Perhaps the resurrectional research of this decade is the discovery of the Covid-19 vaccine, however, no one seems to be entitled to its swift discovery.


The reason is that this dais is already dominated by the 18th-century scientist Edward Jenner, who introduced the world to the panacea called vaccination. In times when science and technology were in their preliminary stage, his self-conducted research has become our first line of defense against deadly diseases today. In fact, courtesy of his successful ideology, we have now moved past many coronavirus strains that were on the verge of annihilating humanity!




Let alone diseases, research work has touched every aspect of a human life that is bent on simplifying and facilitating the population on Earth. But rarely has it been a day’s work or one-person project. The best minds today ought to get together to deliver a specialized, robust, and purposeful utility. The process needfully incites a full-fledged documentation and planning activity that requires inputs and more.


Does this setup concern you as well? Are you a part of a team that intends to research solutions? Is the passion of investigation relatable to what you do? If yes, you need our PowerPoint presentations to create the research roadmaps checklist that you accomplish and present later to your team of stakeholders, financers, and co-workers to impress your vision!


Apropos, here are our ten practical research roadmap templates to chart out your intensive work. Whether your research coalesces into a discovery or a need of the times, summon the milestones of your journey with our highly editable and MS PPT compatible software templates. Scroll to discover!


Template 1: Research and Development Analytics Roadmap Framework


Download this creative research roadmap template to represent the framework of your project. Divide a span into three periods and trace your research progress under the short-term, midterm, and long-term genres. Align various research and development objectives like enabling operational activities, action and actors, work in reference to the technological gaps and capabilities, etc. Track these objectives with this tabular template now!


Research And Development Analytics Roadmap Framework PPT Template


Download this template


Template 2: Quarterly Clinical Research Roadmap With Drug Review


Use this quarterly analysis template for monitoring and showcasing your clinical research roadmap of a drug under study. Highlight different divisions like project development, project setup, and execution spanning over the four quarters, etc. Use the combination of flowcharts and tables depicted in this slide to comprehensively explain the flow of your research in developing tested and effective drugs. Download this professionally designed PPT template now!


Quarterly Clinical Research Roadmap With Drug Review PPT template


Download this template


Template 3: Health System Half Yearly Research Roadmap


Use this half-yearly research roadmap template to analyze your health system. Gather all the myths and assumptions hovering over your community, perform clinical transactions, analyze their efficiencies, followed by implementation and the health management research development with this template. Divide these assessments to create a full-fledged report at the end of the year. Assemble this roadmap powerpoint presentation template by downloading it now!


Health System Half Yearly Research Roadmap PPT design


Download this template


Template 4: Quarterly Climate Change Research Roadmap


If your team is working on an adaptation strategy related to climate change, here is a research roadmap template to analyze and substitute its solutions. With this quarterly roadmap template, analyze the progress of your efforts in a step-by-step manner over the year. Coordinate closely with your community and monitor your research to develop effective solutions by downloading this color-coded template now!


Quarterly Climate Change Adaptation Strategic Research Roadmap PPT design


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Template 5: Research And Innovation Roadmap PPT


Use this matrix template to share the critical journey of product development research. Classify the time period into short-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives and determine their progress over time. Also, focus on goals like research foundation, research deployment, and finally, the world-class sophisticated execution of that research with this unique PPT template. Download now!


Health System Quarterly Research Roadmap PowerPoint template


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Template 6: Research Roadmap Diagram PowerPoint Guide


Presenting another intuitively designed template to help you monitor your research program. Compare and align milestones of your project to deliver effective results at the end with this extremely flexible PowerPoint layout. Download now!


Research Roadmap Diagram PowerPoint Guide PPT template


Download this template

Template 7: Quarterly Clinical Research Roadmap With Different Phases


Here is another clinical research roadmap template to provide an overview of the phases covered. It is a quarterly review template within which infographics and flowcharts can be explained in a step-by-step manner how the research flows, such as IDE and IND reviews. The pull-out comments of this PPT design will also add to the richness of your research. Here is a link to download this PPT template!


Quarterly Clinical Research Roadmap With Different Phases PPT template


Download this template


Template 8: Research Roadmap Powerpoint Presentation


This is another graphical template to share the details of your project. Aim for objectives like technology and search and development, products and services development, and the deduced study and services and track their realization over the years with this entirely editable PPT template. Download now to get started on research mapping!


Research Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation


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Template 9: Quarterly Planning and Preparation Research Roadmap


This is a Gantt chart PPT design to assess your research business over the quarter. Track objectives like planning, preparation, visioning, and development of your project over the year. You can even specify the details of individual tasks covered during the quarters by editing this vibrant template. So, download now and give an aesthetic edge to your research presentation!


Quarterly Planning And Preparation Research Roadmap PPT Template


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Template 10: 5 Year Research Roadmap Post Product Launch


Here is another Gantt chart representation to demonstrate your research roadmap in product launch. This extensively enriched PPT template covers aspects like research development, value proposition, product vision, price management, market survey, etc. Track the duration of achievements of these individual objectives and assess your speed and efficiency compared to the full-fledged realization of the primary goal by deploying this template.


5 Year Research Roadmap Post Product Launch PPT template


Download this template


Use these templates to pen down your course of action. Update these templates as per your area of research and let your audience absorb your content clearly and comprehensively.


P.S: Documentation is an innate part of research work. As an intellectual, if you want to give proper closure to your research, you need to share a detailed dissertation with your mentors. So here is a blog featuring one-page thesis outline templates to share a compact and impressionable format for your research with the audience. Check now!


Download the free Research Roadmap PDF.