post-hiring process that drains aspirants, making them apply to multiple places at once. If by chance, candidates do enquire about what follows next, they are often greeted with vague responses. The real trouble begins when interviewers, themselves, are unaware of the complete onboarding workflow process there is. Here’s where companies need to tread carefully, because their loss of a good candidate can be somebody else’s gain. A vigilant CEO wouldn’t want that.




Companies need to train and educate their interviewers on how to take future employees about their processes and systems of having things done. All of this is possible with the right tools and knowledge of the onboarding workflow process. Here's where onboarding workflow templates will perform the best in training your HR, in particular, the recruitment department.


SlideTeam has just the perfect selection of PowerPoint Presentations and single-slides that will help in your recruitment process.


Deploy our 7 best onboarding workflow templates that are educational and informative in nature and at the same time 100% customizable. 


You get both structure and flexibility to tailor your presentation to your audience profile. Explore now!


Template 1: Onboarding Workflow PowerPoint Template Bundles


Here is a complete deck to lay down the workflow of onboarding new employees and customers into your business setup. Employ characteristics flowchart diagrams and algorithmic structure to ensure smooth enrolling of new people. You also showcase guidelines, best practices, and checklists to ensure nothing of importance is ignored. The 17 slides of this onboarding workflow presentation will help you achieve this. To own this PPT Presentation now, click below! 


Onboarding Workflow PowerPoint Presentation


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Template 2: Employee Onboarding and Engagement Workflow Chart


This PPT Template on onboarding workflow process gets your work started quickly and helps people settle in well into their defined roles and responsibilities. The early weeks can be less work and more getting-to-know types and you can lay down the list of coordinated activities with this flowchart template. Use this flowchart template to assign responsibilities to the staff in charge which will ease the onboarding. Download now. 


Employee Onboarding and Engagement Workflow Chart


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Template 3: Workflow of Client Onboarding Process Powerpoint Presentation


Does your business deal with one-to-one clients that need onboarding? Simplify the process of getting to know your business in-depth once they sign a contract with you, using this PPT Layout. Use this onboarding workflow template to pave their way into your system by verifying their documents and allowing access. Specify all steps that are part of this process to ensure that the company decorum is maintained, and all employees work toward achieving its visions and mission and there’s no room for error. Get it now. 




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Template 4: Customer Onboarding Workflow Process Optimization Model Template


Create an automated workflow model of onboarding customers digitally. It could begin with a welcome email followed with regular intimation via offers, updates, and general information. Pause each step with a wait time so that the customer doesn't feel spammed. Guide your email marketing team with this onboarding flowchart template with a download of this PPT Template. 


Customer onboarding workflow process optimization model


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Template 5: Onboarding Process Workflow After Employee Hiring Slide


Use this flowchart template to identify standard steps in the employee onboarding process. Mark the importance of the first couple of weeks. Cover induction, interaction, and engaging employees as a crucial part of the onboarding program. You can even extend the getting-to-know process to over a month so that employees settle in. Share more details on the structure of the onboarding diagram with this vivid illustration, and download it from the link below. 


Onboarding process workflow after employee hiring


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Template 6: Digital Employee Onboarding Workflow Framework Slide


Smoothen the process of employee onboarding, especially their digital registration within company systems using this PPT Layout. Right after accepting the offer, lay down the steps to get freshers enrolled in the payrolls, organizational charts, and company records. Inform departments and establish the presence of every newcomer in a stepwise manner. Grab this PPT Framework now. 


Digital employee onboarding workflow framework


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Template 7: Automated HR Onboarding Process Workflow Model Template


Guide your team HR on the ideal ways to onboard new employees with this workflow model. This would include signing up employees for the HRMS, collecting employee details, informing the IT team and providing them their official email. This workflow template is world-class and one of the most effective tools with the HR personnel to ensure that new employees feel welcome. Download now.


Automated HR onboarding process workflow model Template


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Know to Lead the Way


Revive the confidence in your recruitment team or even the first point of contact of your sales team to help them take control in onboarding people. Deploy these onboarding workflow templates now to say you are in charge.


PS: To help the HRD perform an effective recruitment, they must work in sync with the departments to understand their ideal candidate’s traits for which skills analysis is a must. Perform the most effective skills gap analysis if your team with the dedicated PPT Template put together in this blog.

FAQs on Onboarding Workflow

What is the onboarding workflow process?

The onboarding workflow process is a structured sequence of steps aimed at smoothly integrating new employees into an organization. It encompasses:


  1. Preparation: New hire accepts offer, completes paperwork, and communicates start date.
  2. Orientation: Introduction to company culture, values, and facilities, and meeting with colleagues.
  3. Training: Job-specific skills and software training, understanding roles and responsibilities.
  4. Policies: Review of company policies, safety protocols, and code of conduct.
  5. Mentoring: Assigning a mentor or buddy for guidance and support.
  6. Performance: Setting expectations, goals, and regular check-ins for feedback and evaluation.
  7. Integration: Involvement in team-building activities and networking opportunities.
  8. Continuous Learning: Encouraging ongoing professional development through workshops and resources.
  9. Evaluation: Conducting periodic performance reviews and making necessary adjustments.
What are the 7 stages of onboarding?

The seven stages of onboarding represent a comprehensive process designed to seamlessly integrate new employees into an organization:


  1. Preparation and Welcome: The new hire accepts the offer, completes paperwork, and is informed about their start date and initial tasks.
  2. Orientation: Introduction to the company's culture, values, and workplace, along with meeting colleagues and key team members.
  3. Training and Development: Provision of job-specific training, familiarization with tools and technology, and skill enhancement opportunities.
  4. Policies and Procedures: Review of company policies, code of conduct, safety protocols, and compliance requirements.
  5. Role Integration: Clarification of job expectations, responsibilities, and how the role contributes to the organization's objectives.
  6. Ongoing Support: Regular check-ins, feedback discussions, and assignment of a mentor or buddy for guidance.
  7. Social Integration and Continuous Learning: Participation in team-building activities, networking events, and encouragement for continuous professional growth.
What is the role of HR in the onboarding process?

Human Resources (HR) plays a vital role in orchestrating the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth and effective transition for new employees:


  1. Coordination: HR manages the logistical aspects, such as preparing paperwork, contracts, and benefits enrollment, ensuring legal compliance.
  2. Orientation: HR conducts initial company introductions, sharing the organization's values, culture, policies, and facilities.
  3. Training and Development: HR coordinates and delivers job-specific training, helping new hires acquire necessary skills and knowledge.
  4. Policy Communication: HR educates new employees about company policies, procedures, and code of conduct to ensure a clear understanding.
  5. Documentation: HR handles paperwork, ensuring accurate record-keeping.
  6. Support: HR provides ongoing support, addressing queries, concerns, and acting as a point of contact throughout the onboarding journey.
  7. Feedback and Evaluation: HR collaborates with managers to assess the new hire's progress, facilitating feedback and performance evaluations.
  8. Mentoring and Integration: HR may assign mentors or buddies to aid new hires' integration, enhancing their sense of belonging.
  9. Continuous Improvement: HR gathers feedback and data to refine the onboarding process, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness over time.
What is an onboarding checklist?

An onboarding checklist is a structured tool used by organizations to guide the process of integrating new employees into the company. It outlines a series of tasks and activities that need to be completed during the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition and successful integration. 


The checklist includes pre-arrival preparations, orientation, training, policy review, role integration, and ongoing support. It may include items such as paperwork completion, introduction to company culture, job-specific training, benefits enrollment, policy acknowledgment, meeting key team members, setting performance expectations, and more.