A simple query of childhood that was left unanswered might provoke you to unearth mysteries that the world was missing out on. 


Such is the might of well-executed research and its follow-up thesis and documentations.


The purpose is simple — to explore the dimensions of possibilities, employ certain tools and techniques to undertake this research and conclude your theory as one of probable. 


Whether imploring research on their own or as a part of their academic pursuits, researchers need to summarize their findings and deduce conclusions. This is because performing a dedicated research is as critical as recording it in a way that satisfies your assessing committee. Whether it is a school teacher or a university HOD committee, you need to organize and present your research so that it shouldn’t get sidelined. 




Once you have gathered all your facts and findings, it is time to prepare an organized report around it. A standard thesis report thus prepared will comprise the following segments:


  1. Title page
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature survey
  4. Methodology
  5. Results
  6. Conclusion


However, if you intend to set it apart from your competition and more so, make it more interesting, do it the SlideTeam way!


We have compiled an exquisite collection of one-page thesis outline reports to endow readability and comprehension to your dissertation. Unwary of your background, our thesis outline pagers cater to every academic section. Use these one-pagers to provide an insight into your detailed dissertation. It can not only help your assessing committee grasp your research but will also serve other learners who wish to benefit from it.


Having said so, let’s take a look at our choicest one-page thesis outline templates and accomplish excellence:

Template 1

Here is a vibrant one-page research paper outline format to present your thesis in a crisp and concise manner. Classify headings into abstract, literature survey, research questions, findings, etc, to create a full-fledged introduction of your research. This PPT template is easy to edit and add on to. Download it here to explore its potential.


One Pager Research Paper Outline Presentation Report


Download this template

Template 2

This PPT template allows you to summarize the critical headings of your thesis, including any particular reference. This one-pager thesis outline can also act as a certificate for your thesis/dissertation to sanctify it with your and your supervisor’s signatures.


One Page Outline For Work Thesis Presentation Report


Download this template

Template 3

Here’s another PPT template to represent the composition of your research work. Shed light on the important headings covered in your thesis. The tabular feature guarantees it more visibility, thereby rendering a characteristic appeal in favor of the applicant.


One Pager Outline For Writing A Research Paper Presentation Report


Download this template

Template 4

Here is another detailed one-pager thesis outline for scholars and researchers to put to use. Introduce the key headings and subheadings along with notable references to your thesis in this PPT layout. This thesis outline is a great way to introduce your proposal if your table of contents is heavily loaded, as it can be enriched to address them all.


One Page Thesis Statement With Work Outline Presentation Report


Download this template

Template 5

Here is another unique template to compress your thesis data on a single page. In a series of five steps, you can introduce the five headlines of your thesis report with brief information about each of them. This template, just like others, is entirely editable, right from the labels to the descriptors. 


One Page Three Paragraph Work Thesis Outline Presentation Report


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Template 6

If you are looking for a PPT template to cover any minor research for school or college, here is the simplest layout to put to use. This one-page thesis outline can cover up to three headings of your thesis corresponding to intro, body, and conclusion. Hence, it can be used for basic research that doesn't imply detailing.


One Page Work Thesis Outline With Conclusion Presentation Report


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Template 7

If you need another variant of a bold thesis outline template, here is a stunning PPT template. Acquaint your audience with the five series of outline headings to share the thesis insights with them. You could also add a few pointers corresponding to each header to throw in specialties discussed later. Anyhow, this PPT layout is entirely editable to allow all sorts of changes.


Outline For Work Thesis In One Page Presentation Report


Download this template

Template 8

Here is another simplified thesis outline format to represent your research work. Categorize your thesis into three major domains of introduction, body, and conclusion with this PPT layout. You can add images relevant to your research in this template to make it more study-centric.


Sample Outline Of Research Paper In One Pager Presentation Report


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Template 9

If you are looking for a one-page dissertation summary for your PhD, this template fits perfectly. You can use this one-page thesis-cum-dissertation template to summarize your research and findings. This PPT template also provides room for you to enter your bio-data and that of your supervisor. 


Dissertation Proposal PhD One Page Summary Presentation Report


Download this template

Template 10

Here is another bold one-page sample research paper outline template to present the highlights of your research. In this PPT template format, you can dwell on headings like introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. This PPT layout allows you to add details with corresponding headings, thus making comprehension easy. Download this editable design now to get started with your report.


One Page Sample Research Paper Outline Presentation Report


Download this template


If you are presenting a detailed thesis, you need to index its contents to render it readable. Our thesis outline templates do this job perfectly as your readers can grasp the contents of your thesis,  locate the particular sections, and comprehend the flow with ease.


So if you are delivering your thesis in the near future to pass a semester or acquire recognition, do check out our rich collection of thesis presentation ppt templates. Additionally, here is a blog to guide you in creating an outstanding thesis for your master’s or PhD.