The question we’ll ask ourselves today is, what if we don’t make reports? The kind of half-empty glass approach—the pessimist’s playground. What is the worst that could happen, we question ourselves?


No report means no feedback and, consequently, zero references or incentives for improvement. Consider reporting to be more than just a routine, as it endows accountability. In its absence, systems run rampant, and there are bound to be biases that run riot, chaos, and the regression of an organization to its fall. 


To tackle this horror, HR must maintain reports of individuals for micromanagement and departments for the review that signals whether all company departments are moving in the same direction. 




But to think that the HR department manages these managerial reports only is a naive perception as it’s just a drop in the bucket. 


In fact, overseeing departments and maintaining their report corresponds to only one type of work that the HR department does. The department also coordinates the recruitment processes, maintains payroll data, handles employee queries, and much more. The data is collated in reports that need to be processed for accuracy and shared with the top management from time to time.  


Now imagine a company where the HR department messes up at the lower level and thus jeopardizes the integrity of these reports. Or what if they produce shabby reports that impact communication and, in the worst case, put you in line to get the pink slip?


Luckily, you have us. Who are we?


We are the giants in the PowerPoint template designing industry. Below are the top 10 collections of human resource report sample templates that demonstrate an impeccable format at par with industry standards. You can edit, customize, and download them at ease. Let’s get acquainted with these.


Template 1: Human Resources Annual Report


Presenting a 22-slide compilation of HR report samples to shed light on annual activities and the performance of the company. Showcase the brilliant framework, recruitment processes, and strategic planning outcomes, among other notable events, in this full-fledged editable report. Support your data with facts and figures and enhance its visual appeal using graphs and vivid charts. To explore its full potential, download the link below.


Sample Human Resources annual report pdf doc ppt Document Report Template


Download this template


Template 2: Human Resource Annual Report


Generate a full-fledged company annual report with this template. It comprises 23 slides to deliver a comprehensive HR report on facets like company performance overview, the efficacy of the recruitment process, and the objectives met. You can customize the content according to the uniqueness of the company and deliver a compelling message to your stakeholders and beneficiaries in general.


Human Resource Annual Report PDF Doc


Download this template


Template 3: HR Annual Report Presentation


Here is an achievement report template to be maintained by HR encompassing the employees' details and professional growth. With graphs and charts, as shown in this template, you can monitor employee retention rates over the years. This will help you create an environment of growth. Download this PPT template now.


Summary Page of Human Resources HR Annual Report Presentation


Download this template 


Template 4: One-page Employment-Based Job Proposal Presentation Report


Use this template to screen applicants by creating multiple copies of this PPT template. Record the company-relevant data of the job applicant highlighting their strength, skills, and relatable experience to complete this HR report template. You can then share this professional report with your fellow jury members to decide on the best candidate in the company’s interest.


One-page Employment Based Job Proposal Presentation Report Infographic PPT

Download this template


Template 5: HR Fact-sheet Template Presentation Report


Here is a frequently downloaded and deployed HR report sample template to maintain a record of company recruitments. With this template, you keep a record of new hires, both employees and interns. You can also record and monitor the company turnover, total employee counts, and their distributions within the departments. Then, in light of this template, you can revise the hiring and employee well-being policies. Download now to monitor your strength.


One-page HR Fact-Sheet Template Presentation Report Infographic PPT


Download this template


Template 6: “HR Process And Services Offered To Customers” Report


Bypass all company dealings related to your services, making this template an important part of that report. Maintain a record of transactions and funds during every client interaction and document the processes and the company resources involved in these. Download this template below:


One-page HR Process And Services Offered to the Customers Report Infographic


Download this template


Template 7: Incident Management Summary Report


Mishaps can be minimized within an organization, but these remain unpredictable in essence. With this template, record the details of incidents that disrupt everyday routine at work. Share information in this HR report sample about the number of witnesses or miscreants from the company, the loss incurred, duration of that incident, among other facts. Download now: 


Incident Management Summary Report Fire PPT PowerPoint presentation


Download this template


Template 8:  HR Research Proposal Example Presentation Report


To review the practices and performances of the HR department and others, here is a report template to share the proposal of this detailed research. Share the purpose and the scope of this research with the management, along with a preliminary idea of the budget, and other resources that would be part of it. Below is the download link to this template.


One-page HR Research Proposal Example Presentation Report Infographic PPT


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Template 9: One-page Hiring Staffing Proposal Report


If you are looking to fill contractual positions in your company for time-bound projects, here is a staffing proposal report template to share the requirements with an agency. Share all relevant details about the advertised positions, their duration, and their perks in this template. Download this template below:


One-page Hiring Staffing Proposal Report Presentation


Download this template


Template 10: Bullying Incident Report With Brief Description


Taking care of your employees’ well-being keeps the employee turnover in check. As such, to avoid incidents like harassment within the office premises, HR needs to investigate and officially take due care of the personal space and orderliness of the office. Here is a PPT template to investigate any bullying episode that could pop up. In this ready-made framework of a one-page questionnaire, you can formally approach the bullied person and record their complaint briefly to account for the first line of investigation. After this, you give precedence to the company norms.


Bullying Incident Report With Brief Description PPT Template


Download this template


Start using these HR report sample templates to maintain and share professional assessments. You can even create a bunch of these to cater to different colleagues that fall under your expertise and report to you. If you are looking a step further to create business and non-business performance reports, here is a guide replete with readymade templates at your disposal.


Download the free HR Report Sample PDF.