Quality, well-rounded education is the greatest gift parents can give their children. To this end, families start their search for educational institutions that can offer them unique value.




If you are an educational institution that wants to target this market segment, it is imperative that you have an educational plan in place to showcase to your audience. To deliver on this task, you can start by being transparent yet as intuitive as possible so as to become their ideal choice of enrollment. 


Next, you can begin guiding them on the variety of education and career options available followed by devising a roadmap to achieve their goal. 


As a presentation solution, we offer a number of plans and templates which will help you stand out once you download our product. Use our professionally-designed education plan templates to showcase your mentorship and its tangible benefits. Subsequently, devise a viable roadmap for the learning enthusiasts and their equally ecstatic parents to follow.


Template 1: Career and Education Planning Worksheet


Presenting this 59-slide PowerPoint deck to get you to establish your monopoly in the field of training and guidance. State your goals and visions for the learners enrolling with you in helping them embark on a successful career journey. With this complete deck, highlight your role in building aptitude and technical know-how that can help students in identifying their right career options. Share roadmaps, career opportunities, and the whole deal of step-by-step guidance with this PPT deck. Download now.


Career and education planning worksheet PowerPoint presentation slides

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Template 2: Education Roadmap PPT Template


Here is a 14 slide comprehensive deck to share your education roadmap. Highlight the curriculum and the extracurricular activities that you pay attention to and also help students discover their ideal careers in this PPT presentation. This PPT template is an amalgamation of infographics, tables, and illustrations to enhance the visual interpretation of your guidance cell. Download now to deploy this simplified template set.


Education Roadmap PowerPoint presentation slides


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Template 3: 100 Day Education Plan


Nothing competes with a crash course or a time-bound guidance that promises effective results. Deliver your 100-day education plan to help students strengthen their competencies and become efficient professionals with this PPT deck. This is a 14-slide endowed PPT template to focus on the AI education platform but you can utilize this template collection for several other educational fields. Focus on the different aspects that you can target in this 100-day plan to deliver a knowledgeable learning package for your enrollments. Download now.


100 Day Education Plan


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Template 4: Education and Training PPT Template


Here is a 12-slide presentation to help you effectively deliver vocational training to your employees. This template is a professional way to state how our entire life is subjected to learning and why education shouldn’t be limited to the classrooms and the lecture halls. Conduct training and upskill sessions for your employees and use this template to brief them about such sessions. Add purpose, procedure, and end results of conducting such training in this full-fledged presentation to help them gain their true insight. Download now. 


Education and training Plan PPT

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Template 5: Medical Education Plan PowerPoint Template


Had the air of advertising and coding not blown over us, we would have been dreaming about becoming doctors and engineers. Nonetheless, many youngsters are still focussed on putting themselves through medical and engineering schools. Here is a 12-slide PPT deck to guide those aspirants. Using this medical plan PPT, elaborate on the learning journey of a medical student. Highlight the experimentation and research impetus that drives a medical career. Download now.


Medical Education Plan PPT


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Template 6: Education and Training Brochure Template


A good organization is known for the efforts it takes for its employees' well-being and development. Your organization must also be conducting training sessions for the overall growth and development of your workers from time to time. With this 2-page brochure template, you can share the memo of such training sessions including its highlights in a timetable format. Identify sessions corresponding to the time slots so that your audience can easily identify and manage their dependencies to attend those sessions. Download this brochure template now.


Two page education and training brochure template


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Template 7: Bifold Education Training Programs Summary Report


Help your readers comprehend the requirements of the education sector that exist in which your company provides step-by-step guidance. You could be limited to school education or focussing on higher studies, or a combination of all education levels. Acquaint them with the many other activities like interactive, innovative, etc that you offer rigorous training in with this brochure template. Download now.


Bi fold education training programs summary document report PPT PDF template


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Template 8: Education Program Template


If your organization is driven by the motive to educate the community, especially the ones destitute and backward, here is a 2-page brochure to spread the word about your venture and its undertakings. Share the main highlights of your education project and its benefits for the community. You can highlight up to nine verticals of your project to give a thorough insight into this service to your community. Download now to get started.


Bi fold education program document report PPT PDF template


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Template 9: One-Page Education Program Summary Template


If you’re looking for a one-page template to summarize your education initiative, here is a professionally designed slide to assist you. Identify the name and the purpose of your program, followed by the demographics to be covered under it and consequently your mode of infusing knowledge and awareness amongst your target audience. This template is infused with graphs and charts to add visual appeal to your message being delivered. Here is your sign to get started on this program. Visit the download link below.


One page education program summary template presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


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Template 10: One-Page Education Program Template


Here is another one-page template to deliberate on your education program. This PPT template allows you to concisely point out the major highlights of your program, including a brief about your company, your program’s key features, and its impact on other factors such as the audience’s wellness, beneficiary community, and economy in general. To employ this PPT slide which is in the form of an executive summary, click the download link below.


One page education program template presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


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Template 11:One-Page Education Training Programs Summary Template


This is another creatively designed one-page template to present your curriculum for a particular academic year. From basic level education to extracurricular activities that involve growth and development, this design comprises sections to elaborate upon. Meanwhile, the theme and the color gradience have been uniquely infused to add to its visual appeal. To use this PPT design, go to the download link below.


One page education training programs summary template presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


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Template 12: Education Leaders Learning Roadmap


If you are looking for a single slide to demonstrate the education roadmap of your leaders and guides onboarded with your company, here is something to help you get started. This PPT slide has been creatively designed interwoven with colorful graphics to showcase the skillset of the mentors and get the audience to say wow. Highlight the major goals of this exercise in the semi-circle core of this PPT diagram to maintain your audience’s focus. Download now to churn this highly editable template your way.


Education leaders learning roadmap PPT example


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Template 13: Education Program Administration Template


Here is another template that might come in handy while framing an education plan. Highlight the key aspects of your program for the administration to consider and work upon in a seamless, smooth manner. This includes program improvement, economics, planning, education, etc that can be pointed out, planned, and then shared with the team. To put this slide to use, click on the PNG or the download CTA below.


Educational program administration template PowerPoint shapes


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Template 14: Education Planning and Data Representation


Here is another creative template to highlight the components of an education plan. The slide is completely editable allowing you to fill it with text, images, or even incorporate color changes to match your program theme. Identify the five key steps of your plan and arrange them in an alternate or any manner of your choice. To explore its full potential, download the template now.


Educational planning and data representation flat PowerPoint design


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Hence we have summarized the best and the varied categories of PPT templates to deliver a meticulous education plan. To customize your services for the education enthusiasts further, we suggest you read this guide replete with career counseling templates to further help them embark upon a goal-oriented journey.