Wimbledon’s welcome of its tennis players starts with a mission statement that it conveys to these world-class athletes. Taken from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, If, it is the ideal image of a sportsperson that the world expects. 


On similar lines, businesses craft mission statements to convey the reason they exist. For instance, Ford has this as its major purpose: 


We are here for one purpose, to help build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams.


Thus, a mission statement is the underlying motive that propels all business activities. Mission is different from the regular targets that employees chase, although, truth be said, it should be on their minds whenever they are performing any office activity. This is because forces add up; small efforts in the pursuit of a common objective everyday, are what create history. 




Characteristics of a Mission Statement 


Let’s start with the word count. Does a mission statement need to be a one-liner or should it stretch for pages altogether? The answer is whatever suits your organization. To state an example, here’s TED’s mission statement, 


“Spread ideas” 


It is succinct yet its two words are sufficient to state what their 18-minute videos aim to achieve. 


Now consider the social media networking site, Instagram’s mission statement: 


“To capture and share the world's moments.” 


Anyone can agree to this statement, in fact add to it. Another renowned company worth mentioning is Apple. Its mission statement being: 


“To bring the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services.”


From these examples you must have guessed that no strict rule applies to the minimum number of words for a mission statement. However, the upper limit is specified to be less than or equal to 100 words. This is to ensure that the interest of the customers is captured and retained. 


Secondly, check the precision of words used to convey the crux of what these companies aspire everyday. These objectives are realistic and the language kept simple. Also, note how the focus is maintained on the customers directly or indirectly to make their millions of users excited about their affiliation. 


What Makes a Bad Mission Statement?


Mission statements that use jargon, exaggerate their day-to-day work, imply jeer, or state the impossible alienate customers. If this happens, businesses are forced to spend a lot of time and effort in setting the situation right. Ruthless competitors will then take advantage to really capture your market share.


Businesses need to have a compact mission statement that precisely captures their purpose and activities. Of course, as businesses grow, their mission statements must also be revised so as to appear in control of the trade.


Once a proper mission statement has been designed, you must share it with your audience whether they are your customers, stakeholders, or to your own team during employee orientation. Employees should know the mission statement by heart and relate it to the work they do. Similarly, stakeholders should sense the value that you will bring to them from your mission statement.


Do you wish to infuse such passion among your audience? Our presentation templates can ignite that spark with vibrant graphics, and editable slides that are compatible across presentation software, and easy to share. Find this collection below:

Template 1: Mission Statement PowerPoint Template Bundles

Does your audience have a keen interest in your mission and the values you deliver? Then this PPT Presentation is for you. Talk about the depth of your commitment to your mission, the beliefs you stand for, your vision, and the values you uphold. Answer the Who, What, and Whys of your brand in this illustrative PPT Presentation. Download now!


Mission Statement PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles


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Template 2: One-Page Addressing Company Vision and Mission Template Presentation Report 

A more succinct way to showcase your company missions and vision is with a one-page template. Here is a compact and content-ready one-pager to enlist your company mission, vision and the philosophy it stands by. Use the existing image or replace it with a office snapshot. Infuse it with the magic that drives your organization to success; download it now!


One page addressing company vision and mission template presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


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Template 3: One-Page Addressing Organization Vision and Mission Template Infographic PPT 

If your company believes in multiple mission statements, then showcase these using this one-page template. Then enumerate in pointers the major services and products that you offer to bring both authenticity and integrity of values to the table. The download link to this wonderful one-pager mission statement template can be found below.


One page addressing organization vision and mission template infographic ppt pdf document


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Template 4: One-Page Company Overview With Vision and Mission Template Report

Here is another organized one-page template to present your business overview while transitioning into your company mission and vision. Demonstrate how success came to your company in light of your mission. Then share inklings of what the future looks by stating appreciable and practical goals to achieve. Don’t delay in downloading this utility; grab it now!


One page company overview with vision and mission template report infographic ppt pdf document


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Template 5: One-Pager Company Principles Overview With Vision and Mission Template Infographic

Whatever you do, don’t ignore this informative PPT Template to showcase your company’s mission statement. You can also bring to spotlight the vision statement and the core values that you honor. Next, don't shy away from mentioning your company, in particular your company premises, the space it occupies and the revenue it generates. Elaborate on these details without any restraint; go ahead and download it now!


One pager company principles overview with vision and mission template infographic ppt pdf document


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Template 6: One-Page Addressing Business Overview With Business Vision and Mission Template 

Enhance the dynamics of your mission statement with this pictorial one-pager. Identify your core values including the mission and the vision statement. Highlight your consistent performance. Share your business overview and let this template help you win over your audiences. Download now!


One page addressing business overview with business vision and mission template


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Template 7: Our Mission PowerPoint Template

Looking for an impressive cover page to introduce your company mission? We’ve you covered. This brilliant graphic conveys the preparedness and mapping of the road ahead of you. Needless to say that you can also incorporate the vision with this pilot slide leading the way. Download now!


Our mission PowerPoint template


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Template 8: Vision and Mission PowerPoint Template

Here is another pilot slide to lead the audience through your consistency and strategic successes. Elaborate on your mission statement, the vision you look upto and the goals you target with this slide. You can edit the format and even change the background image to your liking. Explore the full potential of this template in terms of compatibility and shareability by downloading it now!


Vision and mission PowerPoint templates


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Template 9: Mission Goals PowerPoint Templates

Here is another inspirational picture to present your mission statement. You can specify up to 4 missions alongside their characteristic icons that relate to the corresponding field. Share what motivates you to follow these company missions. You can also catch a glimpse of what the ideal future looks like for your company. Demonstrate your passion with this vibrant design by downloading it now! 


Mission Goals PowerPoint Templates


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Template 10: Our Mission PowerPoint Slides Templates

Another glorious PPT Design to elaborate on your company mission, vision, and goals is this. Use this cover slide to walk your audience through your passions and aspirations. Share a glimpse of what everyday looks at your organization and how you are delivering on your mission statements every day. Then boldly state your visions. Share our zeal with this PPT Slide.


Our mission PowerPoint slides templates


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With our templates, you will be able to retain the appeal of your mission statement. Infuse these editable templates with the essence of your brands and take the first step toward making it everybody’s favorite.


PS: Communication within an organization is crucial to its smooth functioning. Especially, when it comes to projects, motivating teams, and keeping all departments on the same page without wasting time is of eminent importance. Ensure your preparedness in this direction with our dedicated guide on project communication plan with 10 content-ready templates.

What defines a mission statement?

A mission can be considered equivalent to an MTP(Massive Transformative Purpose) that  business owners think they can provide to their customers. It is the reason organizations share publicly and is the reason for their existence. A mission statement gives us the business’s objective that will hold true across stakeholders. A mission statement includes responsibilities that employees must deliver in unison and strive to execute everyday. Some examples of mission statements are:


  1. “To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”– LinkedIn
  2. “To build the web’s most convenient, secure, cost-effective payment solution.”–PayPal
How is a mission different from the vision of any organization?

Mission is what is being chased everyday. It refers to the basic short-term goal that defines the company as being active and obsessed with customer service. On the other hand, a vision refers to the long-term goals that an organization aspires to achieve. Mission statement is usually short i.e. upto 100 words while a company’s vision statement can run into pages, as it focuses on the future and what’s possible. A vision can become a mission and be replaced by a new one. Missions and visions are important for companies to chase perfection and to attain their own identity. 

What are the key components that every mission statement should target?

Three elements should necessarily be part of an ideal mission statement. These are:

  1. The product or the service you offer; how else will people know what it is that you do?
  2. Your target market and audience; specify the demographics, gender, and your niche.
  3. Your Unique Selling Point (USP); make it evident how you stand tall from your competitors. To stay a step ahead of your competitors, knowing Porter’s five forces would really come in-handy.
Can companies change their mission statement?

They can and they should. Companies chase their mission statements while aiming for their vision statements. Hence leaders need to upgrade or re-write these important statements so that their service and goals are in sync. Such additions will also reflect that your business has evolved and is now entering niche territory. For instance, a QSR(Quick Service Restaurant) might venture into fine dining with its excess profits where its mission statement will have to include user experience as a key part.


Download the free Mission Statement Templates PDF.