All’s well that ends well. The efforts of a project team make sense when it comes together and delivers expected results.


Now, of course the huge task of compiling a project completion report still remains.




Whether it is product development, product launch, team assignments, or a major company achievement or milestone, upon completion each of these projects must be documented in-depth for better visualization of how progress was achieved. Over time, teams can revise the workflow process using this project completion report template. It will also serve as a ready reference for all endeavors. Thus, in the light of these learnings, future projects can be optimized.


A project completion report also highlights the major milestones reached. Structurally, a project completion report should be an amalgamation of statistics and major findings. It should also summarize improvisations, account for contingencies, and lay down the workflow roadmap. To prepare such an exhaustive assessment of the project output status can be tiring and tedious for a business executive. Fortunately, SlideTeam’s content-ready project completion report templates are at hand. 


We offer our expert assistance in the form of an all-inclusive project completion report (of many kinds) to account for your project management dashboard findings. Summarize your projects into readable chunks and reduce the load of paperwork and tedium with this ready-made framework at your fingertips. Check out our hands-on presentation templates now!


Project Completion Report Templates


Own this content-ready preparation of project completion report templates to share your final report and assessment of the target achieved during the time. This PPT Presentation comprises 11 project completion report layouts that you can use to simplify final assessments of development, marketing, configuration, and optimization projects. 


Each of these project completion report templates is 100% editable and customizable. You get a structure with major content and framework included; and the editability feature means you can tailor it to the audience profile, who might be interested in varied facets of project completion. 


Included in the content-ready package are graphs, pie-charts, and other Excel-linked tools. Use these slides to plot figures and study patterns as you complete the final assessment of your projects, get recall and make an impression. Let’s explore the top templates of this PPT Presentation.


Template 1: Software Development Project Completion Report


Create an easy to navigate software development project completion report with this PPT Layout. Share concise outputs of quarterly performances along with the risk rating of each quarter. Mention project outcome score as you wrap up the report with the financial position. Elaborate on these important parameters of your software development project with thai readymade PPT Layout. The presentation report also includes details related to review date, title, project date, start and end date, summary of project report, and end of project outcome. Download now.


Software development project completion report of IT team


Download this template


Template 2: Digital Marketing Team Project Completion Report


Share the project closure report of your digital marketing endeavor with this dedicated PPT Template. Highlight major areas like SEO, SMM, Mobile marketing, etc that have been impacted as a result of it. Specify the project timeline with an editable scale and jot down key risks and their mitigation strategies along the way. Summon these important details by claiming this project completion report template now!


Digital marketing team project completion report


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Template 3: Web Development Project Completion Report


Share the final assessment report of your web development project with thi editable PPT Layout. Showcase key features like project name, key sponsor, senior supplier of raw materials, date of completion, etc. Then proceed to sharing the glimpse of performance against plans and tolerance statistics. This report is a compact way to present numbers that matter. Report crucial parameters of your project completion report by downloading the master presentation now!


Web development project completion and post implementation report


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Template 4: New Product Marketing Project Completion Report


If the project at hand revolves around marketing a new product or product line, this is the one-stop, indispensable PPT Slide to share its final report. Specify the step-by-step project path white mentioning the responsible team leader, their work completion date and the status of how well they executed their duties. You can point out the key issues and risks that you encountered and use this project completion report to prepare you better for your future endeavors. Without wasting another thought, download this content-ready layout from the all-encompassing PPT Presentation below.


New product marketing project completion report


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Template 5: Organization Projects Analysis and Completion Summary Report


Create a total analysis report of your organization's completed projects with this dashboard template. Highlight the total projects completed within a given time, the budget vs actual summary, and the major benefits that the projects accrued for the enterprise. This dashboard template is Excel-linked. Combined with the editability feature, this translates into the functionality that your entire data can be presented with vivid graphs and pie charts, adding to the aesthetics and the beauty of your project completion report, while maintaining accuracy. With this project analysis and completion report, you can simplify complex comparisons like benefit plans by category, projects investment type, projects business type, etc. All you have to do is hit the download button below and claim this PPT Template now!


Organization projects analysis and completion summary report


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Own this wonderful compilation of project completion report templates to ease the critical time-consuming process of project closures.


PS: Restore order within organizations as you re-prioritize incomplete and slow-paced projects to ensure they reach completion efficiently with project portfolio management. View this guide on project portfolios to revive them.


FAQs On Project Completion Report
What is a project completion report?

A project completion report is a document that summarizes overall outcomes, achievements, and lessons learned from a specific project. It serves as a comprehensive record of objectives, activities, and results, and provides a final assessment of the project's success in meeting its goals.


 It includes the following elements:


  1. Executive Summary: A concise overview of the project, highlighting accomplishments, challenges, and recommendations.
  2. Introduction: Background information including the project’s purpose, scope, and duration.
  3. Objectives: A restatement of the project's initial objectives and goals.
  4. Methodology: An explanation of the approach and methods used to execute the project.
  5. Activities and Results: A detailed account of project activities undertaken and outcomes achieved. This section may include data, statistics, and metrics to support the assessment.
  6. Challenges and Lessons Learned: A discussion of the difficulties or obstacles encountered during the project and lessons learnt. 
  7. Impact and Benefits: An evaluation of the project's impact on the target audience or stakeholders, as well as any broader benefits or positive effects.
  8. Stakeholder Feedback: Any feedback or testimonials received from stakeholders, beneficiaries, or project participants.
  9. Sustainability and Follow-up: Considerations for the long-term sustainability of the project and any recommended follow-up actions.
  10. Conclusion: A concluding statement summarizing overall success of the project and reiterating key findings and recommendations.
What are the contents of the project closure report?

The contents of a project closure report may vary depending on the organization and project, but typically include the following elements:


  1. Project Summary: A brief summary , including the project’s objectives, scope, duration, and key stakeholders.
  2. Project Deliverables: A list of the deliverables or outputs, along with their status and confirmation of their completion.
  3. Project Milestones: An overview of the significant milestones achieved.
  4. Project Budget and Expenditures: A summary of the budget, including initial estimates and actual expenditure.
  5. Project Schedule: It may highlight any delays, critical path activities, or changes in project schedule.
  6. Project Performance: It includes an evaluation of its success in meeting objectives, scope, quality standards, and customer satisfaction.
  7. Lessons Learnt: This section often includes recommendations for improvement and strategies to avoid similar issues in future. 
  8. Project Team and Resources: An overview of the project team and inventory its resources, such as equipment, material, or software used.
  9. Project Risks and Issues: An analysis of the risks and issues faced , including how they were managed or mitigated.
  10. Acknowledgments and Appreciation: Recognition and appreciation for contributions of individuals, teams, stakeholders, and organizations.
How do you write a completed project report?

Writing a completed project report involves several steps to ensure that it effectively summarizes its objectives, activities, and outcomes. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to write a completed project report:




  • Purpose, objectives, project duration and stakeholders involved.


Project Overview:


  • Key activities and milestones, Project deliverables and major achievements or successes of the project.




  • Approach and methods, tools, and techniques, and adaptations or changes made to the original project plan.


Activities and Results:

  • Milestones achieved, backed by relevant data, statistics, or metrics


Challenges and Lessons Learned:


  • Challenges or obstacles encountered during the project and their mitigation and lessons learned.


Impact and Benefits:


  • Impact of the project on the target audience or stakeholders and evidence or testimonials supporting it.


Project Team and Resources:


  • Acknowledge the project team and their contributions and share the inventory of project resources and their use.


Project Documentation:


  • Reports, plans, contracts, etc.




  • Highlight key findings, achievements, and lessons learned.




  • Include any supporting documents, charts, graphs, or additional data that provide insights into the project.
What is a project closure checklist?

A project closure checklist is a comprehensive list of tasks and activities that need to be completed during the project closure phase. Here are some common elements in it: 


Finalize Deliverables:


  • Review and ensure that all project deliverables have been completed and meet mandated quality standards.


Close Contracts:


  • Settle any outstanding payments or financial matters with vendors or contractors.


Complete Documentation:


  • Gather and organize all project documentation, reports, plans, and other relevant files.


Conduct Project Review:


  • Discuss and document key successes, challenges, and lessons learnt from the project.


Update Project Records:


  • Update project management tools and systems, such as project management software or databases.


Communicate Project Closure:


  • Provide a summary of the project's outcomes, achievements, and next steps.


Handover Project Deliverables:


  • Identify and coordinate the handover of project deliverables to relevant stakeholders or operational teams.


Close Financial Accounts:


  • Settle all project-related financial accounts, including invoices, expenses, and reimbursements.


Release Project Resources:


  • Identify and release project resources, such as equipment, materials, or software licenses. Return or redistribute resources as necessary.


Perform Project Closure Meeting:


  • Thank the project team and stakeholders for their contribution. 


Celebrate Success:


  • Recognize and celebrate the project's success, acknowledging the efforts and contributions of the project team.


Archive Project Files:


  • Ensure that project files, documentation, and records are archived and stored for retrieval.